Game Mobile - Updated on June 21, 2022

Head Soccer is an unusual kind of football, where even the players’ looks cause a slight smile, not to mention their angular movements and innocent attempts to twirl around one another. Their “fierce battles” will take place on a field more like a hockey field with hockey goals and all the other required attributes. Since there are only two players on the field, all passes take place only between them.

Move them around the yard.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose a form for them and, at least in this way, give the impression that the players from your favorite team have met on the field. By controlling their movements with four buttons, you can move them around the area and shoot at the opponent’s goal. As a bonus, the developers provided the superpower for a more successful player, controlling its addition on an extraordinary scale that rests on top of each participant. The player who can fill it up faster will be the first to launch a crushing blow to the opponent’s goal.

Imitate polishing

Another feature of the game is the movement of the characters. They looked funny and even funny, floating on the football field with their unbending legs. The only thing they can do is imitate the polishing. Download Head Soccer owners of Android gadgets can benefit from us. Like many other representatives of many genres, it is free and can be installed on a device of even the most modest capabilities and is controlled by the first versions of the operating system.

Funny characters

No particular skill and ingenuity are required to play it, which means it can be offered to a beginner who has decided to give it a try as a first-time gamer and a child. In this case, funny and somewhat clumsy characters will be another means of attracting attention. A version of Head Soccer cheats and cheats to earn a lot of money will make it a bit easier to move the game, thus pleasing gamers of all ages.

Download ( V6.15.2 )
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