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Everyone supports multiplayer games in different ways: someone simply introduces new characters or new guns, someone is limited to fresh maps, and someone organizes events. Epic Games prefers to deal with the latter – things constantly happen in Fortnite that have little to do with the gameplay of the royal battle. The creators of Call of Duty: Warzone, apparently, are trying to repeat the success of Fortnite events – otherwise what is happening now in the game cannot be explained.

Uninvited guests

This week, the temporary event Operation Monarch started, with which the eponymous mode became available. This is the same royal battle, only two creatures appeared on the map: Godzilla and Kong. Giant monsters bring variety to the usual gameplay, but it’s hard to get rid of the thought that their appearance in Warzone could be a much more high-profile event.

Fortnite players will probably remember the summer of 2019, when at the end of the ninth season in the royal battle there was a battle between a huge robot and a monster. Then this was explained by the plot – the season was dedicated to a creature awakened after freezing, which satisfied its hunger by absorbing buildings and was eventually defeated by a specially created robot.

You can see monsters from the very beginning of the match.

You can see monsters from the very beginning of the match.

The fact that Kong and Godzilla will suddenly appear in Warzone was hinted at by the developers both in teasers and map updates. However, it is still strange that they are arriving on the island right now. One could associate this with the film with their participation, only it was shown in cinemas more than a year ago. And the shooting of the sequel will begin only this year – by the premiere, everyone will have forgotten that there was some kind of event in Call of Duty. Probably, Activision and the developers are betting on the “boomers” – skins based on Rambo, Die Hard and Judge Dredd appeared in Warzone, which probably sold well, so MonsterVerse fans also decided to please.

Be that as it may, the event turned out to be not the worst, even if there are questions to it. Although the loading screen has the Godzilla vs. Kong, the creatures have no contact with each other. It’s more like “Godzilla and Kong vs Players” because it’s only the players in the match who are the only ones that get inconvenienced. This was disappointing to some, but I don’t really understand how two monsters fighting each other would change this mode, so I don’t consider it a minus.

The main thing is not to climb under your feet.

Godzilla spends his time in the water, preferring to stay on the borders of Caldera Island. Kong, on the other hand, jumps back and forth across the map, trampling with his paws and throwing stones. Both like to growl loudly, but in themselves they are not dangerous – if you do not approach them, you will not notice any changes compared to a regular battle royale at all.

They can’t be defeated

Operation Monarch works according to the same rules as the much-loved Resurgence mode. You can only play in squads of four, and if you die, you will be able to respawn in a few seconds – but it is necessary that someone from the squad stay until you are alive. You can return as many times as you like until the playing area becomes small enough – then the resurrection will be turned off and the battle for survival will begin.

All the usual elements have remained in place: jumping out of the plane at the beginning of the match, running around the map, looking for weapons and supplies, fighting other players. And on the right side of the screen, a new scale with awards appeared. It is filled by collecting intelligence that falls from defeated enemies, hidden in supply boxes (they are located in buildings and fall from the sky) and are issued for completing contracts. But the main thing is that the scale is also filled when dealing damage to monsters.

If no one runs up to kill you, you will be able to get all the rewards relatively quickly.

If no one runs up to kill you, you will be able to get all the rewards relatively quickly.

The more intelligence, the better the rewards. And if all sorts of gas masks and boxes are not very interesting, then the coolest prize – the SCREAM device allows you to get a big advantage in the match. You take out a gadget and indicate where Godzilla should direct his powerful energy beam or where Kong should attack. Other users will see on the mini-map where to expect a hit, and they will have a few seconds to react and escape – either hide somewhere or run away. You can’t stay still – that one monster, that the other will quickly be sent to the next world.

In the first half of the match, this does not interfere much – everyone either kills each other or shoots monsters from ordinary cannons and anti-aircraft guns. But towards the end, the game becomes more chaotic. Everyone begins to value their lives, the playing area is inexorably shrinking, revivals have either already been disabled or will be disabled soon. And Godzilla and Kong turn out to be more and more dangerous – many players keep their SCREAM devices to the last and at any moment can push their opponents into the corner.

For the sake of this, they offer to pass the test.  Nice, but small.

For the sake of this, they offer to pass the test. Nice, but small.

It turns out to be fun entertainment, which slightly spoils the way the developers decided to maintain interest in it. Players are invited to complete eight easy challenges, the prizes for which are emblems, banners and weapon decorations. And if you complete all the “challenges”, you will receive a skin for an infantry rifle – it is, of course, cute, but the reward for the efforts from it is so-so. All the best are sold for money – you can purchase a kit with a cool look, coloring pages, an animated emblem and other bonuses. It would be better if all this was handed out for participation, but we are talking about the Activision game.

Operation Monarch is a good attempt to copy the ideas of Fortnite, but the developers should better fit such events into the game’s universe. Epic Games can arrange such events without prior announcements, since they almost always make sense and are related to current trends. Suffice it to recall the Endgame temporary mode created for the premiere of the latest Avengers. Here, the appearance of Godzilla and Kong is puzzling, although if such crazy crossovers continue to happen, I don’t mind. In any case, the mode is fun – it does not change the Warzone formula much, but, most likely, indicates what a diverse future awaits the royal battle. Yes, and it is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of sitting down at the anti-aircraft gun and shooting a huge gorilla throwing cobblestones.

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