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Hedgehog’s Adventures: Free – read the hedgehog’s story, participate in events and help the hedgehog complete tasks. Complete mini-games from level to level.

Hedgehog’s Adventures: Free Gift Codes (2022 December) 3.2.0
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
NHV2A4Y0MW9 August 21, 2022
WCP8GANBXE August 7, 2022
V2P14W6YS August 31, 2022
KY6B4U1PTLH July 24, 2022
7DPK0HLUJF93 September 1, 2022
6D7AMNC83T4 July 20, 2022

The developers have created an application that combines elements of a fairy tale and a game. You, playing it, will feel like the main character of a fairy tale about a hedgehog. The application is built on the basis of a literary narrative, where the story of a hedgehog intersects with a story game. The hedgehog will have to go through five chapters with you – these are mini-stories with mini-games. The story begins with the disappearance of a mouse and you need to go in search of a hedgehog along with completing tasks. In the second chapter, the hedgehog and the squirrel need to clean the house. If all the tasks in the house are completed, then he can go to the bunny for his birthday, to a stormy feast with friends. After a hearty dinner, the hedgehog falls asleep and ends up in a country where the inhabitants are geometric figures. Waking up, the hedgehog and his friends are given a new task – to build a house, but it’s not so easy. Tasks can be in the form of labyrinths, puzzles, finding differences, etc. All of them are aimed at the development of logic and attention.

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