Goddess of Genesis Codes (Hack Money/Free Shopping) 1.17.0

Game Mobile - 29/10/2021

I share some very special Goddess of Genesis hack experience, after doing it, you will get a complete auto mod version.

I intend to play hack Goddess of Genesis without loading, just plowing … (I’ve been playing on TW for almost 7 weeks. So you guys just keep an eye on the timeline, it’s very fast to be like that)

The first thing to buy right now is the “Apocalypse Blessing”. This is the item needed to upgrade the equipment to lvl 70, you can only buy 1 tablet a week. If you do not accumulate from now on, progress will be much slower. Because all the ingredients are in excess except that one. 1 item when raised to 70, gives a lot of stats to that champion.

Goddess of Genesis mod

The Creator’s Hammer : If you have excess dust, try to buy it and use it, it needs a lot.

About equipment

It depends on each person, whether they want to use good stuff or not, for me, when I first started playing, I only let carry carry SSR weapons, and tanks hold SSR armor. the rest use SR because raising SR costs less resources, gold

Farm equips SSR in starlight map : as far as I can see, no matter what map you hang it on, the drop rate of SSR equipment only appears in the bonus turn, and the hanging bth is not visible, since then, I have not seen 1 item , if anyone has that dignity :v .

hack Goddess of Genesis

About the library

You should put a main branch for your carry to the 4th skill, and prioritize maxing that skill first (hanging farm of all kinds). If you play assassin, remember to upgrade your stealth skill to max. Then max the skills that increase the atk, the remaining ones that qualify are also dc. Note that raising the library costs a lot of gold, it costs a lot of gold.

The way to earn is to see when there is a map to fight the gold farm team, to save physical strength, to hang up the farm. Buy in the equipment shop, star dust, give gifts when intimate 20 (about next week is a good gift).

Goddess of Genesis

Download hack Goddess of Genesis with Gems

In my personal opinion the following experiences:

Initially, only 3 * gems should be used, fully upgraded to 20. Choose the ones with appropriate options such as:

Carry should prioritize crit, ATK, armor penetration. And SPD is a hard-to-find pill, it won’t help you get stronger quickly. So if anyone wants to dance in pvp, they can use it, if not, they don’t need it. It makes me lag behind in PvE, if you’re strong then it’s okay to go later, nothing to worry about….

Tanks prioritize endurance and counters, and counters are quite important for valkyrie.

tải game Goddess of Genesis

About how to earn gems

You should only hang it in the starlight map, because later it is very redundant, buying money is a waste of money … Play for a long time, this one will be full next week.

Select the arcs accordingly. For champions with a high SPD like Lilith or a sucker like Merlin, you should use 12 * centaurs to optimize damage. The extra gems have many choices such as Lion, Capricorn, Gemini (with champions that use a lot of mana), Cancer.

Goddess of Genesis auto cheat

Lucifer mod Goddess of Genesis

If anyone uses it with Lilith, when building 3 * pearls, the above build will still work. But when you have enough potential to upgrade build 4 * (probably 60 star map level), you should adjust the build (in my personal opinion). That’s for Lucifer 12 Capricorn and 8 Sagittarius (possibly 8 Sagittarius).

For the following reason : later on, the boss is very strong, if your two main dames use centaurs. Then when the boss is below 50% health, both will lose damage. Finishing the boss will be more difficult, because the 2 main dames lose 1 dame. So dividing gems like that will help Lucifer still maintain a pretty good amount of damage.

Tank has many options such as Pisces, Libra, Aries, Cancer. SP is preferred Aquarius, can be used as a tank.

Of course, life is not like a dream, not what we want is possible. Many times I have 1 tablet but I don’t like it at all… If there’s anything I need to ask, I can write about it later!!!

Download ( V1.17.0 )
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