News - Updated on March 27, 2022

Blizzard introduced an addendum “Journey to the Sunken City” (Voyage to the Sunken City) for Hearthstonewhere you will embark on an underwater expedition to the ancient city of Zin-Azshari.

The DLC includes 135 fresh maps. Main news:

  • Creatures with the “Giant” property have additional body parts available that greatly increase their power. Body parts are summoned along with the creature, even if you’re not casting it from your hand.

  • The “Catch” property allows you to see the bottom three cards from the deck and put one of them on top.

  • Nagas are a special type of spellcaster creature that provide bonuses when you cast one or more spells while they are in your hand.

“Journey to the Sunken City” starts April 12th. There are two packages available for pre-order.

  • 60 sets of cards “Journey to the Sunken City”.

  • Two random legendary cards “Journey to the Sunken City”.

  • Queen Azshara card back.

  • 80 sets of cards “Journey to the Sunken City”.

  • Five golden card sets “Journey to the Sunken City”.

  • Two random golden legendary cards “Journey to the Sunken City”.

  • Hero skin “Queen Azshara”.

  • Queen Azshara card back.

  • Five sets of “Mercenaries”.

  • Battlegrounds – Finishing Boom Barrage.

  • Battlefield bonuses in Hearthstone.

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