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Guild of Heroes is a role-playing game in a fantasy world where you have to face the forces of Darkness and defeat hordes of various enemies. You will find many locations filled with scary monsters, dragons and dark sorcerers. Arm yourself with a sharp sword, well-aimed bow, or effective spells to deal with powerful bosses and their minions.

Guild of Heroes
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In the game, you can choose one of three classes: a strong Warrior who specializes in close combat, an Archer who kills enemies with deadly arrows, and a Mage who owns a variety of witchcraft. Each of the classes has its own abilities and skills that need to be developed. And most importantly: at any time you can change the class, which makes the gameplay much more diverse.
You will have thousands of different items of equipment, each with its own characteristics and unique appearance. If at the beginning of the game you come across simple weapons, armor and decorations with low damage, defense and resistances, then at high levels you can find legendary items that can seriously strengthen your hero.
This game offers different possibilities for improving equipment. You can increase the characteristics of items at the Blacksmith or insert runes into special slots on the item (if any) to give it special properties. Also here you can brew potions that are very helpful in battle, and improve the skills found with the help of mana. And in this game you can buy and develop your own pet.
The Guild of Heroes is an opportunity to join guilds and fight epic bosses together with other players, receiving great rewards for this. You can also hire other heroes to pass through difficult locations together, communicate with players in the in-game chat, or participate in PvP battles in the Arena.
The game developers are constantly releasing updates, delighting players with new quests, locations, bosses and unique items. Also, new skills are periodically added to the game that make fights with enemies even more spectacular. And, of course, there are a huge number of achievements and daily tasks for which you will receive additional rewards.

  • Multiplayer RPG in a fantasy world.
  • Three classes of heroes that can be changed at any time in the game.
  • Lots of different items and an advanced crafting system.
  • Co-op boss battles and PvP battles in the Arena.
  • Achievements, daily tasks and more.

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