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Helicopter Attack 3D is a very cool helicopter game where the player has to fight directly from the air. It is made in high-quality three-dimensional graphics and with great opportunities for military operations.

Helicopter Attack 3D
 Codes Wiki 2022 October 1.2.4
All Codes Expiration date
IU6AZ2J4HDW November 14, 2022
V4PYTMFHXW December 2, 2022
7JHAP4CZ3 November 14, 2022
SG5KJ3LWCHM November 23, 2022
KUOA71MIXLBP November 4, 2022
X7GLCMT9J2B November 25, 2022
SZVL6Y3JB79 December 4, 2022
9153PWU8N2 December 3, 2022
3PGJWVU04 November 12, 2022
12LNXQS0JOY November 22, 2022
6LV8A70CK2HM November 22, 2022
QLI8NKEJGOH December 19, 2022

Enemies are found everywhere, and they can strike from any part of the land, air, or even sea. You also have to take control of a real combat helicopter and deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you kill your enemies, you will receive a huge amount of resources for this. Thanks to them, the player can upgrade equipment on a helicopter or even assemble a new, more powerful aircraft. Play Helicopter Attack 3D responsibly for your own army and try not to let it down. Flying a helicopter is not that difficult and the player will get used to it very quickly. Shoot your enemies and machine guns and use auto-guided missiles. You will only need one accurate shot to smash the entire enemy army instantly. Thus, in Helicopter Attack 3D you can achieve more and become a real military hero. The main thing is to skillfully maneuver so that not a single enemy missile or shot can hit you for slaughter. Helicopter attack 3D and realistic atmosphere Each new duel in the air will be as intense and interesting as possible. The player will have to feel all the military intensity on himself. Each air battle will be very tough and interesting. You need to learn how to perform the most powerful shots from different weapons in order to hit as many targets as possible. Upgrade the helicopter constantly and make it more powerful and faster. There are hundreds of items in order to assemble a combat vehicle in the air. A huge number of levels of Helicopter Attack 3D are full of tension and at the end of the stages you will be expected to fight with the Bosses. Nothing difficult to manage and players will quickly get used to it.

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