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The game takes place in the magical universe of Holspeak, where two types of creatures live: people and beastmen. Between them there is a fierce slaughter, in which the main character must take part. Consistently passing level after level, pumping their skills and improving equipment, the fighter will be able to defeat all the enemies and get to the end of the story.

Scene mode

The plot of Heart Abyss is divided into chapters, the number of which is still unknown. As part of the free-to-play format, players can familiarize themselves with the prologue and, if they like the gameplay, continue their acquaintance with the world in the full version of the adventure. To advance to the next chapter, the hero must complete all the proposed missions, which are mainly related to the destruction of opponents. In this case, the enemies differ in the degree of endurance, indicators of strength, health and damage.

Victory in battle can be won through the use of suitable weapons. At the first stages of the passage, the player has practically no equipment, which leads to a quick death and restart of the level. As you progress, the hero will gain access to unique weapons that will allow him to kill an opponent with one blow. At the same time, the success of the passage depends not only on the ability to control weapons, but also on a well-designed strategy.

Along with the release of the prologue of the game, the creators of the arcade announced information that there are three main characters in the plot. For each of them, original tests and plot twists were invented. At the moment, the names of two protagonists are known – Leon and Ray – and the main villain Pavaro; they all occur in the prologue.

Control and interface

The Heart Abyss interface deserves special attention. The adventure is made in a retro style, allowing players to feel the atmosphere of classic platformers. Realistic passage is added by well-developed combat mechanics, as well as the presence of cruel and even bloody scenes. At the same time, the game is distinguished by responsive controls and dynamic camera, which moves after the main character. In addition, for a complete immersion in the story, the developers have added voice acting in Russian.

Analogues for Android

To date, the Heart Abyss arcade exists only in a demo version, so it cannot be downloaded to a phone. As a replacement, users can install a similar application: Apple Knight.

Apple Knight

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