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Collect all the epic heroes and unleash their power as you fight to victory! All Heroes have their own unique and memorable stories! More than 150 heroes are beautifully animated and part of a beautiful world. Collect the excellent Elf archers, Human mages, Dragons, and much more! Huge variety of classes and races!

Freeze enemies, wrap them in vines, or light them on fire! Eye-catching super four vs. four combat with heroes in legendary turn-based battles! Fight through weekly leagues! Complete daily, weekly, and seasonal missions! Play against people and friends around the world and challenge for the top stop

Guardians of Gemstones Mod APK 3.0.0 (Free Shopping)

devs abandon the game..the game stop working on my phone just white screen after the logo... The game is great and it needs more content. Also, the game is grindy and a bit P2W.. i cant login with fb acc. This game is so expensive, with so low rate to get legendary hero. Most of new game out there, at least give 1 legendary hero for newbie. But the developer of this game, maybe want to milk newbie even from the beginning of the game. Totally not worth of our time. And this game break my own record, the fastest new installed game, that being uninstalled after only 5 minutes of playing. Greedy dev will always ruin a game. theres no starter reward . flat start. great game.. its not p2w and has great story.

Gud game. This is my favorite game I have been trying to be fine this game for so long. Cool and Fun. awesome storyline!. Ok.

Art: Amazing Gameplay: Fantastic Progression: Great Overall: Epic. cant log in cuz of shop etc. have to reinstall again to play. good game. nice. Its a good game and has a lot of potential. May I suggest to have a server time showed in the game so that we may know the daily reset..

Hi again. I've contacted the support group using the link you guys mentioned months ago and the thing is no one aided me with regards to my problem with my account. I haven't tried again due to being busy with online classes. If it is possible, is there any other email address I could just personally email with regards to my concern with my in-game account? You're reply would be greatly appreciated.. Game's fun, lacks content tho. Arena tickets doesnt replenish. Give more details on status ailments and their respective damage.. nice. Keyboard not showing when trying to enter name. I received a NullReferenceException in daily dungeon on stages that applies buffs to opponent mobs. Please fix this, I cannot proceed with the dungeons with this error..

good f2p game more rewards please. noice. Good pixels.. But hard game, hard leveling. Good game but not beginner friendly i tried summoning a lot but i only have trash units, i gave up. I suggest you give players selective summoning so they are interested in playing further.. Legendary grades are too weak and need a lot of resources to grow, top rank arena prefer to use combination of epic & rare coz they need less resources to develop and can grow stronger easier, devs should improve legendary grades heroes to give them more benefits & make them stronger easier.

Chance to get good heroes way too low.... The game is great it has a unique gameplay that includes 100% strategy and you make your own META using low tier heroes mix with the legendaries. Just a suggestion you can make a discord server so players can share there thoughts and also help new players what to start farming and building in the future contents. Also can you confirm if the drop rate is real with legendary items I used 4k gems for keys to get legendary item but did not get anything I play your game since start currently rank10. Good job for server.. The issue of not being able to write my name has been solved thank you great game. Nice i got noting legend when i summon 70..

Having a fun time with this game, enjoying the graphics and the PvP. Had previously issues but customer service dealt with it very quickly.. I enjoyed the game. This game I think is pay to win because the gacha rate in getting a legendary hero is only WOOPING 1%! Wow that's one of the sign that this game is pay to win so if I were you avoid playing this game because I rerolled a lot or a ton of times and still didn't get a legendary hero because the gacha rate of getting one is 1% don't rerolled in this game because it is a waste of time.. After the update it got even worst than before.. Amazing fun simple game.

Facebook account link is unable to login you can tap on the option as many times as possible and nothing happened thanks game.. I Love This Game, But After Today Update, There Is A Bug. My Hero Level Can Not Get Reset, Error Invalid 500, Then The Game Crash And Restart, Please Fix This, Thank You. one of a stupid developer.. always nerf this nerf that without a proper planning for a future plan. if u're not serious to develop the game then dont even bother making a game.. When you flip 433 upside down you'd get EEh which is exactly how I feel about the rates in this game.. The rates are extremely fake 10 pull for the 100% epic character lol theres no other way to get them. legendary just dream about it lol even if you had one it'll be trapped as level 10 non awaken forever.

Amazing!. Tried to save my data using fb, but when i tried to load my acc, it wont allow my fb, now i have to start all over again. Great game really love it. I can say that this is NOT P2W game. Even the players with lower power than mine can defeat me. Its not about how strong your troops are, its about strategy on how you execute your skills wisely. Cant wait for more updates!!!!! And also its good that there is only one server unlike other games where everyday, they open new servers lol. Boring 40ticket premium no Legend how come. This gatcha game so hard to get don't have any 1 of them. LOVE THE GAME!.

Can't enter a name so not much to rate the game on. Unable to even get into the game. When it asks for me to input a username, the keyboard won't pop up. A proper review will be made when this issue is fixed.. Overall very nice, although the appearance doesn't change which makes the game kind of boring, it make things more interesting and cool. 4 stars .. Actually i love the concept and the gameplay, but there are some lack of feature. It's really hard to get the green upgrade resource so we aren't freely to build other heroes and stuck with them for a while. The gacha also lack of pity summon system, if those get update i'm sure the game will give so much better experiences. Update: Thanks for the lastest update, it help us to build around and more grinding from the increased keys cap!. Pls add the explanation about poison,corrupt,burn,etc....for how much damage from hp that status effect cause.

good. The game is good if has good 2d graphics and good storyline. It keeps disconnecting.. great games and fun. Good.

Well i love the idle game play... The consept and the game mechanics... But its really hard to get legendary heroes to upgrade if you're a F2p player.. over all ill still play. Hope there is a reset hero feature, so we can get resources back from old heroes.. so far so good. Good, need codex feature. Clsa.

Fair.. seems to be a long term gacha game. The game is very simple, though the wall really hits early. The max stamina is also kind of low, you can't do much since you need to wait for it, hopefully they rework that.. It's fun.. But I can't get legendaryyy!?!? I wish I can get legendary... BTW I have an epic... People should play this... Keep up FourTirthyThree Inc..... simple but fun. great 2D-pixel game so far. quite fun story. just keep up the hard work..

Very low chance to get legendary unit, do 50 summons and didnt get any legendary. great overall gameplay, but the upgrades is too costly on gold. i got banned and i dont know the reason. Why?? But i still like the game tho i dont know why i got banned :((. This game good but just need add(reset hero) :). fun af guys.

Please fix the game, it always crashes on vivo phones. Every time I fight, it suddenly crashes.. Nice Game :). good game. Great game. I love how you can actually play the game by not spending any dime I love all the characters. I have now collected 100 heroes and I'm happy to collect even more 😀 Thank you devs for this wonderful game because it cured my loneliness in darkest of times..

nice game but it will be more nice if they have collaborations like overlord reincarnated as slime onepunchman yuyu and some other anime it will be niceeee. Sudah update, masih error code e0191019, kenapa ya? Padahal saya tidak buka aplikasi cheat. HH max pro m2. The game was fun for sure. but it lacks some feature that i love from every gacha games. "the change of appearance when evolve/awakening". i was playing ur monster league more than a years and it has that feature. why didnt u add that to this one :(. great game, simple but fun. i enjoy this game a lot. Hope to see more updates in the furure..

best game. and nice graphics. The game is P2W with very low percentage for epic - legendary unit gacha, and the premium summon with ads (which called "free") in this game is ridicolous when the ads not comin up, ended with game loading for eternity kind of useless, well the game play is still good. maganda sya. small reward, low gacha rate. Nevermind this game is LIFE CONSUMING Plus its frustrating to see legendary in 1% chance Definetly will will lose my life bcus of grinding for cool legendaries that has only 1 CHANCE OF HAVING UGLY ONES, IN ONE IN 100 REPEAT DUMMY ACCOUNTS (Its not literal but TRUE).

A good and can also be played by low rarity phones it has a good story and also characters and adventures.. i like it verymuch the characters design and the gameplay..hope it will be available soon love it. dang stupid rates. 25 reroll not a single legendary and surely even if you get one you'll get stuck at evolution since you need duplicate characters. That dang energy system as well only 12 battles every 6 hrs when you play pffft. Is there gonna be a guild system and boss raids? Everything is awesome, though.. this game is great put some crossover or collaborations on animes, manga this could have potential... and make it easier for god sake hard to have legendary awk.

Ye goood. great game and the story is nice, the drop rate is also decent.. nice. cant seem to download update file.. This game is bad, first the pocket book 3 is ridiculous the enemy has a shield for ten rounds and max lvl of heroes is 10 to beat it and it's way impossible, assist heroes are worthless also pvp is already unfair for beginners plus not like other rpg idle games your game doesn't have a disassemble for heroes, I want to refund some resources to upgrade my main lineup and also why use keys to go campaign that's the dumbest thing you have added to the game..

For the record this is a really good game. But the only thing that makes me unlike this game is there is no option of resets hero level. I really hope that you'll add that option to this game.. POWER. Good. wowo. I hope have a coupon code and high rate of very rare hero.

THIS GAME IS COOL,MAGANDA YUNG LARO IM PINOY GAMER HERE ... IGN: ATOMUS , ADD NIYO KO GUYS. nice. I like it. Stuck at loading shop screen. Looks like the bug about the download has been fixed. Game is working now. Will improve rating based on further play..

The problem is, legend hero is hard to awaken without paying.i reroll and finally got a account with 2 legends(f2p).now i check pvp.since RARE hero shard is easy to can easily my LEGEND heroattack 450+ versus RARE hero awaken 1200+ why choose for a legend hero if its hard to awaken.when a rare hero is much easy and stronger? anyway good game.. Great gameplay and fun to play! Highly recommended for players who loves simple turn based rpgs. everything i upgrade something prompt , it says network checking. its annoying. too lag.. If you have lot of money you can play this game, the odds of getting legendary heroes are hard to find. I bought the small package but after purchasing it I got all the regret and the disappointment. This game is not for me.. best game need coupon.

love it! keep up the good work! more events!!!. Very nice game, and good for players who love some retro gaming style.. This is a great game. This is a really good game! There are few adjustments needed here and there, but overall it runs pretty smoothly. The controls and interface are well-designed, although they do take some time to get used to. The items and resources part is pretty straightforward and relatively easy to use. So, I highly recommended downloading and playing this game to everyone..

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