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You cannot win this war alone, so start gathering all your friends together and organize a powerful army. When you can download HAWK – Arcade Shooter for fans of retro games on Android, you will be forced to take to the air and take part in the most intense fights of the century. Use a huge number of warriors and upgrade their skill level. Embark on futuristic battles and get exclusive rewards. Team up with your friends to make your army the largest and strongest. You will have to go through dozens of tests and hundreds of levels until you capture this whole large-scale world.

HAWK – Arcade Shooter for fans of retro games
  MOD APK (God Mode)

If you download HAWK – Arcade Shooter for fans of retro games on Android, you can learn about the advantages of such a game:

  • More than two hundred original and intense levels, among heroes from all over the world;
  • Multiplayer game mode along with team battles of your friends;
  • Several game modes, where there are team, assault and company of hundreds of levels;
  • A huge number of aircraft and items that can be used;
  • Epic boss battles in such high quality graphics and fantastic atmosphere.

Futuristic air shooters The player can use his own powerful army from a wide variety of attack aircraft. Use a large number of upgrades and additions to improve the attack potential and defense of your own aircraft. You have to take part in the most intense multiplayer campaign, where you can gain a lot of experience and discover new achievements. Play in several game modes and get the first place there. Immerse yourself in this 3D fantasy atmosphere and learn how to use the unique gameplay. Be sure to call your friends to succeed and become a great hero.

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