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This is the only mobile phone game based on the bestselling crime movie. Fans can download The Godfather for Android and take part in the passage of very exciting and interesting missions that tell original stories from the film. The player can become the best assistant for the head of the Sicilian mafia, Vito Corleone. In such a position, it will be necessary to perform a lot of criminal work, and to carry out a lot of illegal cases. You have to achieve respect in your city and develop business, and if they do not agree with you, then you will have to silence them.

 Discount Codes (2022 December) 2.11
All Codes Expiration date
JD6UV839TE5 December 3, 2022
TYMJ90VNE7 December 8, 2022
0GEJ9K1TC November 30, 2022
5GF2B647ODW December 15, 2022
VXSC9NE5M2LP November 13, 2022
JVHGKMQESCT December 28, 2022
5TECP4XY1V7 December 7, 2022
AM3C9BEQNL December 18, 2022
DJ4F6QZHS November 16, 2022
2GRNV9D8A3C December 7, 2022
7Y8WK2VA4IOQ December 19, 2022
8V21KX79AJW November 14, 2022

Try downloading The Godfather for Android and learn about the following benefits:

  • A global system for managing your crime family and business development;
  • Classic gameplay and original storylines like in the movie;
  • Legendary characters from the movie The Godfather that you are all familiar with;
  • Skirmishes and wars with other mafias for the expansion of territories and influence in the city;
  • Trade mode with other players of the global multiplayer mode;
  • A huge variety of objects and business structures on the map.

A game based on a crime bestseller Expanding the sphere of influence will naturally not be easy, and for this you will have to make every effort. Manage your own army of legendary criminals and send them on missions. You will find a very intense competition with other criminal organizations and the struggle for spheres of influence. Eliminate the Bosses of each warring mafia, and then you will be able to capture respect throughout the city. Remain faithful to your Godfather and if you find out about the betrayal, then immediately resolve this issue. Engage in improvements to your palace, manage your army, develop your business and simply increase the territory.

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