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Green the Planet realistically demonstrates what will happen to our planet if humanity does not learn how to use resources wisely.

List of Promo CodesExpiration date
Q9Z6NJ7TVCMAugust 5, 2022
O8TVI1SRLGJuly 21, 2022
ZXY14I0LFSeptember 2, 2022
5D8FURP04V7July 22, 2022
QX2AFUKH4VZ6August 20, 2022
7S8EH93X4DGJuly 11, 2022

According to the plot, you find yourself on a completely deserted planet, and only in your power to make it green and blooming again. To do this, the developers have prepared for you a lot of opportunities. First of all, you need to pick up all the items that fall from the sky. You need to put all this into a special machine located in the spaceship and convert the items into energy. When you accumulate enough energy, the planet will be completely restored.

In addition, energy can be used to improve your own character. And during your absence in the game, the machine will gradually accumulate energy, which you can later use to restore or upgrade.

You can also create a useful improvement – a radar with which you can track comets with the most useful items and energy. The spaceship also has a special library where you can accumulate and view the collected items.

The Green the Planet game has a fairly simple gameplay and realistic design, and a universal plot allows the game to be used not only by adults, but also by school children.

Download ( V2.1.2 )
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