Game Mobile - Updated on September 7, 2023

Ground Digger is a simple but fun casual game that will keep you entertained for a few hours of your free time. This is a common clicker in which you will have to focus on finding minerals deep in the bowels of the Earth. In the early stages of the game, you will have to be content with an ordinary excavator, but after a while, it will turn into a giant efficient working mechanism that can reach the center of the Earth in a few minutes. But for this, you have enough resources: gems, gold, and other valuable items.

Ground Digger

Download Ground Digger and start looking for them. Each successive layer of the Earth has its distinctive features and requires special equipment and exercise machines. So having reached the first precious crystals, use them to improve the drill. The larger and more powerful it is, the more quickly you will find yourself at the core of the planet.

Ground Digger Mod

When biting into the thickness of the earth, do not forget to occasionally rise to the surface to strengthen the drill and return to work with renewed vigor. Gradually, you will be able to upgrade your equipment and make it as powerful and efficient as possible. But don’t get swept away with just one drill. Fuel supply is important because if it runs out, your drill will simply get stuck underground. Install the full capacity fuel tank on your excavator. To do this, you can use, a mod for a lot of money and diamonds.

A plus of this game is the colorful graphics that you can enjoy while moving towards the goal.

Download ( V2.4.2 )
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