Guns of Glory: Lost Island MOD APK (No Ads, Unlocked) 11.19.0

Updated on June 9, 2024

Name Guns of Glory: Lost Island
Publisher FunPlus International AG
Category Game New
Version 11.19.0
Price FREE
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Guns of Glory: Lost Island APK
Guns of Glory: Lost Island MOD
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Guns of Glory: A Medieval Strategy Game

Guns of Glory is a multiplayer strategy game set in a medieval setting where a looming threat in the form of the evil Cardinal aims to seize power and plunge the kingdom into darkness. Your mission is to take the crown from the enemy’s grasp and lead your country to glory by winning battles. Show your tactical prowess by building a mighty army capable of conquering all obstacles.

Building and Managing Your Castle

In Guns of Glory, you will have your own castle where you can train troops, heal wounded soldiers, and advance your technological know-how. Apart from training warriors, you can also construct buildings for resource extraction, storage, and trading. It is vital to fortify your castle with strong walls and continuously enhance their defenses to protect your domain.

Diverse Troops and Strategic Warfare

The game offers a variety of troops such as infantry with muskets and pikes, cavalry, riflemen, along with traps and artillery structures like cannons and mortars. Managing and improving these troops is crucial as each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Your skill in tactical deployment will determine the outcome of battles.

Utilizing the Airship for Victory

Dive into the advanced invention of the airship in Guns of Glory. From attacking enemy castles to defending your own, battling beasts, or collecting resources, the airship plays a vital role. Enhance the airship with parts to bolster its strength, making it an almost invincible weapon on the battlefield.

Developing Your Lord and Allies

Progress through the game by enhancing your lord’s skills, providing bonuses for attack, defense, and economy. Equip your lord with various items for additional advantages, and utilize your assistants – Guardians and Creature, whose skills and equipment can also be upgraded.

Alliances and Teamwork

Guns of Glory emphasizes joint battles and mutual assistance. Joining an alliance enables you to receive aid from allies in the form of resources, hastening construction, or acquiring various items. Your allies prove invaluable in defending your estate or launching attacks on enemy strongholds. Collaborating with alliance members allows you to execute substantial military operations and conquer formidable adversaries.

Conclusion: A Multifaceted Strategy Game

Embark on a real-time multiplayer strategy adventure in a medieval realm featuring an estate with a castle and diverse buildings. Command different troop types and utilize the powerful airship to secure triumph in battles. Engage in various tasks, challenges, and seasonal events while forming alliances, coordinating joint operations, and trading with fellow players. Guns of Glory offers a rich gaming experience packed with strategic depth and cooperative gameplay.

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