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Grimguard Methods is an epic, darkish fantasy RPG approach recreation with an expansive Hero summon and simple simple to review turn-based strategies gameplay.

The Primera, an historic evil has awoken from the shadows. To free the world of Terenos it is important to summon and produce collectively its strongest, legendary, and dangerous heroes in attempt to drive once more the oncoming darkness. In battle you might forge unlikely alliances and assemble an epic workforce of the perfect heroes this world has ever seen!

Grimguard Tactics Fantasy RPG Mod APK 0.16.3 (Unlimited Money)

Takes way to long to load the game. Fun game is you don't take to seriously because of how much they limit you on energy it's a very slow grind which makes it much more casual but you need to level too many characters to the point where your halted just farming but if you take it at a slow pace just doing the daily stuff then you can get excited over the little things like ooh something cool in the shop Etc. I hope you like hours of tutorials. I'm 6 levels in or something and still just following the mandatory tutorial. Looks like it could be fun if I get past this point. Got past the tutorials. No challenge at all. Even letting the auto battle is enough. You just burn "energy" that you have to buy more of.. No gameplay and abruptly stops progression in act 3. Is this drop rate for real. Stage says 20% drop rate for contracts. ZERO drop in 20 runs.. The game is awesome but sometimes loads really slowly.

Game keep crushing. Cannot play now. I've been enjoying the gameplay, dynamics, graphics. But lately, the game has become unplayable. The main page loads up but the others won't, i.e. Shop, Guild, Battle, etc. won't load at all.. Love game but glitchs and freezes every couple mins. I upgrade my phone and can't transfer my progress over and had to start.. Beautiful game that evolved into a disappointing way. The drop rate is mentioned to be 45%, I've played the mission 6 times... and nothing useful dropped. It's such a pity, the game has beautiful graphics and mechanical systems. As others have mentioned it's a sad disappointment .

Update after update this game goes backwards. Costs keep doubling, progress keeps slowing, core features continue to not exsist. Trust the rating, this company has given up and I'm sad to have played as long as I have just to never have been heard like all the others who wanted something fun out of this.. Lots of fun. Game would not download addition data, so I won't be playing this anytime soon. But from what I've read about it, it's probably a good thing.. Good visuals, turn-based strategy, very grindy. Stamina limited gameplay - 6 total for main campaign (3h to fully recharge). I would like a way to increase max stamina via gems or game progression. Love the addition of more frequent dungeons, thank you!. Tutorial just didn't work, it asked me to move to a square of the board and than again to confirm, but, when I tapped again to confirm it did nothing, it made the sound to say I pressed something but nothing happened..

This game is highly recommended if you enjoy tactical strategy games! Had some issues starting the game again but the team reached out quickly and sorted it out. {Old issue: After the attack phase, the movement phase is frozen. I have tried several attempt to restart but to no avail. Please fix.}. Honestly addicted to this game. Game now just sits there spinning the loading symbol when I click on anything. Uninstalled, fix your garbage.. Updated review: The game becomes really grindy and you are basically at a stand still after beating the campaign on Normal. They brought back the old hero recruitment which is nice because now 5 recruitment scrolls guarante a rare which is needed to upgrade abilities. So far the changes are getting better but they are bringing back things they removed. Lastly they NEED a timed event for hero ashes. It takes way too long to ascend heroes. Maybe it's their way of slowing the player base down.. Why am I still getting this error? Makes the game unplayable as it forces me to quit. Its too bad too, game seems really cool. Different from the usual. "Error: CloudFunctionCall QueryServerTime". Tried to use the in-game contact option, and it just went in circles indefinetly..

Under rated game. What a shame! This game has great mechanics and game play, offers challenging battles and the desire to improve. Yet it has no point whatsoever. 1 campaign that gets ridiculous hard too quickly, 1 dungeon to farm linear resources. All level up farming is stuck behind random appearances and 25% chance to drop. Of course they have ingame purchases to help you advance, but, for what???? Advance 1 stage in the campaign! That's the only benefit. More content and in game chat desperately needed.. App dosent work.. only one ive ever encountered to do so- nothing .. Drop rate are bad for all important material. Once you completed the stages. The replays stages drop rate is about 12 rounds 1 drop... Which you have to wait every 30min to have 2 rounds. Required material have too little places to get, such as dust for hero tier upgrade which can only be found by retiring guards/hero. The drop rate for skill upgrades seriously need some adjustments. Basically stuck at level 7 and no progress since new update T-T. I really liked this game. It's setting and art are great. I like the gameplay and it had a decent f2p economy. However it's become clear that the last point is seen as a bad thing. With every update it seems the game is made more and more grindy. Good farming options REMOVED, making powering up slower and slower. Not in gameplay, but in updates. It's become obvious that there are no plans build a community around the game either. Maybe I'll change my tune, but at the rate things are going....

140$ for a hero and some gold. And they have the audacity to claim that its "2.5x value". Their pricing makes EA games look like a bargain. Raid SL is less toxic even then this... The game is at best on par with mini games from proper AAA titles. Bring your loot boxes back to earth and add some significant content and maybe you'd have something worthwhile here. Also load times are obscene and the graphics dont warrant it, what else are you loading in the background?.... Glitches fixed! Character recruitment sucks! 0.2?? For legendary? Need to have a better system. At 5, guaranteed rare, At 20 or even 30 guaranteed legendary. Maybe have a merge system, where if you have 3 of the same you can pick what 2 skills they have and what bonus or 2 they get in stats, eg dex or defence. Basically a way to form your own characters if you get 3 of the same rare and can't decide... I'm enjoying the game so far, I have a set of five rare heroes who have unique abilities. The controls are simple and the tactics are interesting. I'm hoping this game continues to grow. The only problem I have with it is how little stamina you get. I play the game for about two minutes then I'm locked out for at least 25.. I was having a good time with the game however after the update my phone is stuck trying to download the update while launching I have tried to re download and it hasn't fixed the issue. I WAS really enjoying this game however the latest patch has made it significantly harder to get good characters. Previously upgraded buildings now provide much less than they used to. I do actually believe before the patch it was too generous to the players, there was literally no reason to ever spend as everything was obtainable through grinding however it's gone far too much the other way. If I didn't already have a good squad id immediately uninstall..

I like the game but after two patches now I've had to re install the game just to log back in. On top of that the super rare dawnseekers champions seem meh. The only thing special about them is a chance to cause burn which is nice. But the chance is so low I've literally never seen it proc.. Game stagnates way to much where Ive gotten 3 rares to level 30 but I still feel super weak but it's almost impossible to get that 2000 dust to upgrade them, also the new recruit system feels super unfair. This is a simple, but very well made and enjoyable game, and I have been looking forwards to upcoming features which promise to improve its tactical depth. Sadly I would no longer recommend this game to anyone, as the latest update has changed the way new heroes are unlocked. It is now completely random, more expensive, and has removed upgrades that I paid real money for. I see no reason to trust that this will not happen again. Spend nothing on this game.. I spent money to get gems for upgrading the recruitment building, why change the building into something worse?. I prefer the recruiting contracts and mission rewards in the previous patch. Now it will be harder to get the top tier characters in the game as the drop rate is abysmal (From 5% chance to 0.2%). It is extremely dishonest to change rates after I spent rubies to FULLY UPGRADE the recruitment building. I loved playing this game due to the art style and characters but this new patch just turns everything into much more of a grind. Adding a paywall will not drive sales as the content is lacking..

Really struggling with gameplay breaking during missions. Simple melee attack with multiple heroes show animation walking to enemy and then nothing.... Must exit/restart mission. Devs were quick to reply and apologize but no suggestions on how to avoid issue in game or suggestion that issue would be resolved. Last update had me uninstall. What was already a long grind to upgrade characters to where they're useful, has been lengthened significantly. Spend $$$ or don't bother playing.. Used to like it as a casual game but now they removed items you use to upgrade your heros from the regular missions so you need to pay to get it. Secondly, it's bad enough that stamina takes 25 mins to generate. Now I have to spend stamina just to replay.. Changed from 4 star to 1 star. Each update seems to make it harder for the player to enhance characters and pushes players to rely on in game purchases. Instant uninstall since the update. Don't play unless you intend to spend lots of money.. Great game so far but my bigest complaint is the stamina recharge you guys gota give us more ways to restock its crazy out here. Maybe an option to zoom in a bit also. Everything else is great. Fun game. But a little buggy, every now and then the game hangs and I have to surrender and waste an energy.

good visuals/audio/gameplay, simple chessboard turnbased gameplay to improve: - scout function to allow you to view the battle board before fight - allow shuffling of hero position before battle - grind feels very slow, may need an alternative way to gain ashes considering you need an active roster of ~15 characters to cover content decently - allow perm increase cap in stamina via crystals with max cap 8-10 - consider battlepass or ads vs ads-free for money instead of bundles hope this helps. Has potential, some good game play ideas. However, load time is almost as long as play time ant that is after the 400mb download. Also way to much grind to get advance. No ads, nice graphics, interesting gameplay. Needs PvP element and chat to make it better. Can't play; game doesn't respond to touches at the "tap to reveal the barracks" prompt. Why you would implement that kind of faux-interactivity in the first place is beyond me and already a bugbear of mine but getting it wrong and breaking your game as a result is infuriating.. Downloaded the game, waited ages for it to load past 13%. It never did and so it gets 1 star..

The gameplay is ok. But 3stars due to the fact there is only 6 stamina max. Need to increase to aleast 20 stamina. N the recovery time is too long. 30mins to recover 1 stamina. Shorten it to 5-10mins. Its slowing down the pace of the game.. The games freezes every time through the very first cutscene of the game in beginning 1 star just because I can't play it...fix the game u get 5 stars..until then...uninstalling..check back in a few weeks. Game keeps freezing during a fight, until this is fixed they will only get 1 star, it's a shame as this game has potential.. The characters in the game is dope and the progression is kinda slow but really enjoying it so far. Even got some of my friends to start playing it , I like the statagy that goes into it and the fact that losing doesn't use energy (swords). One thing preventing 5 stars is the fact that the swords comes back so slow i 1 every 20min is rough so maybe 2 every 20 minutes would help alot.. Initially it looked like a great game, but after awhile, like few hours, i noticed that the map is really small? and you only have 6 actions, means every 30mins 1 action point? thats too little. It will take you a very super long time to grow your character. Not worth your time..

Farming for level up is fine but the game feels unbalanced. The enemy hag just 1 shots my characters with a global range, tanks included. Casters have aoe burn that takes a fifth of your max health every turn. Both of these are made worse when you consider that there are 5 to 7 enemies each room to deal with and there are 3 rooms in total. It feels really unbalanced and destroys the slight dopamine boost from completing a level. Pay to win stuff should be priced down a tad.. Algoods. It is a fun game but there are certain Map that cause certain character to glitch and the game progress just got stuck. Wasted energy wasted time again and again. Kindly fix it please. It is breaking the game! I just subscribe to monthly pass and this happen.. Okay turn-based strategy game, but just like all the other reviews it WILL be a grind. It's starting to get to me a little. The art and voice-acting got me into the game, but outside of the first story segment haven't heard anymore.. Good potential but needs some fine tuning and adjustments. Recommendations: - sort out level load times; the loading screens take far too long - adjust 'sword' system to have less of a cap or have a way to spend gold to refresh (crystals as an option too) - some of the enemy caster abilities are a little too punishing. Example: one does a ground spikes ability which does a lot of damage on casting, then immediately again on you gaining your turn. Either tune down the damage overall or adjust the damage to be taken when the effect target moves through or out of the spike area (allows you time to heal). Art style is very good, I like it a lot! Sounds are fantastic, music is nice and gameplay is pretty decent so far. Might be worth opening up the Catacombs a little earlier to allow newer players a chance at another early rare unit. Would rate higher, but the game is clearly a work in progress - definitely a good start! <3.

Although I plan on playing for 30 days to see if the game gets better, it is a game that requires micro transactions to move forward. I don't mind being time locked to 6 missions at a time but the fact that they give you prectically nothing means the grind is not worth it. Also the gotcha heroes % is incredibly poor and inaccurate. Slightly better recruits the game tells you is at 25% chance... But I've only hit one in what has to be almost 30 rolls. Probably is a 2.5% chance.. game wont even load, stuck on black screen. I generally don't leave reviews. I used to really enjoy this game. But recently they have increased the difficulty significantly. Increased the difficulty to improve heroes drastically. Levels I used to walk through to get gold and materials to improve my heroes have now become very difficult and levels that were difficult are now impossible. I'll likely stop playing soon but I'm hopeful they realize some of the mistakes they've made and readjust the game.. This game becomes very much pay to win after the first 2 hours, difficulty curve due to currency shortage gated behind shop. Can't level enough party members to stay relevant. Fail.. Looked like the game I was looking for at first, but it just seemed like I was doing the same battles over and over.

So much promise but really slow release cycle. Also very grindy. App has just updated its data (not the client) underneath me, which has increased difficulty immensely, pushing players further towards in-app purchases just to do basic advancement. I've spent about $150 nzd to date (I like to support small devs!) but won't be playing any longer. If you're not a buyer of IAPs, I'd probably avoid.. I enjoyed the game. Nice graphics, upgrade paths are pretty clear, and there's enough depth I wanted to continue. However I got fairly quickly to a point that I saw no way to progress without paying money. Not even with grinding... simply hit an absolute paywall. I uninstalled and am not looking back. Too bad. I am willing to pay some small purchase price on a really good game, but any game that is designed to suck money out of players consistently over time to progress or be enjoyable, are bad. As other people have said, too much of a grind. The game could be a bit more generous. That being said, I generally enjoy the game play. More social features would be good.. guilds, p2p. I really enjoy this game, needs stuff like clan and leaderboard endless dungeon. Also need to fix drop rates because the ones that say 25% are actually much lower and only happen about 1 in 10. I have a 25% chance on my daily recruit token to be upgraded but I have never received the upgraded one even once after almost 3 weeks of playing. The game idea is great, but the touch controls are wonky. You will touch areas, and it will register the touch somewhere else. Especially bad in the lower right hand corner. I even performed multiple Touch Screen tests to rule out my phone..

What possible reason could there be for forcing your players to genuinely waste time. Game has potential, but whoever is making the decisions needs to be replaced. Games dead otherwise.. Gameplay us fun. I love the graphics and gore. Most people say it's to hard because they have to think and use strategy. Give it a try. The game is not working. I only see black screen !. Good game. I like the no energy system, graphics good, runs smooth. Yes it gets challenging, but i like it this way more than the other mindless gacha games. Pulls are fewer than other games so you need to make use of weaker units. Overall nothing to complain about.. I love the design and style of the game but it's so slow and not much to do.

Unbalanced game play. Generic same map. Only 4 missions per zone. Impossible to unlock mpre without spending 50 dollers. Or grinding for weeks. Generic pool of characters that can't be leveled quickly. No real progression. In main story. Not even a main story. Over priced IAP. Has potential but so far its unfinished, unbalanced, and pointless. the devs should be embarrassed to have this out there now compared to other more polished tactic games.. I cant play it I only get a black screen. The cutscene with Alistar, my whole game frozen.... Game is far too grindy. The updates make it more so. Instead of adding QoL improvements, they take them away. Like the x4 battle speed, and you upgrade buildings to get more resources and they update the game and make it so you get less. Currencies are time walled and painfully small. Played for a few weeks and seem to get nowhere, you reach a wall where there is next to no progression.. This is easily one of the most disgustingly monetized mobile games. They keep releasing updates that make it take more and more time to actually progress, reducing rewards, changing systems and not refunding spent resources. They removed the 4x speed button which made some of the xp grinding bearable. I would be embarrassed to have released this product. Just charge a base fee and remove all the micro transactions. The game play is uninspired. Do not pay this company..

Art and setting are great, and the gameplay was fun. They reduced the speed of the game so x1 is super slow mo and x2 is regular speed and removed x4. They reduced the in game income even further; and didnt even let the players know this is happening. Had great potential for a solid 5/5 game but for some reason they are choosing to tank their game. Was a great game. Litteraly unplayable without 4x speed Not litteraly it won't work. I have ADHD. The game litteraly cannot keep my attention with how slowly the animations happen and characters move. Not to mention grinding takes even longer and slow progression was already one of the flaws of the game.. I like the the art and gameplay. But the progress is sooo slow. You don't get much for resources and character progression is slow because of it. The level design is odd because, while you can grind (for tiny bits of resources) you also hit bosses that can one shot your best characters. So you know that grind is going take weeks. Their IAP pricing is really high as well, for what you get. Update edit: Their latest update changed an adequate game into a slower paced below adequate game.. Unable to play due to download after install. Great looking game, no ads but it runs hot - a real battery drain and CPU heater. Also difficulty ramps up too fast when trying to level up new characters. Just too hard and the game quickly loses the fun factor.

It's a fun game, however there are 2 glaring issues. 1. The grind is ridiculous. The pacing is very slow and you don't get enough xp to reasonably level up. 2. I can't speak for others, but ive hit an issue where I've forfeited completion rewards because my internet crashed, and when I reached out to see if there was a fix, I've not received an answer. Maybe give them time to fix things before grabbing it.. Can't play when it refuses to load past 89%. Tried reinstalling, nothing.. Really good so far!. Don't understand why game have such low rating.Decided to try it my self cose I really like the art style and darkest dungeon vibe. Did enjoy the game , good chances to get decent heroes,like other people sad lacking resources to lol every hero but I understood it as intended game design. Hope for more features in futurek.. Good game. One major bug: Cannot upgrade heroes ability. Would be a 5 without the bug and if ressources would be better balance. Really hard to get essence to upgrade weapons but I have way too much coins. Upgrading rare heroes seems Almost impossible..

Everytime I open the app I get the title Grimgaurd Tactics, and then it goes black and doesn't do anything else.. sat on a black screen for more than 5 minutes.. was looking forward to playing it but have yet to get the chance.. So the game is a bit glitch and has some balance issues, but the staff helped fix a major issue to my account and did everything they could to make it right. While the game is in beta as far as quality and operating goes the QA staff have more than made up for that.. Tried three times to download this game, turn it on and it's just a black screen. Haven't tried the game!. The art is fantastic and the cinematics are incredible.. Just I stalled game for the first time 2 minutes ago. Wont launch..

With the latest update, the loading stops at 50%. Cannot play anymore.. Would be more stars if the latest update were actually available to be downloaded. Wow. Amazing. The best tactics game for phones. Battles are fun. Story and language are topnotch. Graphics are great. Sounds are engaging. Level up system is fair. Not pay to win. No ads, woo hoo!. This game is a piece of art. Amazing gameplay.. The game got problem.

Great game so far. Looks amazing and plays really well. Grinding to build up heroes is actually fun and it pays up when you unlock new Dawnseeker heroes. Looking forward to seeing more added content, like skill transfer and trinkets. A multiplayer mode or clans would be awesome too.. Great game, looks great, needs more variety.. OuterDawn have done an excellent job. The graphics are simple,clean and charming and the gameplay thus far is perfect. Not pay to play,the character drops are tremendously generous. 5 stars.. Will not start up.. The gameplay and the art are great. The things that kills the five star rating are the connection issues and the load time. Every other app has a good connection, yet this game does not. And when the load time takes longer than playing the game, I find that it's not worth it. I'll probably keep trying to play 'cuz it's a good game, however if these issues don't improve or get resolved, I'll be uninstalling.

It's a fun game and runs decently. The load times are a bit long though.. What happens if Darkest Dungeons and XCOM made a baby. Play it, just give it time.. Game looks great! Sadly, missed opportunity to have a larger social aspect to the game. Guilds and raids would have kept much better longevity. The grind is there and there isn't a greater goal to it all. The cool story kind of fizzles out and you are left with nothing more to care about why you are playing or a reason for collecting new characters.. tight with resources stright from the start.. Solid loop and a great opening. Loved the visuals, but combat got pretty repetitive. Would have continued playing further, but my Pixel 2 kept overheating so I had to give it up..

Had high expectations for this game. The artwork is absolutely beautiful but gameplay wise there just isn't much to do. The battles lack strategy; you either one shot kill your enemies or get totally destroyed yourself, so there is no real reason not to autoplay the battles. It's little more than a beautiful grindfest.. Got to very first battle and cant do anything.. Start the app. Grimguard Tactics screen. Screen with the pic of the warrior, shooter, and mage. That's it. My entire experience. Sat with the pic on the screen with nothing happening for 5 minutes. Twice.. game looks really neat and I wanted to give it a fair shake.....however I get to the screen where it wants me to "recruit" someone, and the game just...shows me a gauntlet tapping the screen over and over...but to doesn't matter how many times my little fleshy fingers tap.... Nothing happens. I deleted the game after the devs triple the amount required to summon a living legend hero. That was so shuttle. Best of luck to the devs tho!.

I was prepared to rate this a 4, but the recent update killed it for me. The tripling in cost of summoning heroes (which is a pretty big part of progression) has killed any hope for f2p.. An enjoyable strategic hero game revolving around an evil force taking over the land, and humanity's last stronghold against it. Gameplay involves using 3 heroes running various instances, which contain typically 3 maps with enemies. Heroes are divided into a rock-paper-scissors alignment to have advantages or disadvantages against opposing units. Each hero obtain has a perk (passive) and active skill. An interesting thing is that while each faction has a limited set of hero types, multiple perks and skills exist per hero type. You have a main town which you upgrade over time, improving the skills and stats of the heroes. The game is friendly for F2P, although in game purchases are available. The devs have pretty good communications, and have made an enjoyable experience. New features are also planned to be release as per notices in some game screens to indicate what will be coming. Looking forward to what they do with this game.. Amazing game, but recently I got this error preventing me from playing saying "critical error has occurred Error :GCDownloadFailed" any idea on how to fix this, I'm worried about uninstalling because I dont know if cloud saving is a thing please help. I can't beat act 2. As soon as I beat the dual gunner boss it freezes and won't finish the level. This has happened to me 5 times in a row. I'm not impressed. I have even spent money in game. Please fix the problem and I will change my 2 star review to a 5 star review. One thing could be highly improved... When you train.. Means you grind to level up.. It should be random instead of doing the same battle over and over again.. Would be less boring and tedious... Otherwise... Besides the game trying to focus on using your patience until you crack and buy stuff to be able to go on.. I find the game enjoyable... The art is neat.. The feel is gritty and perfect for the ambience of a grim world.. Characters are interesting... Good game!.

Fantastic game. Very little pay to win. Works great on Samsung S10. It's kind of like GoT: Beyond the Wall. But I like it even better!. Terrible game. The game always freezes in the intro scenes. Dont play this trash.. Game downloads and installs but all i get is a black screen and nothing happens when trying to launch the game. waste of bandwidth, don't bother with this game!. i like it soo far!. Soo what my 60 hours of gameplay is gone? What's with the critical error? I'll change this rating when I can start the game without it Edit: still doesn't work I get a critical account error (ETNILANR) whatever that means.

Basic & too easy. Amazing game... but very repetitive later on. I liked it. Game crashes and not working on my phone. Honestly its just a little boring in my opinion i just finnished the toturial and i decided to delete it..

it does not allow me to turn the landscape orientation to the left side meaning that the charger cables come out from my left hand which is why I uninstalled it meanwhile many other competitors have this very easily createable auto rotation feature which I like and that is the one and only reason why I'm uninstalling it. Without even playing it in the first place.. It will not load. Needs net too run... Not a moble game. Throws early limited offer for legendary hero cos The content is extremely limited and repetitive and u run out of stuff in a week. Also impossible to let ur hero reach the highest grade unless u throw a million dollars. Latest battle camera angle is terrible. Needless zooming in and out. Makes the user giddy. Play quality degraded..

The latest patch 1March - camera constant zooming in and out of battle is a total headache. Why the F do players need that for? Playing it now makes me feel dizzy. Might quit.. NOTHING TO DO BUT WAIT TO GRIND HIGH LEVEL PLAYERS HAVE NOTHING TO GET SO LET US BUY SOULS GEMS EVERY DAY PERMANENTLY OR THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO DO SINCE THE DUNGEONS DON'T RESET AFTER COMPLETION AND WITH OVER 300,000 AND INCREASING BUILDING MATERIALS SITTING HERE WAITING WITH NOTHING TO BUILD AFTER ALL BUILDING MAX OUT TWO MONTHS AND NO NEW UPDATES OR HEROES AT LEAST LET THE GEMS BE SOLD PERMANENTLY OR THERE'S NOT REALLY ANYTHING TO TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN THE GAME FROM MY PERSPECTIVE NOW. Good game, hopefully it's still updates in allmost 2 months now? Overall a great tbs rpg game :). buggy game, couldnt even open it. It's an okay game. Nice graphics. Short gameplay loop that most ppl should discover within 3-5 days of play. 7-9 days of F2P would be enough to complete about 90% of what it has to offer. It's rare to find such a gem these days in 2020..

Enjoyable.. Cool idea, but the gameplay seems shallow and not much features. Please improve the heros and buildup. Nice game but contents limited. Hope to see the developers work to place more contents in the game.. Great turn based gameplay but the cool down on the missions are a bit too long. Also the game crashes and had to restart my phone (Oppo R11s) every few minutes.. very good.

Interesting turn-based strategy game for a moblie game, even though you have wait a few hours for new mission to be available, I still say that this was worth my time to give it a shot. If the developers your reading this, I hope you would consider making the mission cooldown shorter, as it really is a big turn-off for us players. Anyways, I hope to see how this game progress in the future. Was all good until last update and now it just gets stuck on the WiFi symbol.. Turn based and city building. This game is amazing. Awesome game mechanics and style. I can't wait to see what they add in future updates. Definitely worth a download.. Trash game , get 6 measly battles in before having to wait around 24hrs for them to reset, totally no effort put in by the game designers looking for easy money. Trash trash trash.

Hideous, unskippable tutorial. I get the feeling the actual game isn't much chop, either.. Very nice . It's like fully sick, man. Heaps good as.. Is there only the campaign for something to do? Seems like that's all there is which is dissapointing as I was hoping for more. 1 game mode is not great. Good game though, I like the concept and I like the art..

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