Game Mobile - Updated on July 21, 2022

Genshin Impact is an addictive fantasy game. In the story, brother and sister go on a long journey around the world of Tivat. Suddenly, a mysterious creature kidnaps the twin, and the second one wakes up in an unfamiliar place. From that moment on, his search begins.

You need to explore the whole huge world, turn over every stone and fight every enemy to find a piece of your soul. Go around the continent, visit the 7 kingdoms, and encountered many creatures. Some will become friends, others will not, others will give a new clue in the search. The main thing is not to give up and move forward.

Genshin Impact Game Features:

  • an exciting adventure project with a big world and complete freedom of movement.
  • beautiful graphics, beautiful landscapes.
  • many different characters and animals;
  • riddles, exciting missions, unpredictable plots.
  • the interaction of the elements, different combat tactics, and abilities.
  • excellent music and high-quality sound accompaniment.
  • many resources that contribute to the achievement of goals.
  • simple controls and hints.
  • well optimized.
  • works mod for a lot of money.

Searches the main character will be in the center of a variety of events. He has to learn a lot about the world around him, to understand its laws. Only then the mystery of the disappearance of the Twin will be revealed. At the same time, it will become clear who kidnapped him and why, how to release him.

In addition to story missions, there are a bunch of side quests, battles, a character leveling system, and an internal chat for communication. There is no time to be bored, every day there are many events that are worth taking part in!

Download ( V2.8.0_7997424_8078355 )
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