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The game has been out for a long time, but there is practically no useful information on it. I will try to explain in an accessible way the important game points, which, first of all, will help you save time and nerves in the passage of 1-3 chapters (I haven’t progressed further yet). So, let’s begin.

A little about the game

  • Windbound is not a classic “survivor”, at least because you will have to die (and, accordingly, start over) more than once, and sometimes even on purpose.

  • The islands in the game are procedurally generated, which means that repeated playthroughs will not be too boring.

  • It is very important to carefully explore absolutely all the islands on the map, especially the smallest ones, because it is on them that you can find the most “delicious” (treasure maps, sea shards, rare resources and PUMPKINS!)

More about death

Perhaps, first of all, it is worth noting that death in the game will roll you back to the first chapter. In this case, only things in the cells “Key items” and “Items on yourself” will be saved.

Your ship and bag (with all items in it) will be lost.

I advise you to put an ax, a hammer and a shovel in the “Items on yourself” cells first of all. Since, for example, a tree can be mined already from the very beginning of the game, the whole difficulty lies in the fact that you will receive the main material for the ax (dark lizard jaw) only in the third chapter.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

P.S. This lizard is not so easy to kill, which further raises the value of its jaw P.P.S. At the time of writing, the death was very unexpected (GOLDEN boar killing with ONE hit …). Before going to see him, I foolishly removed the ax from “myself” into the “bag” and now speedrun up to chapter 3 (for the ax) so that I can start again later.

So it turns out that the tree is one of the reasons why I start the game over. After all, this is the best material for building a ship, and there are quite a lot of it in the first two chapters.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

More about chapters

There are 5 in total in the game. To move between chapters, you need to activate 3 altars (the name is conditional)

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

And go to the portal, usually it is located at the top of the map.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Starting from the second chapter, bosses will appear in front of the portal.

There won’t be any problem with the first one.

there will be a screenshot

But with the second you have to sweat. Problematic area attacks, shield and summoning make him far from an easy opponent. Therefore, without a large amount of food, you should not meddle with him.

there will be a screenshot

More on Restoring Health

There is alchemy in the game, and hence potions of health, speed, etc. BUT crafting a cauldron will be possible only after passing chapter 3 (raw metal is almost never found before)

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Therefore, a lot of food will be required, since this is the only alternative way to restore health. There will be no problems with this, because the mobs spawn quite often.

I will only note the need to “catch” fish. In addition to food, it is a source of oil used in making sling bombs.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

More about treasure maps

You can find it by breaking jugs (there is a certain chance of falling out) on small islands and in ruined settlements on large islands.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Maps mark a place on the map with buried equipment. From the one that can be crafted, it differs in the granted effects, plus it does not take up space in the inventory and cannot be broken. Naturally, you can only activate a certain amount of such equipment, but more on that later.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

However, in order to dig up the treasure, you will have to work a little and create a bone shovel, the main component of which is the crest of a powerfulhorn.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

This is your first “serious” opponent, which will appear already in Chapter 1. In fact – nothing complicated, but the initial passage is quite time-consuming.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

To defeat one, you need at least two spears from a stick, or one bone *

More about shards

The only currency in the game required to purchase blessings

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

P.S. Purchase is available after completing each chapter.

Each blessing and equipment, when activated, takes up a certain number of slots.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

P.S. Diamonds under the word “bless” the number of available, or in my case occupied, slots.

From the very beginning of the game, only one slot is available. You can expand by buying the “first, second and third blessing of god” (at the moment I bought all 3 and do not know if more will be available). Each of them is available for purchase after passing a new chapter (in case of death they are not reset). The cost is 500, 1000 and 1500 shards. The goods in the store are different every time, you can also find interesting equipment.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

was purchased for 1000 shards

More about pumpkins

Pumpkins are my main incentive to explore all the islands very carefully, because they appear in the most unpredictable places, and the equipment they give is the most “delicious”. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pumpkin screen (I’ll definitely add it if possible)

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Its benefits are significant, but it still didn’t help in the battle with the golden boar …

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Spheres in a certain area are induced themselves. The staff itself is not a staff at all, but a spear. No matter how strange it may sound)

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

More about the ship

Here I will only note the opportunity to put an afterburner and a turret on your ship (the names are completely arbitrary))

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

As you can see, the main ingredients are Leviathan’s Heart Stone and Eye of the Storm Stone. One of them will appear on a random island starting from chapter 3.

Guide and tips for passing Windbound

An example of the work of the “turret”)

That’s all I think. Everything related to the mechanics of battles will be told next time. Thanks for attention)

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