Game Mobile - Updated on May 12, 2022

Heart’s Medicine Time to Heal offers you an exciting storyline. The film revolves around a young doctor named Alisson, her romance with the hospital’s chief doctor, Daniel, and her former lover Connor. This is a love triangle that cannot help but lead to drama. But the story that the creators of this android game invite you to join begins after our new friend Alisson runs to help Daniel after learning about the accident that happened to him.


The heroine-turned surgeon is not afraid to take responsibility for her actions. She performs complex operations and other maneuvers to save the lives of her accusers. Try yourself as the main character, and you will fulfill your childhood dream – save lives or cure patients with serious diseases, who will be more grateful to you later.

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The full version of Heart’s Medicine Time to Heal includes about 90 different difficulty levels, 18 unprecedented mini-games, high-quality graphics, changing locations, and bonuses in the form of diamonds and prizes reward. The former can be used to decorate the interior design of your hospital in which you will replace the head doctor.

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A hacked version of this android game is available on our website. Plug it in and dive right into the work that will give you a lot of pleasure. Bright moments, grateful smiles, and a sea of ​​positive emotions that you have yet to earn will fill your life with meaning in this game.

Download ( V8.0 )
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