GiftCode - Updated on May 29, 2023

You can’t even imagine how many dangers this seemingly calm and peaceful town is fraught with. Here you can safely go out into the street, take the weapon you like and, with a calm look, attack what is not dear to you. You like a new car, but it doesn’t belong to you? It doesn’t matter – just open the door, get in, start the engine and forward towards traffic accidents and outrages. But remember, for all this you are waiting for a frenzied police pursuit. There is no one to come to the rescue and you will have to rely only on your own strength, dexterity and cunning!

If you prefer to be on the side of the law, then Grand Gangsters 3D also has a place for you. Try yourself in six different fighting and racing battles. While fighting, earn stars, unlock new locations with stronger enemies and tasks. Do not forget that there are secret places in the city where interesting objects are scattered. Gather a complete collection and get a car and weapons of the highest class.

Interested? Then download Great Mafia 3D and start the game in a truly realistic city where your own rules and your own law reign! Show this metropolis who’s in charge!

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