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Grimvalor is an interesting mix of platformer and RPG in a dark fantasy setting. Embark on a great journey through atmospheric locations to save your kingdom from dark forces. Fight strong monsters, upgrade your hero’s abilities and look for new equipment.

 Gift Codes (2022 December) 1.2.2
All Codes Expiration date
VGAFEJYOQ64 December 2, 2022
2I7VH84J3A December 22, 2022
8QHDSFTOJ November 12, 2022
AI6TVG1LRYC November 16, 2022
31V5ORUQWS9G December 29, 2022
MDUGXWE7R03 January 3, 2023
G2N39KFTJ6Y November 8, 2022
CZD73AOLN9 December 21, 2022
TADC8UHIW December 19, 2022
D614Q7JH8GN December 12, 2022
BOK5YDE6FSZI December 13, 2022
AEB4DFHYM1O December 28, 2022

Grimvalor has an advanced combat system with a variety of moves, dodges and jumps. However, each type of monster has a unique behavior, so you will have to study the enemies and use special tactics against each of them. Peculiarities:

  • atmospheric combination of platformer and RPG;
  • dynamic battles using various techniques;
  • an advanced character development system and a variety of equipment.

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