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Guns of Glory is a multiplayer strategy game set in a medieval setting. A threat looms over the kingdom – the evil Cardinal wants to seize power and plunge the state into darkness. Your task is to wrest the crown from the hands of the enemy and lead your country to glory by winning battles. Show all your tactical skills to create a powerful army capable of crushing everything in its path.

Guns of Glory
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In Guns of Glory you will have your own castle where you can train your troops, heal the wounded in battle and learn advanced technologies. Here you can not only train new warriors, but also build facilities for the extraction and storage of various resources, as well as trade. Don’t forget to protect your home – build strong walls and upgrade them as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
Infantry with muskets and lances, cavalry, archers – in Guns of Glory you will have many types of troops that you can upgrade to create a powerful army. You can also build traps and various artillery structures (guns, mortars, etc.). Each type of troops has its own advantages and disadvantages, your task is to correctly manage your forces.
Take advantage of the most advanced invention in Guns of Glory – the airship. He will help in many situations – both during an attack on enemy castles, and in the defense of his castle, and during battles with beasts, and even when collecting resources. The airship can be improved using the appropriate parts, over time it will become an almost invulnerable and very formidable weapon.
In Guns of Glory, you can develop your lord by upgrading skills that provide bonuses to attack, defense or economy. In addition, you can equip it with various items that also give solid bonuses. And here you will also have assistants – Guardians and Creature. Their skills and equipment can also be improved.
Guns of Glory is a joint battle and mutual assistance. By joining an alliance, you will be able to receive help from allies in the form of resources, accelerating the construction of buildings or various items. But most importantly, your allies will help you defend your estate or attack someone else’s castle. Enlisting the support of your alliance members, you will be able to conduct a serious military operation and defeat an enemy that you cannot cope with alone.

  • A multiplayer real-time strategy game set in a medieval setting.
  • Manor with a castle and various buildings.
  • Different types of troops and an airship.
  • Lots of tasks, challenges and seasonal promotions.
  • Alliances, joint operations, trading with other players and much more.

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