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Get ready to go to Hogwarts, where you will find fun and interesting adventures, familiar to everyone from the world-class bestseller. You will definitely want to download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for Android in order to find yourself in such an incredible adventure on your own. In these role-playing adventures, you can earn respect and immerse yourself in the world of magic. Get to know Harry Potter on your own and go through exciting missions with this legendary hero. The player will have to explore a huge magical city and get to know the amazing places of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
  MOD APK (Free Unlocked) 4.6.1

Those who love this bestseller should definitely download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for Android, and then you will have the following advantages:

  • Incredibly beautiful 3D image graphics with fantastic effects;
  • Real story adventures with Harry Potter and his team.
  • All characters are real representatives of the bestseller;
  • A huge number of magic spells and additional tasks from Hogwarts;
  • Unique performance gameplay at Hogwarts school.

The game was created based on the bestseller Harry Potter The player will be able to go to the legendary school of Hogwarts, where he will be waiting for story adventures. Attend every day the magical classes of the greatest magical school and learn how to use the coolest spells, so that later you can fight enemies, bosses and learn how to make potions. Open after each next level new characters and get to know them. Create your own character from the Harry Potter series to go through the story adventure for him. Learn a huge number of mysteries and secrets of this magical world of Hogwarts. Every day new quests and personal tasks will appear in the game.

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