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The spin-off to the God of Assault is true right here due to the Descent of the Goddess! Profit from the flashy everyday assault movement in roguelike vogue! The favored Google Play developer DAERISOFT’s new spin-off to the God of Assault!

The Goddess of Assault has emerged. The monsters sealed by the God of Assault awaken from their slumber, and humanity falls into chaos… No more than 10 minutes are needed! The admin may be rewarding you carefully!! Perception them!

Goddess of Attack Mod APK 1.2.28 (Free Shopping)

GOOD JOB LEGEND PULL. Wont launch stays stuck on the icon. For luck. Amazing. Mantap. Wont even open..

Lame. Quite fun so far. This game is actually good. Jjg. Fuuuuuuun.

Good just starting and so far so good. Looks like they fix d account bug. sadly but god of attacks is more enjoyable. Good game. Overall decent so far. I'm only 5 mins into the game.

more event. Awesome and cool!. Good, takes long but good. Pretty fun game, decent rewards for playing through the day. Love the storyline of the game is very challenging.

wooo good game. goodgame like the 1st one. Seems Interesting. Great game to play . .

Good. Great Game! Its very fast paced~. The game has fun concepts but it randomly stopped working one day, and I was fine with that. I wasn't too attached to the game in the first place.. A fun game that is held back because of greed. Having a full party of legendaries won't help you win. The game is made to where you should complete the map previous before the one you are actually on but stamina runs out insanely fast. Unless you bum rush the boss you will max do 3 maps before going home.. Definitely worth trying out, so far there isn't any game-breaking issues. Simple concept with a very good concept. Hopefully they could add more events into the game..

Okay for a time killer.. Fun game, reward structure need rework, as in if you play continue to next stage you lose all rewards they dont accumulate. It has energy? INSTANT UNINSTALL. Don't bother wasting time or monies. 8x draw is only 1 of 10 times you draw legend. Pretty interesting!.

Dang. Ran out of energy. Uninstalled. Energy is a money-grubbing strategy I just want to play the game.. Like many other reviewers are stating, very buggy and unable to play.. A good chill game to just play when u have a few minutes to burn.. Fun so far. Game is kinda fun, horribly priced though. Also, it asks me to log in to google every time.

Pretty fun, very cute. I love to give this game five stars but I can't even register a name like tedious and dumb. Every else is awesome I would love to get in to the game but yeah can't register a name so I can't progress on. This conclude that and deletion of the game. . Best card game rpg fight. Seems good at the end of Ch. 2. However, there are some untranslated lines of text, and some places where features don't seem to work as intended.. Good.

Pretty good so far.... So far its a really fun game! Also they made it easy to understand the gameplay.. Cute and good game so far... Keep it up! Any more game recommendation?. More like an afk game. Cute and interesting.

Dropped to one star until crit is fixed. Currently crit damage starts a 0% meaning a crit does 0 damage. As you level up only crit chance goes up so the more i played the worse my DPS became. Now its unplayable because the levels are getting harder and my heros are getting worse. Can't get a response from devs.. Nice. I like how the system works in this game. Stuck on registering the name, won't let me progress or press okay. wanted to like this but the battles are way too slow and repetitive. lots of grinding for tiny gains..

Im Speechless. Interesting game play. A little buggy. Language keeps changing on me.. yes, it's a game. So far not a bad game.. Sweet game.

Unique. not bad. Idk man. Love this game so much.. nice CORE GRAPHICS. It's actually quite cute so far! Only just started but so far so good.

Nice. Nice looking and pretty easy to play. Good game so far. cute graphics and good time killer. Cool but, wheres the skip button? Jokes aside, played for an hour and cant get invested into the game. UI is clean but as far as i've played the gameplay doesnt get interesting..

Just try this. Gameplay is fun, really fun i think. But, unlike most games, this one is lack of rewards, hard to develop your units, hard to get better goddess, no matter how many you pulls the outcome were sucks. So i gotta uninstalled it and play another game instead.. Fun game so far. Will update as I play more.. Good game. so far so good.

Good game, some parts are still untranslated though.. First 10 pull get me waifu.yes. Seriously though, it resets playtime reward timer when i switch devices.. Damn, my id link to my gmail just changed by itself, dont know whose id is that. They mess up. Theres a few untranslated language's. I like the gameplay, rogue+card+strategy type. Will be better if you can draw all the characters not just the main one. To bad you cant continue where you left off during the game. Overall is a good game.. Decent.

What the heck just happen. I just barly started and got all 3 legendary. Base on rng aside I will give this game a 10/10 because that never happens. On on to the real rating lol. 4/5 the game reminds me of those dungeon games. Its really good to me so please don't quit making updates. Been playing it for awhile. Really like the simplicity of it. Keep up the great work!. Its satisfying game, nice gameplay. But the difference in level each phase is too big i think, makes the game need some hardcore grinding. So far liking the game bur i have an issue. I purchased the starter pack. I believe its 600 crystals, 1 8x summon and 2 emporer chests for almost $5. I got the recept from google but not the items. The store still says it has 1/1 available could i get some help?. Good si far.

got a bug replaying the tutorial with korean language that i dont understand then got stuck at the first stage with 0 stamina to do it. This game is super fun I like it alot and I was also wondering will the games on YouTube ever be available in my country because those games look so cool.. Can't even register a nickname, softlocked because of that and can't progress further in game. Stuck loading after Google login! What happened?!. Me like it ..

Its fun and unique, i like the concept. Simple game, almost idle game too. Worst gacha rate ever.. Graphic is good, Gacha rate is great. But gameplay too slow, consume too much time for each stage. . after playing for awhile the game will not let you login and force you to make new account. I'm not the only one having this problem..

gg they make your acc reset to newbie account after playing for while and lost good heros it just like scamming people who paying and reset their account. The game was prior to a wrongful ban. I purchased two items and did not receive one of them so I request a refund on only one item. Now I am banned and the automated message is making it seem it is my fault for receiving a refund for a purchase I never received. I will change this rating only after they reinstate my account and hopefully they change that automated message because it is terrible if you have a player who actually did not receive an item.. Good. Silver ingots are bugged. When i select them as a reward after battle they do not appear in my artifact list and my gold does not increase. The out of stamina message is still untranslated too, and the game needs a tutorial on how to increase honor. Upgrade special skill mission is unfair as it is hard to gain the materials for it, causing us to be stuck on that mission.. trash full of bug cant login waste of time.

Chill game for killing time. You can really enjoy it.. gg. So so. Not borring cause u can choose u own path. Great so far. Liking the different style of combat..

Great. A hidden gem of a beautiful game.. Nice gammu. Fun to play, quite challenging. nice.

Good game. I'm having a lot of fun with this, the replayablity of maps is different every time and the difficulty spike of every reset is great. I wish there was art for the characters, and maybe voiced as well, for instance rares and up should have these perks.. Not bad. ,. The game's really good; Only if it had a skip button then it would have been 5. Plz do add a skip button.

Good game & character is cute. I really enjoy the previous version, I'm looking forward to this one and I know it's kinda weird but can I play as a Male?. Just starting to play the game, but it looks fine as of now... Nice free stuff. Coupon code please.

Nic3. Not sure yet, I will give 4* for now, it seem to be idle type game.. I will give 5 star if there is a major updates that significantly improve the gameplay.. I clicked a wrong button due to messages that suddenly become korean, then the game just restart from the beginning. Waste of time, doesn't even deserve a 1*. Uninstalling this trash ASAP!. Nice spin off.

Nice game. Can you tell me how to fix this [1002] error thing? I can't even start the game. Unfortunately I have to uninstall the game after spending half an hour on it. I don't understand how the game works even though I went through the tutorial. The game play is vague and I felt confused; not knowing how to go along with the game. Apart from that, the characters and graphics are great! This game has potential. Looking forward to see improvements in the future!. Game is awesome. full of bugs.

This. Good. Not bad. Unuque game,interesting but a bit repeatative. Not fun, bad translation, weird game mechanics.

Can't even play because the game doesn't let me input my nickname even after restart the client. Good. Come to help hadeses.... please add low resolution mode similar on bistro heroes. thankyou!. its good atm :D.

I rate this cuz that lil'hadeses sent me here.. Really chill but fun game. Cool. game is fun..hope they will put alot of event story and more free stuff in this all the gameplay . new experience for me.

gg. i just hope it wont delete my game like in attack of god... Progressing.... My dream game!! Kyaaaa~~.

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