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Hearts is a strategic card game played with a standard deck. Players aim to avoid taking penalty points, particularly from the heart suit and the queen of spades. Careful planning and clever tactics are essential to win.

Hearts: Card Game  MOD APK (Unlocked, God Mode) 2.14.3

Hearts: Card Game

Hearts is a classic trick-taking card game that has been enjoyed by players around the world for many decades. It is a strategic game that requires skill, luck, and careful planning. In this article, we will explore the rules, strategies, and variations of this popular card game.


The objective of Hearts is to score the fewest points possible. The game is typically played with four players, and the entire deck of 52 cards is used. The cards rank from Ace (highest) to 2 (lowest). At the beginning of each hand, 13 cards are dealt to each player. The player with the 2 of clubs starts the game, and play proceeds clockwise.

In each trick, players play one card, following suit if possible. The highest card of the leading suit wins the trick, and the player who wins the trick leads the next one. However, there are special rules regarding the Heart suit and the Queen of Spades:

  • Hearts: Hearts cannot be played in the first trick unless a player has no cards of any other suit. Once a heart has been played, other players can play hearts in subsequent tricks.
  • Queen of Spades: The Queen of Spades is worth 13 penalty points. Players should avoid winning tricks containing this card.
  • Shooting the Moon: If a player manages to collect all the hearts and the Queen of Spades in one hand, they score no points, and each opponent collects 26 points.

After all 13 tricks have been played, players count the number of hearts and the Queen of Spades they have collected. Each heart is worth one point, and the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points. The game continues until one player reaches or exceeds a predetermined point limit (e.g., 100 points), and the player with the lowest score is the winner.


Hearts is not just a game of luck; it involves strategic decision-making. Here are a few tips to improve your chances of scoring fewer points:

  • Avoid Winning Tricks: Whenever possible, try to avoid winning tricks that contain hearts or the Queen of Spades. If you already have points in your hand, consider playing lower cards of a different suit to get rid of them.
  • Passing Cards: Before each hand, players pass three cards to another player. The direction of passing alternates every hand. Be strategic in the cards you pass, aiming to pass unwanted high cards to your opponents while holding onto lower cards of different suits for yourself.
  • Track Cards: Pay attention to the cards that have been played in each trick. This will give you valuable information about the distribution of cards and help you make better decisions.
  • Shooting the Moon: Shooting the Moon can be a risky but rewarding strategy. If you have a strong hand with a lot of high cards of different suits, consider attempting to shoot the moon. This can result in a huge point swing if successful.


While the basic rules of Hearts remain the same, there are several variations of the game that add extra challenges or twists. Some popular variations include:

  • Black Maria: In this variation, the Queen of Spades is worth 26 points instead of 13.
  • Omaha Hearts: Omaha Hearts is a variation that uses five-card hands instead of the usual 13-card hands. This adds a different level of strategy and complexity to the game.
  • Spot Hearts: In this variation, players attempt to collect the fewest points, and the player with the fewest points wins the pot. Points are accumulated based on the card values each player holds at the end of each hand.
  • Partnership Hearts: This variation is played in teams of two, with partners sitting across from each other. Players cannot lead hearts until hearts have been broken, either by playing a heart or another penalty card.
  • Signal Hearts: In this variation, players are allowed to send signals to their partners by how they play their cards. This adds a deeper level of teamwork and communication to the game.


Hearts is a timeless card game that combines skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. Whether you prefer the classic version or one of the many variations, it guarantees hours of fun and excitement. Remember to analyze the cards, plan your moves carefully, and aim to score the fewest points to become the victorious Hearts player!

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