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Usually, with the phrase “shooting in Hell”, a lot of people will immediately remember the epic, recognizable line of shooters “DOOM”. Who does not know this brutal man in a helmet and with a faithful double-barreled shotgun in his hands? Oh, what an action, what juicy meat, especially in the last game of the series.

But if we imagine that a creature from its own race went to war against the demons? Perhaps he is not satisfied with the power in the underworld or the attitude towards various castes of abominations. So Hell itself was lit up with a sudden and unstoppable fire of revolution.

Complete the main campaign, collect the best arsenal of weapons and skills, defeat brutal bosses and lead a brave resistance to the top in order to restore the former glory of fiery hell.

Hell is Other Demons» – scrolling shooter with action roguelike elements, created by the studio Cuddle Monster Games and released May 20, 2019 publisher Kongregate.

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

In this pixelated hellish madness where everything shakes, explodes and moves, the player in the role of the leader of the resistance must lead the demonic people oppressed by the arrogant top to freedom and hellish superiority.

In fact, in terms of the plot, the game is poor in details and even a full story. It is not clear why such a strongly tangible class inequality has suddenly been established in the underworld. What kind of magical gates of infinity that the main character so badly wants to break? There are other moments in history that are completely ignored. So, in fact, you can come up with the whole story yourself using just such bits in the intro and end credits.

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

But often in this kind of shooter-platformer, detailed lore and a long elaborate plot do not matter much, giving way to capturing the player’s attention through gameplay, soundtrack and game design. And just in these aspects, the game is very successful.

Game structure

Despite the monotony of everything that happens and the general brevity, the game has a lot of content and several modes with different gameplay techniques – all this can quickly immerse even a not-too-big fan of bright pixel shooters.


Of course, this is the main story mode, in which you can cook for a long time and with excitement. An extensive and diverse map is distinguished by four zones with its own graphic design, soundtrack and set of enemies. It will be much easier to distribute them by color:

1) purple zone
with spike platforms and standard enemy mobs that the player can encounter in other parts of Hell. For the most part, these are demonic creatures themselves, such as skulls, blobs of flying plasma, and even more durable sentient demons;

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

2) orange, which bears the title of “Factory”. It’s not too clear to me where combat robots and various-sized drones come from in the underworld, but let’s say this is a fantasy of the developers, why not. Fun from this in the process of passing does not become less;

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

3) green with the most toxic and bright shades of design. When long battles take place there, it can be very difficult for an outside viewer to keep track of what is happening in these multi-colored explosions. Here, for the most part, the leader of the resistance will be expected by flying enemies, small platforms and abysses with burning green lava. There are really difficult levels where the player has absolutely no support under his feet, so you have to fight in the air and actively maneuver between levitation attacks;

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

4) redwhich is also very difficult, since unstable platforms over lava predominate here and creatures that are also very atypical for the usual representation of Hell – drones and mechanized demons with deadly laser weapons.

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

And the last small map with a couple of levels, a shop and the final game boss.


The next game mode, featuring a variety of heroes with their own individual weapons and stats. Here you can take a break from your primary mission to free Hell and try to hold out as long as possible on the level generator. With each victory, you can choose stats and weapons for the next battle and accumulate lava diamonds to unlock a new hero in the revolution team of our familiar demon.

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

The mode has no plot value, it’s just a place where you can play for other demons and destroy ill-wishers, entering the ranking of the best.

lava Climb

Additional mode, pure race according to the rating of the best players. Our unarmed revolutionary falls into a space surrounded by lava, which begins to rise very quickly. There is only one task: to quickly jump up and down on the platforms and flying enemies until the hero is completely exhausted and melts in this hellish stream, reaching a certain place in the rating through the efforts of the player.


Controls for platformers are fairly standard: move, shoot, jump, use an ultimatum, and swerve to the side. This is still a small set of actions, although at the very beginning it will be difficult to immediately get used to and parry with your movements when everything around you explodes, moves and shakes. According to my personal feelings, I’ll say that it’s easier to pass on the gamepad, the actions were somehow easier to remember, and it was more pleasant to pass such meat; from the keyboard I caught a wild stupidity and still could not get used to it.

Even ordinary levels can be completed in three ways:

one) without taking damage;

2) without the use of weapons;

3) without using the ultimate attack.

All this does not affect the opening of new locations, it is necessary to withstand all the waves of enemies, you can at least fail all these conditions – they are only needed to obtain achievements and personal sports interest, so to speak.

There are four zones scattered on the large map, which were mentioned above, with their own set of levels and interesting bosses at the head. There are also shops with a varied assortment of weapons, ultimates and stats of varying degrees of usefulness. You never know how useful this or that item will be in combat until you try it. Therein lies a great deal of interest, I think.

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

Also along the way there will be endless levels, ending with the death of the player. Their main task is to farm hellish currency for further profitable purchases and the practical use of your combat tactics.

The beauty of a varied campaign is that with one set of weapons and stats, it’s not too easy to clear the entire map. For successful completion, it is recommended to select different strategies that are most effective for a particular zone. And besides, it’s much more interesting to try to pass with different objects and look at their effect in battle.

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

According to the difficulty of passing somewhere 5/10, the game clicks quickly enough. Yes, on bosses and especially difficult levels, you will have to die dozens of times to understand the strategy. But once you memorize fixed attacks, bosses are easier to defeat. If you are an experienced player of this genre, everything that happens will take you four hours and most likely the gameplay will not be remembered. However, it will be a good gaming experience and an addition to your collection of completed games. And for those who rarely cook in this – welcome to the world of pixel meat, replays and color epilepsy.


Whatever you say about the gameplay or the story, the visual component is decisive for such games. And these demons certainly succeeded in visual style. Bright acid colors, luminous and flashing areas – everything ripples and jumps before your eyes – not every gamer’s eye is able to withstand such a dance of shades.

But Hell itself is shown interestingly, and I want to consider various locations for a longer time.

Most of all, the design of the bosses attracts the eye, here the game artists did their best. Well, you must admit, to fight with a huge bone demon, consisting of a ram’s skull on a long spine and with small bones in the likeness of wings, is very, very entertaining.

Musical accompaniment

The music is the gem of the whole game, even more than the delicious 8-bit style, and that’s a fact. Each sound is filled with energy and infernality – all this ignites from the very first seconds of the battle and does not let go of this excited state for a long time. He manages to remain both energetic, and catchy, and pumping, and pleasant in sound. This is perfect for going to overthrow Satan.

The same fans of this dynamic musical meat will definitely like it, you are guaranteed to listen to the playlist separately from the game on the road or somewhere else, this will cheer you up perfectly.

Hell is Other Demons may not be a memorable gaming experience, but it will definitely keep your attention for several hours. You will not notice how excited you will be to pass level after level, wanting to advance as far as possible.

Despite the randomness of what is happening and the general brevity of the game, the colors and music completely capture the attention. You plunge into battle, your heart beats with anticipation and excitement, and your eyes are wide open, enthusiastically catching every enemy move and dodging it. You catch such a movement that it is quite difficult to stop even after the tenth death in the same place. The main thing is to get pure pleasure from what is happening, and this product copes with this task perfectly.

And now it’s time to raise your warlike horns and go free Hell!

Hell is Other Demons (2019)

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