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Grand Touring 7 just started, but the engine is already rattling unpleasantly: either a huge part of the game will fall off due to idle servers, or a patch with a dubious donation balance will appear. The audience began to splash out their discontent and went to Metacritic – now GT7 the lowest user ratings among games from Sony.

In recent days the community GT7 faced two major problems.

Problem times

With the release of patch 1.07, the developers discovered a serious bug due to which they had to extend the maintenance of the servers. This is a painful blow for GT7, since it is built according to a new scheme for the series and requires a connection to online services for almost everything (even in a single career). According to the GTPlanet fan site, the stagnation lasted 34 hours.

Problem two

In patch 1.07, the flow of credits, the in-game currency for which cars are bought, was also greatly reduced. According to GTPlanet calculations, it turns out the following:

  • If you grind according to the most effective tactics, then earnings look like this:
    • Patch 1.06 – 1.75 million credits per hour.
    • Patch 1.07 – 0.85 million credits per hour.
  • To purchase only one of the most expensive cars, you will need:
    • Patch 1.06 – 10.9 hours (205 runs).
    • Patch 1.07 – 17.8 hours (333 runs).
    • Both indicators are almost the largest in the history of the series. Slower progress was only in Grand Touring 5.

We are only talking about those cars that are already in the game – most likely, new ones will be added in patches, including even more expensive ones. Besides, in GT7 expanded the customization of cars – there are more elements than ever. For each element, of course, you also need to pay loans. And additional components in GT7 quite expensive, the author of GTPlanet assures.

Credits allow you to purchase with real money. Therefore, the community had a suspicion: the economy GT7 twisted specifically to push people to donate. The seventh part and on release was not that generous with loans, and after patch 1.07 it became completely sad.

Developer reaction

The developers have already published a message to the audience:

I want to in GT7 users enjoyed a variety of cars and events even without microtransactions. At the same time, car prices are an important element in determining their value and rarity, so I think the prices in the game should be related to the prices in the real world. I aspire to GT7 was a game where you can enjoy multiple cars in multiple ways and, if possible, avoid situations where the player has to mechanically replay certain races over and over again.

Over time, we will share plans for additional content, additional races, and additional features that solve this problem in a constructive way. Much to my regret, I cannot go into details right now, but we are going to develop GT7 so that as many players as possible enjoy the game. We would appreciate it if everyone continued to watch the growth GT7 from a long term point of view.

Kazunori Yamauchi, Chief Game Designer for the series Grand Touring

Audience reaction

It seems that Yamauchi’s letter did not help matters: he promises changes, but does not reveal what exactly, and asks only to wait for some unknown reason. User rating Grand Touring 7 fell to all-time lows on Metacritic:

  • PlayStation 5 version – 2.2 out of 10 (4,664 reviews).
  • PlayStation 4 version – 3.2 out of 10 (345 reviews).

In negative reviews, most often they complain about the imposition of microtransactions and the strict requirement to connect to online services.

According to VGC, these are the most devastating ratings among games from Sony over 27 years, which can be traced on Metacritic. Close to GT7 crept up:

  • World of Warriors for PS4 – 2.9 out of 10 (10 reviews). Port of a shareware mobile action game. The game itself was not developed Sonybut she published it on the PlayStation 4.
  • NBA 10 The Inside for PSP — 3 out of 10 (13 reviews). Basketball simulator by Sony and her San Diego Studiowhich is now better known for the baseball series MLB The Show.
  • Cool Boarders 2001 for PS One – 3.3 out of 10 (4 reviews). A skateboarding simulator from a studio that turned into Deck Ninecreators Life is Strange: Before the Storm And True Colors. This game has Sony acted as a publisher. There is a PS2 version with higher ratings.

However, the neighborhood GT7 these games are not entirely fair: they have very few ratings, which means that the public is almost not interested in them. And here GT7 now they are actively bombarded with dislikes. So far, we can only hope for the patches that Yamauchi promised – maybe after them the attitude will still get warmer!

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

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