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Pixelstar games idle fantasy sport ‘ Develop ArcherMaster’ has arrived! Conquer the dungeons with quite a few bows and crafting and become the final phrase archer grasp.

Unbelievable Movement, Quite a few bows, Quite a few Arrows, Quite a few Experience, Pores and pores and skin strategies with entirely different skills, and Craft Strategies (weapon, gear). This sport doesn’t need wifi and performs offline with out the net. This sport is pixel star sport’s second retro idle RPG sport.

Grow ArcherMaster Mod APK 1.7.2 (Unlimited Money)

Did a uninstall and reinstall and it took away all the progress i made in the 30 minutes of fighting to get your game to work so this is not even worth playing if it make you link your google account when it doesnt auto save the data the cloud so again why do you need my Google account linked when your game just throws away the progress we player make and this makes me not want to play any other games you make. Game is fine, so far. I would enjoy it more if it didn't crash every few minutes.. Love it love it love it. I did buy the ad package but since then its been endless enjoyment highly recommended.. So far I liked the game however I can't watch any ad video without it crashing and not giving me credit for watching it before it crashed...pretty frustrating when some of the quests involve watching ads which I can't do...... A 10 out of 10 it's the music and if it glitched you can relax on the music. A great game, i literally don't know what else to say XD.

So happy i got this because i played those before it was fun. Best game ever never lags all arrows have diffrent efects. If I can get a description of all stats and what they do I'll change this to 5 stars. Fun game with a lot of fast growth early on. After a while you have to change what you do to improve. Focus on dungeons, collecting page drops and upgrading passive skills.. Like the game a lot, but could use some adjustments to keep it enjoyable later in the game. Grinding dungeons take way too long, even with 1.5x speed. Could you add something like 3/4x speed? Drop rate of higher grade equipment is abysmally low, combined with the long grindtime equals no fun. I also have the feeling defense is a bit too hard to get for too little effect. It becomes impossible to autopilot a beastdungeon after a while.. Game keeps crashing upon start up. Would love to play it again, but seems to be unplayable in its current state Game still crashes upon start up even after doing this. And yes, it is on android 12.

Its working again after new phone update. I love this game. The game worked for all of an hour and crashed and hasn't worked since, constantly crashes on loading. Seems to be the focal point of all pixelstar games.. I have allmost all of your games and I love them all like I previously said in one of my reviews maybe try concle games you are amazing at coding and that's why I think you should try concle games for a cosle game from you and if your doing it on PS4 my account best be a beta tester for this idea wrathomatic is my PS4 name and if you Don't have a PS4 buy one please. Very good game plus no ads :). It is a fun game but it crashes alot and lacks the traditional offline play. Otherwise it is a great game.

Seems good no forced ads I like the variations on basicly the same game this company makes would like a closed game progress. Pretty fun for what it is, i just hope the ads don't crash like on that other idle archery game.... Best Wishes Grow Idle Archer Master. Enjoying it for now. No forced ads, just reward ads.. I cant log in so i cant claim the prize.

THIS GAME IS SO OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLAY IT'S TO AWSOME MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is so easy and fuuny game. i got bored i played it 5 to 6 hours and it was too simple. There is no offline progression in this game. You have to leave device on and game loaded just to level up.. Super fun and cool but the bosses are too hard.

Simple game. Simple visuals. Very fun.. Progression was fine and fluid up until around lvl 25 or so where it came basically to a halt and required too much babysitting, and no offline progress. Lost interest after 2 days.. Nice UwU edit: I have to restart everytime I exit the app and get back on =( the save data doesn't work for me. It's Great! Almost everythingm only thing I could ask for i an in-game detail about what items are ( no1) example many sword 1 or ,2 something with bit of detail if I look for items. Also so wouldn't hurt to add ( upgrade 10 x button for raiding. ( Add more content plz ). The game is ok but there are some things that need fixing. Like how the game get slow real fast, I mean I have been idle for about a week and still dont have enough gold to get new equipment in order to beat this stage. Second the time rewards just reset randomly and I dont get the point of the auto fire button if there is no way to fire manually. But other than that the game is fine.

Very fun game, Great time killer. Its fun. Has a lot for you to do.. Really cool game. Wish it would collect money while offline.. Probably the best idol game I've ever played there is no ads that are thrown into your face you only get a choice to use an ad it's just like probably my favorite game cuz like there is some in-app purchases which I do allow cuz it's not just pay to win it is a nice idle game and I've been playing it only for 2 days and it's so fun already. Game does not fit on my screen..

Easy and fun. Def a good time passer! Like the fact it does auto hit so its not a tapping game and the upgrades on armor and your char is nicely done as well. Thanks for the game :). 1 hour in AWESOME GAME! far, but optional ads started out as a lot of nice 10 second short ads. then switched to 30 sec ads after certain amount of progress happened I think around level 7. Rewards are worth it though. I have a feeling it's gonna start to get annoying soon. however I am willing to change my review if needed.. Good game. Many things to do and collect. Fun game sofar. I personally misd only 1 feature that is offline income. Like get 25% to 75% gold income per offline hour or so to a limit of 4 to 8 hours would be really great! Since you only get anything while game is running that would be a pretty big thing for people who cant have the game running all the time. Small income while offline is totally fine. I prefer a small income over big income while offline other wise its more efficient to not play the game. 4 stars for now . Been playing for 15 minutes and haven't gotten an advert or asked to buy anything. Big 5 stars!.

The game menus were all translated correctly until today. Some are mixed with German grammar. The game is really fun tho so far! Progression is kind of slow. Edit: the language was just changed in the options . Started playing thinking that this would be your bog standard idle game but was pleasantly surprised by the charm of this game. Is like so fun and i do a lot of damage more like thas a lot of damege. Amazingly addictive start and easy to play. Love the concept and game play, however unless I missed the memo somewhere, this is not an idle game as advertised. You have to keep the app open in order for it to keep playing. Unlike your traditional idle games that keeps going even if app is closed. Maybe an oversight or unless I missed a setting or button. Pending re review if I hear from development team..

good game but the idle part isnt there you have to stay in a lot for good rewards. Its a fantastic game to soend time. But there is a glitch that stacks monsters on top of each other. The only way to fix it is to restart.. Excellent so far! Lots of options for things to upgrade, no forced ads, and even entertaining to watch! My only personal negative is that I *can't* seem to get ads to load, the first time I've experienced this issue in any game. I tap the button and nothing happens. Oh well, seems like things move along smoothly without them!. Dev has an unhealthy obsession of making the game unoptimized in as many ways as possible. Fun pixel art style game. I'd recommend any of the games in this style..

Still early to tell. A casino would be cool. Very easy to play, clear ease of controls, great tabs and menu setup. All around fantastic game.. Game EXTREMELY bugged. After few hours of gameplay there is no way to progress. I played this game four days but my progress stopped after 4 hours and I did not progress anymore at all. Unless of course you spend hundreds of dollars. If Devs will comment that you can progress without real money - they will just lie and it will be pathetic.. The new update brings golem dungeons. The rate at which we obtain the resource to unlock secret books seems completely not in place. Not only the resource is very limited, but also you need 50 books to unlock level 1. Without gems that is a month of grind. Uh. I like the update and the books, but they should be cheaper. MUCH cheaper.. Great game play and rewards! Ads are optional for great rewards so it makes it worth it to watch them. I was worried at first and thought the game was lame until I hit level 10 and started unlocking everything..

I don't know if I can here my dog barring any more or here anything at all this game herts my eres and I don't even have hadephons on ow. Good game! Just wondering if you could add the chance (as a percentage) of getting a particular item/charm in the dungeon as well as if the item is dropped only by the boss? Also, can you add gem rewards for the sealed land / golem dungeon? 1 star removed for the insane difficulty of the golem dungeon. 600,000 health plus reducing my damage to around 10 is to much, espically on level 5 of 10. These guys make great content and when you achieve something it feels awesome!. i can finally play the game...good job. Game looks like it might be fun, but somehow this game takes up more RAM than both mobile legends and cod mobile so it makes it unplayable..

I'll give this 5 stars once the developer explains what "weight" affects.. I give up everything is too expensive There is no offline reward cmiiw The problem in this game is not diamond or ruby or late game currencies ITS GOLD how am i supposed to earn that much gold. Game's alright. Bit too much RNG for aquiring stuff, just like most of this dev's games.. addicting and very fun. ant wait to see more. Great the video is no cap.

Good game so far asked lil early. Good idle game lots to do. Fairly entertaining, good reason to keep your phone on all night and come back each day and there is SO much to collect; give it a try, you'll love it! My only gripe is I wish I knew when the "double" and "triple" casting happened... But that's it . Really fun time passer played many and this bone stands out!. Not a bad game, poorly optimised screen boundaries for ultra wide phone screens though as things go out of bounds at the bottom.

Very nice game to spend time with, enough simplicity, yet some complexity to keep you entartained and happy for new things you get. -1* for actual absence of game offline progression, you will have to keep phone awake to progress/get loot; -1* for very long times in changing of visuals - zones/enemies change, end of battle and some other things. This needs some kind of speedup. With mentioned downsides "fixed" - it would be 5* for me . Download is low So I pick this a one star. Excellent game and very relaxing not so greedy with ads. since we can only level up by killing the boss,it's very convenience if we had features on the same map without advancing to the next map,it's annoying every few minutes i need to go back to lowest level and few minutes it reached the highest map,not to mention we need to click boss challenge,auto boss challenge would be great..

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