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The second half is the rightful heir of the first. It saves all the essential mechanics from the first half and supplies quite a few new ones. The combat system is no longer an extension of the ordinary Disciples. Now it is a wholly neutral and distinctive sport.

The game choices many races, from conventional folks, elves, and orcs, to quite extra rarely seen in video games like lizardmen. Characters are formed from 2 components – race and class, identical to my favorite D&D system. This sport has 25 character programs to pick out from and 37 packages for neutral creatures. Each kind has its expertise, which significantly impacts the gameplay.

Grim wanderings 2 Mod APK 1.97 (Unlimited Money)

fun and challenging. Great game with great potential after reaching max level I noticed a few bugs ...on exploration when i click on forge event it crashes . And 2 more instances whith support skills it crashes. Take care developer and update this game it's worth it. Also paid for it so do your damn job . Dark classic RPG games ftw!. Great game. Too many ads and restricted to small amount of time, so I uninstalled.. This would be a better game if it had less adds, way too many adds, not enough play time.. Same issues as the first game. Tiny text, huge lengths of reading for a tutorial, tiny buttons. Might work on PC. But absolutely does not for mobile..

Solid mechanics, solid lore, solid content.. all around one of the best mobile games out currently.. Kingdom mgmt and rpg. Interesting game mechanics and deep character customization. Hard to get started. Playing easy mode and loosing encounters frequently, poor balance that. Easy mode should be a walkover for story enjoyment. Playtime resections to limit server traffic, OK, indicates small capital company growth goals but not great for user experience. Lots of game potential, but assessment incomplete due to aforementioned hurdles.. Wonderful open hex map rpg thing set in a dark unforgiving world. Steep learning curve but one of the best mobile games out there.. Disciples 2. , 🙂 , . , . 10 10. . Love the game just wish you would let everybody know it cost money before you get the game so you don't get our hopes up like that but I understand time is money and money is valuable but it's a real shame because I don't use credit cards on games never will and you really had my hopes up really thought there was going to be a good game that I could play like that but thank you for the tutorial best of luck to the both of you.

Wow, I just wasted a whole day to start suddenly losing characters repeatedly after WINNING fights. The happiness mechanic is broken and basically prevents progress. This game gave my dog parvo.. This game is fun, and difficult. It has that old school rpg feel. It has numerous options for races and classes. There is a lot of intricate strategy involved.. Excellent turn based rpg...lots of interesting elements involved with this game, really enjoy the choose your own adventure style. Plenty of variety in race and class with the ability to specialize in a number of skills that flesh out your character...definitely not a chess game or city builder and totally reminiscent of old school it!!! Great job by the developer and full time run without ads or interruptions is a steal of a deal...thanks much!!. It has potential. But developers put too little effor on explaining the game with dicent tutorial. Battle seems cumbersome. No matter where you move, they can hit you anyway.. Excellent low budgethome made game. Don't expect perfection, just enjoy the effort and creativity. Worth supporting, the developers are not greedy at all: around 2 dollars to unlock the full game. I just played for a day or so but i'm having lots of fun.

Old school fun. Your game has a potential,. But they way of force ads is damn annoying,. And 2 hours only to play while i dont even know why the hell it needs the connetion oh yeah for constant force ads,. Uninstall the game after 2 hours of play,..if you manage yo change it maybe i will play again,.. The gameplay and mechanics is quite hard and complex to understand compared to its old variant... which is I kinda like... The leaving-party members is sucks... So do the defeated party in strategy mode... I hope there's some event to retrieve some artifact/member back to life... The restrictions are cheatable easily I hope the developer could fix it since there's some people donating to just remove the restrictions... Otherwise just remove the restriction. Great fun!. Req:Bigger map.

Requires internet connect.. Nice game The luck system sucks (worst part of the game if it relay more in skills (success and fail ) maybe make it relay or mini game or skill challenge or at least charcter status affect the success-fail chance Advertising extremely annoying (1 ads every 5 minutes + 1 adv every 10 minute after first hour so if you play for 3 hours that like ~48 ad if it take 30 sec each that mean 24 minute if the 3 hour experience is ads(so 15% of the 3h is ads) .I suggest 1 ads every 10 minutes.only. Great game I like it, I want to see night and day cycle, 4 season ,defend the siege castle protecting the citizens or marching goblin horde, demon lord, hobgoblin champion, orc king, I want to see dullahan, war between two tribes, sorry too many idea am just hype about this game this need to have a donation great game make it more alive so that it can be phenomenal game,. This is an excellent tactical rpg. Very fun . Good beta. Deeply "lose to learn" due to no doco or descriptions. Skills very imbalanced. Items' background colors too similar. Somewhat buggy. Addictive despite being unfinished..

I took nine turns and saved the game. Then I took three more turns and got a ridiculous ad that was too big for my screen, so I had to restart the app, because the "x" was off the screen and I couldn't close the ad. When I got back in, I was set 10 turns back. It then told me that I had run out of game play time. So instead of twelve turns, my total gameplay time consisted of 2 turns. And on one of those turns I lost, I had gotten star metal gloves.. Unfortunately the simplistic minimal battlefield only consist of 3 rows by 5 columns of hexes. In a game were survival of units is essential, having no room to avoid attacks, seems a bit uncalculated! An impression you will have repeatedly when facing the combat system! Still seems to be a decent game after some testing. (A small battlefield reduces and limits tactical options during combat, that is typical f childish mobile games!!!)... Awesome game. Not confusing. Easy, pick up & play, at the same time, offers a wide dynamic of, strategic tactics, that'll prove a worthy & challenging, past time. Only problem I've came across, after having have played this for, a few years now is that, after finally deciding to support the development duo, I am not able to pay, to rid the restrictions. Please help!! That aside, I still have to give this a 5/5 stars. If I could throw 10/10, I'd do that, too!!! Thank you!Great job . Massive replay value. Good game.. Good old school game.

Absolutely amazing rpg!. It's a very good game. Still playing.. The game is honestly pretty good so far that I've played, but that playtime restriction sucks so much for people that cannot spare the onetime payment on a game that they'll probably delete after completion.... I have been trying to figure out what to do with my play points. As soon as I get 30 more I'm buying this app. I always DMed never got to play a character. This is awesome for me. I look forward to the enhancements. It is slightly glitchy and repetitive rn. But I rated it 5 stars because the fact you and your wife did this out of pocket says it all. You do it for the love of rpg's so I know it will only get better. Thank you. Monetary gratitude is coming. I love you both.. Awesome old school rpg.

Nice game. Nice adventure. 1h/day and then I have to pay... I guess I'll have to play fast then.. Lots of micromanagement and depth. Very sophisticated.. Its a good game for 2 dollars and 50 cents. The game is interesting and is an rpg with some combat and some reading involved. It has an economy system that is pretty good. You have to explore for resources and also explore individual tiles to advance in the game. Now there is a sense of brutality involved in this game, it's not too extreme but the random chance of great failure is there. I am done trying to figure out the last two quests to get into the divine forge. Endless searching..

Very old school, detailed, rpg. Good. I can't believe it took me this long to play your sequel, it's amazing!. Been improving as the year goes on, good work y'all. Good for for exercising the strategic brain cells. Developer restricted play to 1hr a day. Watch ads for extra 10m (limited daily as well). Good time waster when downloading, not worth playing. Edit: reading the replies from the developer just seems to lend more credence to the fact this game isn't worth playing.

I spent some money on it because I like the idea. Here my first thoughtafter figure out how to play(most the on the strategy mode)and spend the late 2 weeks playing: -make easy mode easier. Simply remove the happiness/stamina features on easy mode will make more playable. The surrounding enemy on hexes/ random encounter should be on lower even after ~250 turn. I actually have more feedback but I can't write here because it doesn't fit here. Can email it to you?. The ads are ridiculous the text makes your eyes hurt. Otherwise it's a way to kill time yes.. Only level 9, but good so far.. why is my squad not having salary?how to solve it?. Very well put together. I haven't purchased a game in over a year but this one deserved the purchase. So I did..

Level up!. Great game. Very deep and takes quite a bit of gameplay to explore the game. Mechanics are a bit hard to grasp at first but after a few fails you'll manage to stay alive and even thrive.. Love this style game. Cant wait for more!. Highly unexpected in tactical gaming. Love everything about it. There are some potential balancing issues with gold requirement and the amount of gold generation but it could be that I'm also bad at it. Well done.. Good game, time seems to fly by. Would be nice for enemies to drop gold or weapons/armor..

Closest phone game to dnd I have found love the game my only dislike is that the time limit is bothersome but understandable. I'm having problems keeping my guys... How do you make them happy?. Frustrating. I paid for the remove ad and restrictions. My money went through but I can't still play properly. I want refund Edit: I received the refund and now I'm enjoying the game. Thanks. Another disappointment. The game sounds good in the store, the actual game sucks. It isn't fun, the art ends at character pictures. This is mostly a resource management game, instead of action.. Love the game, reasonable price, great that you can play for a while for free too.

Fun game, loving the rpg/strategy mix.. Honestly my favorite game on the play store, its a great rpg with a cool combat system and its just overall great 🙂 (I hope they give more content lol, theres a lot there but I need moreeee). Loved the game until it started cutting me off after an hour a day. Actually went to see how much it would cost but the button doesn't do anything, I click it and nothing happens.. Fun game. One of the rare and satisfying game I played on Google play. Worth every penny..

Very good old style rpg , i love it. Great little time waster. I have given the game an other chance and honestly im impressed and paid for full i see the game in a new light and am regreting my last rating thank you for such a wonderful game. Only give 4 star because of a weird bug that makes the buttons unresponsive at times, which requires me to close and reopen the game, but I liked it enough to purchase it though and if the bug gets fixed I'll update the review to 5 stars. Lot of fun.

Good. Honestly this game is impressive and incredibly immersive. An incredible "home brew" and worth a try. The price to support this work is honestly too cheap considering everything this game provides. Im looking forward to anything else this husband and wife creates or adds to this. Thank you for the fun. Ad ad ad, couldn't even play man...... Wonderful game with plenty of content, from a developer who isn't just trying to copy the market and suck your soul! I would like to see a confirmation screen added to prevent accidental pillaging, though. I'm constantly reloading my save because I accidentally hit the wrong option.. Not sure if it's a bug on my phone or if other people have it, but every time I switch to another app and back into the game, I can't interact with anything. I see the animations of clicking buttons and hear the sounds but it doesn't do anything, and I have to restart the game and lose progress. The game seems interesting enough, but get frustrated with playing due to this bug..

Very nice. Great game!You can see that there is alot of effort put into it. l paid the ads away shortly after. Because they are so annoying. Even during the fights there are always ads. My main request would be tweaking the crafting system abit. You should be able to see what you can made. Like the little potraits should glow if you have all the items. There should be a tab for the buildings too so that you don't have to individually click all the hexs to see your buildings. Otherwise great game!. Tactical RPG done right. Love the CIV elements, love the story elements, love the dedication. Thanks so much to you + your wife!!!! Not many mobile games like this these days. Easily worth the money I spent to remove ads + play time limitations. Y'all earned it!! . The scale of litters etc is very small. It's painfully for my eyes (. downloaded this but it is unplayable due to some kind of graphics bug. hard to explain what's happening but some thing or things are rapidly moving across the screen when looking at the main(?) map. whatever the first set of tiles we see is..

Game is godly. Oldschool players with a brain only. Don't expect mommy to come behind and wipe for you.. Good. Exceptional. I love it. Great game good job creators simple enough and intriguing.

Excellen game. It looks interesting, but I can't find how to increase character happiness, which makes it pretty impossible to play. demoo. Other then 1 or 2 save glitches, this is a great fantasy initiative based strategy game. Very worth the 2 bucks!. I loved the first game but i think that the upgraded battlefield isnt the best choice. I love this game and the fact that its an upgrade of the first game like every game should be but i played disciples 3 and i hated the battlefield choice . The rest of the game feels like a better yet more complicated version of the first game. That dosent mean its bad i actually find it more enjoyable when mastered . Overall i love the game!.

Seems like it might be fun. However I can't tell. If I receive a text or phone call or even just switching screens to another game than back to this one to play. The game freezes and I have to force close the app. Galaxy s21.. This is a great game. The dev has done a tremendous job here. Not perfect but oh, so close!. This is one of the best turn-based tactical games on mobile. Gameplay brings to mind good old Eador, while unit positioning is reminiscent of Disciples. The combat allows for some really cool skill combinations, although you have to delve a bit to discover it. I could criticize the happiness system, as it doesn't add much and only serves to restrict party building. Or overreliance on randomness in events. But these are insignificant flaws, considering that the gameplay loop is just pure fun, though certainly not for everyone. It actually reminds me (not so much in terms of mechanics as atmosphere) of another computer board game, called Armageddon Empires. Just like AE, it is evident that Grim Wanderings 2 is a labour of love.. Nice setup. Like civilization but very grim.

Buggy. Dope and addicting wish there were ?s to describe how certain things work like what the pics on the cards represent to example donkeys on certain missions they seem like there helpful but no I'd rather fight and get the monster card than a donkey. So far one if the best apps I've downloaded played a lot of games that force buying of anything but this is quality for and if u so chose you can get more play time by buying the (WHOLE)game. This is one of the best mobile games i ever played. Very interesting game unfortunately has a terrible battle system. It's a real mess it is restrictive and stupid to say the least. You get trapped or can't access opponents because the battlefield it only 3 hexes high with four or more characters just stupid. Love the game hate the fighting. The only strategy to the game besides luck is to be efficient. You can't waste a thing . Even on easy it's quite challenging because there's no farming or adventure for experience and items. Not a casual game.

I'm sorry for cracking this game. Game has a scope but is not very friendly with the user. I would have preferred if i could know what the skills are during the battle and also all charcter should be able to have a default attack option depending on the weapon used with little to no energy used. Also there is almost no space to move in a game where the characters life is important.. Great game. Nice. Glitches out a bit when you exit and get back in but this game is my new addiction, love it.

60 minute limit, after that, u cant play so litteraly wasted my time playing this.. Not offline. Very good game, compared to pc quality and content variety. Although still there are some crashes in the ui.. I just started playing it. Right away I can tell I'm going to like it. The game has alot of depth to it. I would definitely suggest checking it out if you're a fan of strategy RPG's.. I have little to no complaints about the game.but it is annoying since its pretty much luck base but overall very good. Maybe add a summon feature to the game since how I play I would like to reduce my gold consumption and possibly make them permanent. Basically add more variety on what companion we could get while also getting classes that can summon and also adding summons to already existing classes.

A really good game with many great things combined in it but the only issue is ads and restrictions. Really great game with a insane amount of potential that said it has crashed on me twice nou (restarting phone has not fixed the second help ) it has something to do with equipping items while in a shop. Top notch game, couldn't say a bad thing about it.. Pathetic.. Very Detailed but very boring. Combat system should be changed entirely..

Very nice game. Well detailed. It's really easy to screw up and make some unrecoverable mistakes early, but I like this game a lot.. Super fine. Great Game!. Nice game, but we cannot move save to a new phone ?. Its a good game with a lot of space to grow, but the time limit and the bugs with ads let me down. Maybe after some updates I'll play it again.

Great game.. They got dem drangons. Nice game. Quite awesome among its genre.... This game is amazing... Truly a gem among mobile games. I even spent money to remove the ads.. Just the game that I like, you can play either adventure or strategy game, wow, I buy the ads removal as soon as I play the game it's addictive .

Too much ads, annoying. Can't play offline to remove the ads. You need to pay to remove them. This game will be much enjoyable if the dev remove the ads. Best game of the world. Not easy to learn but the more u play it and patiently try it the more easier it gets Lots of ads but understand what they?ask about it. Major upgrade from previous game. Will spend hours setting up initial hero. OMG! The RNG in this game that decides the event for each tile has to go.. bought the game and gave a 5 star for the first 3 weeks but the RNG is way too random, ended up saving once and reloading 5 to 8 times to get the desired event for gold and experience. I will prefer the options to choose the event instead..

Definitely my top 5 android game. The ads and time limit could be annoying but it is easily solved by buying the game. Very reasonable and dirt cheap compared to some games in playstore. My only complain is the crafting system feels very demanding right now, would be very nice if the ingredients got a rework. Preferably it would be simplified like the resources at the top bar; after all, it could be really hard to navigate the sea of tiny icons in smaller phones.. Great game!. Super like it, amazing. This game is awesome. Either single squad adventure or strategy. I just wish it would tab to any other phone function without crashing. (Since it saves every turn and loads fast it's not so bad a problem though). Simple and still quite good at complexity of the journey. Well done. I've already support it and now I can play with no ADS..

A good and addictive game.. Complicated and thoughtful, it reminds me of a board or table top game. Strangely I find it more interesting than most big budget RPGs. I recommend trying it, but do so with an open mind as it takes some getting used to but is definitely worth it. Not too hard to understand just very different from the norm these days.. Great game but could you PLEASE capitalize the W in the game title? Driving my OCD crazy in my app tray. It's a great rpg, great team/ character creation.. Tons to do and detail oriented..

All good the time limit is a bit unexpected but is not expensive to remove the restrictions. It is a role based game save often and reload. Every battle,area enviroment and change of equipment/charactor exchange is changeable. So every game can be a winner. NEVER LOOSE! With time.. It's an amusing game, though the strategy version shuts down and won't let me play, thus only three stars.. Love the game enemys are balanced recruitment of heros and gear purchases are fair and the fact it's both a rpg adventure/ strategy game is awesome keep up the good work. One the best games on the play store I've found Straegy RPG wise in a long time, love the game looking forward to the updates keep it up developers. Liked the first one, love this one. This is an amazing RPG, been playing it whenever i have time to kill. I already know what I'm going to do on my next play through.

Needs polish. Not for me.. Detail and interesting, rule-based gameplay, however there are game-breaking bugs. Ads interrupt the game and return you to the main menu and you lose ALL PROGRESS. Game time is limited with an option to watch ads to extend that DOESN'T WORK. Would be happy to pay to remove ads, but haven't had a chance to try the game first because of these bugs. Developers - Please work on the basics of a mobile game!. So far, it seems very well put together. It is also proving to be a LOT more in depth than it first seemed. Best part, however, is its complete game status. Meaning, buy the game, for its modest price; and enjoy a nice story and detailed character/party building for hours and hours of contentment. Good job dev.. Good.

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