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Ghost Detective uncovers the mystery that scientists have not been able to unravel. Now they are too much of an exercise for you to deal with. Metropolis of Crescent Moon in your 2nd world is where it takes place. A mysterious object has precipitated life to turn into chaos. They deviate from exceptionally elevated orbitals. The main participant is the resilience of its path.

Ghost Detective Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 0.36.0

Thrilling plot situations involve your journey to solve a case of lack of life. You may be pressured to grow into a reluctant detective. The first case is looking for clues left at the scene. Collect them and cooperate with trusted allies. It sounds fictional, but it’s an element you should get used to. Unravel the thrill behind the case.

Ghost Detective

Attractive content material

Experience Ghost Detective with a seemingly pointless story. But this is what makes the game very attractive. Quite a few potential customers think that the game content material is the first impression when experiencing. So you want their thoughts or have a specific opinion. Instantly experience what’s happening during the new game to help you answer questions authentically.

Detective experience

Choose for sure one of the many experiences a detective can unlock. The client should choose for themselves the experiences that are essentially the most helpful throughout the case resolution journey. Lead your role-playing character and answer the meeting full of meaning. Loads of small details have the power to take advantage of exceptional experiences. Use it correctly to make the most of the given amount of time you have.

Free Games

As a free-to-play game that also offers a good element of curiosity, you must be thinking that we are joking, right? So click on the Ghost Detective download hyperlink now to know this right away. Make sure what you answer can be a very fascinating journey. Share the feeling of being the big detective throughout the game. You can also use the exact amount to buy add-ons.

Download ( V0.36.0 )
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