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Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a new survival-themed action game made in the style of the gloomy Middle Ages. Your kingdom is shrouded in horror, the forces of darkness are rapidly advancing on it, and you can only try to survive in this harsh world. Fight against many unique heroes, bloodthirsty monsters and the risen dead. Build yourself a shelter that can protect you during the dark nights in these cursed lands. Build the defense of the house so that not a single terrible creature could get inside and attack you.

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
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GLI3JQ9K5HY October 6, 2022
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LKVH0O613IN October 24, 2022
M0I2XRHVZ7U November 1, 2022
TBL4YUCQVG November 3, 2022
7AFWHON5U October 5, 2022
9NBJK5DY1C8 September 30, 2022
NQHJA31LDYTP November 9, 2022
564C1RKN8IA October 28, 2022

Travel across a large-scale map, exploring numerous hidden places. Mysterious dungeons are waiting for you, full of various dangers and terrible monsters, ready to attack anyone who gets in their way. Find places infected by the forces of darkness and free them from enslavement. The amazing medieval atmosphere gives the game a unique style that will be remembered for a long time by everyone who spent at least a couple of minutes playing it.

With the Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival app, you will experience all the delights of a real role-playing strategy. A detailed crafting system allows you to create special things that will be useful to any adventurer in his difficult work. In your crafting workshop, you can create truly unique items that can change the course of any battle. Make powerful equipment and go to fight against the strongest monsters of this gloomy universe. Rebuild your house, turning it into an impregnable castle that can withstand the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of monsters.

Game Features:

  • many amazing heroes;
  • original story;
  • huge world to explore;
  • colorful three-dimensional graphics;
  • simple and clear control.

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