Glory Squads: Epic PvP Battles Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on June 25, 2024

In Glory Squads, prepare for intense PvP battles where strategy and skill are key to victory. Use codes to unlock exclusive rewards and items to enhance your squad’s power. Coordinate with your team, strategize your attacks, and dominate the battlefield. With Epic PvP battles awaiting, every code redeemed could be the difference between triumph and defeat. Join forces with your allies, enter the fray, and claim glory in the ultimate showdown.

New valid for Glory Squads: Epic PvP Battles Codes Wiki

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary sword 2. 1000 gold coins 3. Diamond-studded shield 4. Ruby-encrusted armor
Get Code 1. Legendary sword of valor 2. Pouch of enchanted gold coins 3. Rare diamond-studded armor set 4. Bag of sparkling gems 5. Shield of eternal protection
Get Code 1. Legendary sword with ancient powers. 2. Pouch of rare gemstones. 3. Gold coins overflowing in abundance.

Glory Squads: Epic PvP Battles Tier List

Sure! Here is a tier list breakdown for the game Glory Squads: Epic PvP Battles:

1. Mage Lord - The Mage Lord excels at dealing high burst damage from a distance, with powerful area of effect spells that can turn the tide of battle.
2. Duelist - The Duelist is a master of one-on-one combat, able to swiftly dispatch enemies with quick strikes and evasive maneuvers.
3. Paladin - The Paladin is a versatile tank and support character, with a mix of defensive abilities and healing spells to keep their team alive.

1. Archer - The Archer is a ranged attacker with high mobility, able to pick off enemies from a distance and kite opponents effectively.
2. Berserker - The Berserker is a melee bruiser with high damage output and strong crowd control abilities, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
3. Necromancer - The Necromancer is a summoner class that can raise undead minions to fight alongside them, providing extra damage and distractions for the enemy.

1. Warrior - The Warrior is a straightforward melee fighter with high durability and moderate damage output, making them a reliable frontline tank.
2. Rogue - The Rogue is a sneaky assassin class that excels at ambushing enemies and dealing high burst damage, but lacks in sustained combat abilities.
3. Druid - The Druid is a versatile support character with healing and crowd control abilities, able to shape-shift into different forms for different situations.

1. Gunner - The Gunner is a ranged attacker with high damage output but low mobility and durability, making them vulnerable in close combat situations.
2. Knight - The Knight is a sturdy tank with good defensive abilities, but lacks in damage output and utility compared to other classes.
3. Sorcerer - The Sorcerer is a magic caster with powerful spells, but they are vulnerable to crowd control and have low mobility, making them easy targets for enemy attacks.

This tier list is based on the current meta and may change as the game receives updates and balance changes. Players should also consider team composition and synergy when choosing their squad for battles.

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