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Grow Mage is a land lined with historical magic. Where people overuse them leads to backlash. From this moment on, mutant monsters were born out of ambition. Tried to cross the inexperienced land. Write the story of turning into a monster slayer with your companions. Open up a whole new chapter so you can monologue yourself.

Constantly evolving to be a mage is probably the most effective magic. Personal gadgets along with weapons have great energy. Resonance with the properties of different devices. It will let you become the ultimate word wizard on the game. Benefit from the amazing journey story of a new mage. Until turning into a tyrannical witch.

Grow Mage

Idle AFK Game Style

Try it now with a free expert ticket. Players will benefit from the idle battle no sooner. However, earn yourself an expensive income. Usually gold coins, experience, weapons, etc. However, the game does not make players feel too boring with the way it plays. The fixed change and attractive occasions will create inspiration for gamers.

Vertical screen expertise

Different from the Wait in Event style you play in a landscape screen model. In this game, customers will appreciate the vertical pattern. Helps you maximize the realm of the match and reduce perception. Therefore, you should have more space for hand manipulation. Also, avoid picking the wrong locations in areas that might be too small. This feature is super handy, isn’t it?

Increase strength

A strong and ideal mage if the ability attributes are equal. You will be able to inform it by specifications etc. For example, while you upgrade, equip, p and affect goods higher than single goods, etc. The system will immediately notify Tell the person that you have been enhanced. a great number of. Your path to success will likely be shorter while you work hard to level up over and over again.

Download ( V1.1.1 )
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