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The original Guns, Gore & Cannoli attracted primarily by its setting – you can’t find other bloody platformers about gangsters and America from the era of Prohibition. But personally, I was dissatisfied with the management in it, or rather, the inability of the protagonist Winnie Cannoli to raise or lower the sight. He fired exclusively in a straight line, which turned into a circus of fights with enemies standing on high platforms. And the levels, due to such a limitation, seemed too intimate, and therefore were similar to each other, despite the attempts of the authors to add variety to the game.Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 game review

In the first part, you would have to wait until the enemies come down, or go upstairs yourself.

old friend

In Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2, this defect was fixed – now the hero can shoot in all directions. Locations have grown in size, more multi-story buildings have appeared, and at the same time the camera has moved away from the character – thanks to this innovation, battles with opponents have become much more dynamic and spectacular. And Vinnie himself, despite his age (more than 15 years have passed since the finale of the first part), learned some new tricks: here you have a double jump, and somersault, and even a roll in the air. He still leaves no one alive, carries around a dozen weapons, and restores health with the help of cannoli – crispy wafer rolls with cheese filling.

It is a pity that the character did not receive any development in the plot. The action of the sequel takes place during the Second World War: Europe is actively involved in hostilities, Tagtown from the first part remains a ghost town, and a certain Dark Don opens the hunt for the protagonist. Vinnie is just as flat and boring as before – repeats the same phrases, lacks a sense of humor, and the only “joke” in his arsenal can be considered the stereotypical habit of holding out his hand during a conversation and pressing his thumb to the others.

And he didn’t stop shooting at everyone in a row – as he progresses, the hero will fall into a variety of locations and meet with crowds of villains. First, mafiosi, then cops, then zombies, Nazis, creepy-looking mutants, rats of different sizes… In one of the episodes, Winnie finds himself with American soldiers on the coast of Normandy, but the authors seemed to be afraid to joke about the war, and therefore did not develop this topic in any way. It is strange to see a bright platformer with gore, resurrected dead and a man with a rocket launcher, in which the degree of absurdity will never reach the desired heights.

Well, at least the gameplay itself does not disappoint, even if it does not offer any new ideas. Since the locations have become much larger, the opponents are now literally climbing out of all the cracks: looking out of the windows, hiding behind shelters, running out from different floors. Until you engage in battle with them, they read newspapers, sit at tables, juggle grenades – trifles, of course, but it’s hard not to praise the developers for such attention to detail. There are many types of enemies – the mafia has amballs running at full speed, knocking Vinnie down, among the undead there are zombies throwing mines. Sometimes two types of opponents are locked in the same room, who begin to fight with each other, which adds dynamics and allows you to save ammo, although there are plenty of them.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 game review

If the barrel can be blown up, it must be blown up.

Run and shoot

Since now you can shoot anywhere and throwing grenades is no longer necessary, Vinnie does not carry them with him in the sequel. If the opponents are on the upper or lower platform, they are easy to target. At first, the hero has only a chainsaw and a bat, but very soon he gets double pistols, an assault rifle, a machine gun, a shotgun, and then a rocket launcher with a grenade launcher. All firefights in open spaces bring great pleasure – the character is mobile and jumps from side to side, dodging bullets and kicking clingy zombies or Nazis. Sometimes the process gets a little boring, but when exploding barrels and cars appear on the screen again, and parts of enemy bodies scatter in different directions after the next shot from an RPG-7, I want to play further.

However, at the most unexpected moment, you realize that you are already fighting the final “boss”, then you watch the credits, go out, check the counter on Steam, and there … only three hours have been played. One of the main shortcomings of the first part, namely the duration, was not corrected in the second. The game will probably take longer if you set the difficulty to the highest level and get killed over and over again by unbalanced rocket-wielding mutants, but with a normal playthrough on Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2, it will take half an evening. Perhaps this is for the best – the desire to replay it from the beginning does not arise, and it is possible that an extra hour would not do her good. At the same time, it’s a shame to see how a sequel that corrects several problems of the original flies by in a matter of hours.

But in the second part there is another important innovation – an online co-op. The last game could be played with friends on only one monitor, but here the whole story can be completed with three friends on the Web. True, users have found that people living in different regions cannot play with each other, but they promise to fix this with a patch.

In co-op, the fun becomes even more fun, spectacular and exciting – after all, there is no need to solve puzzles, go through some boring levels and watch long videos. Only shooting, shooting and shooting, and the constant change of types of opponents, many of which have special skills, keeps you on the screen until the end.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 game review

A kick is often as effective as bullets.


Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 was not the biggest but notable step forward for the Belgian duo Clayesbrothers. The ability to shoot in any direction makes the gameplay more arcade-like, but at the same time, the player feels freer and aims at enemies, rather than trying to jump so that his bullets reach the desired point. Yes, and the presence of an online co-op is a huge plus. But the dreary protagonist, short duration and a couple of other flaws remained in place. It is possible that when creating the inevitable third part, the developers will be able to set a new bar for themselves, but so far it has not been possible to put their creation on the highest mark.

Pros: great visual style and great attention to detail, including in enemy animations; the ability to aim in any direction, unlike the first part; online co-op support; enough variety of enemies and for the most part fun gameplay.

Cons: humor in the plot is completely absent, and Vinnie is still the same boring character; The game is played in three hours.

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