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GrandChase is a RPG-style strategy game that takes place in real time only. Choose your ideal team and fight it in fierce battles.

 Codes (2022 December) 1.58.12
All Codes Expiration date
32VJFAS9X6I November 14, 2022
EJHR3ZLT2F December 11, 2022
U09PANS3K November 30, 2022
GQFROZL0H2C November 12, 2022
WPSY5HNC3GR8 December 14, 2022
017T58WX3K6 October 30, 2022
TMVU2BR1OFI October 20, 2022
J8L4CHXOD2 November 21, 2022
RO8LXEDQ7 November 13, 2022
EG4IPUYL201 October 24, 2022
AHNBX2O3GKW6 October 30, 2022
1X6GKOWL7U5 November 30, 2022

Players from all over the world join together in this anime style journey and they will take part in exciting battles. Upgrade your characters and increase their combat power every day. Ahead of you are adventures in incredibly beautiful graphics and style. No difficulties will arise with the management, and only your decision can affect the course of the further battle. Think about your next moves, think about the details, assemble an improved crew in GrandChase and enjoy the quality of the gameplay. Real-time battles will give players only pleasure. Experience the thrill of fighting in such a unique atmosphere. Tens of millions of players around the world are already waiting for this war, and you should soon take part in it. Game features

  • Role-playing gameplay and your individual decisions;
  • Influence on the progress of the process in real time;
  • Many types of heroes and weapons for them;
  • Equipment and individual appearance settings;
  • Hundreds of monsters and warriors.

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