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Gems or crystals? – a puzzle for fans of three in a row and gems, where everyone can demonstrate their logical abilities in practice. Use your thinking and imagination to collect the same crystals in combination and get bonus points as a result.

Gems or crystals?
  MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.0.337

Over a hundred levels players will have to complete in this exciting and brilliant puzzle game. Among them there will be really difficult tasks, in order to cope with which, you need to have a perfect mastery of imagination and logic. With simple movements of your fingertips, collect crystals in combinations of three in a row and more to move on and occupy all your free time with this game. Improve your skill and skills to become even better and you will be called the master of the game of three in a row. Try to collect power-ups in each level and they will make the gameplay even easier and easier. Q Gems or crystals? players will be able to choose what they like to play with, because there are both gems and gems. In any case, it all looks great and has long been popular among players on mobile platforms. Favorite three in a row Gems or crystals? Here, players will be able to choose with which stones they will play such an exciting puzzle game. There is actually a huge number of the most diverse elements and with any of them you can play in an amazing puzzle. Make your progress through the levels more comfortable and interesting. Gather in Gems or Crystals ? as many bonuses as possible, because only they can help you achieve your main goal and you can easily beat your friends’ records. No restrictions on time or moves can stop you, which means that you can enjoy the game at any convenient moment. In addition, you will be surprised at the beauty of the backgrounds on which the playing field will be set.

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