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restart saints row does not suffer from a lack of details, but still not everything is known about the game. What you don’t know yet, says insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson).

“Flow” (Flow)

To use abilities, you need to score a certain number of Flux points. These points are awarded for damaging people and vehicles, dodging attacks, and the like.

So, killing 10 enemies and destroying five vehicles is equivalent to 15,000 points of damage – this is 1.5 points of “Flow”.


Skills open as you level up. The better they are, the more Flux points they require. All abilities are active. Here are some examples:

  • “Surprise” – throwing a grenade into enemy pants.

  • “Flaming Uppercut” – A blow from below that launches the enemy into the air.

  • “Ninja” is a smoke bomb.


Perks are abilities that do not require Flux points (probably). They are divided into three types:

  • Basic – something simple, such as accelerated movement when crouching or aiming.

  • Advanced – Medium utility perks, including a 50% increase in health after Execute or an increased increase in Flux points.

  • Ultimate – power itself, including a missile attack on the area.

You can choose up to five perks. The first slot for them is unlocked upon completion of the debut mission, and the rest are bought for in-game currency.

The perks themselves are given for completing tasks, side quests and tests.


This is the name of the system, thanks to which you can replenish health by killing and causing damage. Moreover, not only the health of the character is restored, but also the condition of your vehicle.


Judging by the trailer below, the appearance customization promises to be extremely extensive. Henderson’s sources confirm that there is no such customization in any other game.

There will also be clothes from other creations Volitionincluding red faction, Agents of Mayhem and Summoner.

fast travel

Fast travel points are local points of interest. To instantly move to one of these points, you first need to photograph it.

Collectibles and trash cans

Collecting this time will have piles of drugs. You can find them, including in garbage containers – money, car parts, “cosmetics” and so on are also stored there.

Criminal establishments

A video has already been dedicated to criminal enterprises (hereinafter – just that). However, Henderson has examples (not all of them new) of what you’ll be doing:

  • Disposal of toxic waste.

  • Insurance fraud.

  • Dismantling stolen cars for parts.

  • Hijacking drug trucks.

  • Confiscation of cars, boats and bank vaults.

  • Beating the corpses and damaging their vehicles to make it look like there was an accident – for example, a car was hit by a train.

Criminal establishments promise money, as well as new abilities, perks and more.

Accessibility settings

The game is adapted for the widest possible audience. Among the features are gaze control, difficulty settings, automatic QTEs and unlimited time to complete tasks with a timer.


Co-op (for two) is announced, but PvP is not. According to Henderson, some form of competitive multiplayer could be added after the game’s release.

saints row launches August 23 on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox

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