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Hang Line: The Adventure is an adventure in extreme situations in which you will need to conquer the mountain peaks of the Alpine cliffs with the help of one hook and rope. Carve yourselves a majestic path, starting today.

Hang Line: The Adventure
 Codes (2022 December) 1.8.5
All Codes Expiration date
EC0GJI4Q26Z November 7, 2022
RV4GJS32LX December 9, 2022
IJE9M4U12 December 9, 2022
AGL73NXBM6O November 1, 2022
FXW7M2QUNDYP November 4, 2022
SVX7WH8Z16Q December 6, 2022
QY8UCF5GI2J December 16, 2022
OF1BN5V0E4 November 14, 2022
HTBFYILRM December 10, 2022
J0BK3W4U79P October 28, 2022
8VINESOR6ULB November 11, 2022
6XEN0KIZ89O November 19, 2022

Gather your courage before you start climbing mountains. Use tons of items to advance in these trials and get ready for the dangers and troubles that the main character will have to go through. Everyone can try to become a real hero in this adventure. Take risks and get an adrenaline rush to achieve the best rewards. As a result, the user in Hang Line: The Adventure will receive enough experience and star rating to advance in the leaderboard. Along the way, you will need to save the survivors, and send them to a secluded place. Explore many great mountain ranges and learn all the basic rules of behavior. Players have prepared many levels and several completely different modes. Game features

  • Five incredibly steep sections of mountains;
  • More than fifty extremely dangerous levels;
  • Eight dozen entertaining characters;
  • Beautiful graphics and physics engine, giving you the opportunity to enjoy.

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