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“No one can surpass my vitality apart from my father, completely the god!” A New Hero, Hardcore Leveling Warrior [God of Combat], Appears! Tower of God, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, God of Extreme Faculty, Uncover large Tetra and diploma up your favorite hero. Have the benefit of an individual superheroes’ standalone story with an accompanying webcomic. Assemble your closing crew, defeat troublesome towers and win epic loots. Fight the ultimate destroyer of all and win closing rewards. Present your value in 1v1 & 3v3 PvP modes!

Hero Cantare with WEBTOON Mod APK 1.2.370 (Unlimited Money)

Nice game but still too much bug to fix it. Please optimize the game properly, it's so laggy, just opening the game it would lag and freeze then simply quit the game automatically. the game is good, but i feel like it's too easy to get SS characters.. Nice games,hey gm can you give me a giftcodes pease?. I really like this game. I wanted to rate it 5 stars but I cannot play it over mobile mobile and it only works over wifi. If the game is open and I switch to mobile data the game works as intended but if I open the game only using mobile data I am stuck at the loading screen. Please fix it so I can play the game anywhere and anytime I want.. Its so hard to connect, please fix this.

great game make gacha rates for ss heroes better edit: there are a lot of grammatical errors made in the game you could fix. Outstanding game! Gorgeous character design and the music is amazing!. I cant play with my mobile data on philippines. Issue on loading it seems I cant connect to your servers. Dear hero cantare, Hopefully this game bring again low quality mode, in game so laggy right now, and i think this game need feature like *hidden item store* the store can provide item for upgrade sss hero use only usual coin (but super super expensive). And this store just only open limit in random time but exist weekly. Thanks for hero cantare made this game soo wonderfully and congrats for 4 years anniversary . Still no baam duo with his master yet after so long come on bruh. This is why I quit the game.

I can't log in to the game even though my network connection is very good, especially after this update. It would be great if you can solve this issue. Thank you. gacha 90% better than fgo, there is audio problems while playing thr game.. When i switch to jap. Needs more events. The games not really bad but what make the games really worst are the updated. Each times it comes, most of data needed to be downloaded again just like to reinstall the games, my simple solutions are just deleted the games and it will saved a lots of my data on future.... This game is super fun,Good drawrates action,So Download this guys. help the relay mission has a bug which it wouldn't let me take the rewards at step 4.

i very like this game and easy to understand even take a while to manage the hero/item/combo..recommend. While it is a good game overall, the tutorial is a bit... lacking, to say the least. I had to learn how to do most things through trial and error.. nice, very frendly and cheerfull but some arena reward improvement would be owesome . I am not actually knowledgeable or fan of webtoon, it just happened that they animated one of it (God of Highschool) happen to like it ,that's why I played, the game is surprisingly great and cool to play , I'll give it five because overall it deserves it, I recommended it to everyone who likes anime, cool and relax play, and nice animation graphics with nice story, it just I hope each character could have a personal one (story).. Stuck on the loading screen .. . Even i have a good connection...

It's so good ngl. The supers, mechanics and the character is really appealing and I enjoy every time I spent on this game. Also the rewards are so generous to F2P player like me thank you. It has a nice Graphics, Stylish UI. Its a pretty good game. But all server are connected to each other especially in arena . So i cant enjoy it.. How is this dead game still alive it's not even making money . Dead game, devs only care about money so they only update banners. Lack of interesting contents.

game is great but something is wrong with it coz i cant access the game its just loads like forever in the title screen when i open the game i cant event access the game please fix this thing. The graphics, gameplay and story are amazing. Nice job . Kind of p2w at higher levels. The concept is outstanding. But i observed whenever im doing patch it's not responding or just stuck. I dont know if maybe because of the game server or my phone but this is only happens on this game.. Great game with good graphics and pretty immersing for a mobile game.

I'm so excited to play this game but I can't get pass through the first intro. The game keeps on closing for no apparent reason. It happened twice already so I had to uninstall it. I hope this gets fixed.. I wanted to rate it a 5* at first but then when I downloaded the recent version, I can't access the game, like I can enter the title screen but then it just shows the loading icon, and then it vanishes and the game gets stuck somehow, it doesn't do anything at all. Please fix this, I really like this game and it would be a shame if I can't play it.. Its a good game but imo i want more like for example webtoons/manhwas like solo leveling, tbate etc i dont want it to be a limited event type of thing it would be cool if its a content upd but still a great game just lacks content for me.. Hello i am an Old player who want to play the Games Again, But I Know My character name but i forgot the email. Is there a way for me To know the google email of character "LordAbuy" ?. Not much tutorial. Ui and ux sucks though. Wish they would update it. It just looks too messy.

Love the game content. Game lags and events so so, but over all good.. why is it so hard to login to the game ffs.. improve your server mf. Story of characters is difficult to find. When only recognizing 5 of them yet they some how give the feeling they know everything of the other stories.. This game is super wicked love it. Need more tutorial.... Good game for now.

Unplayable. Perma freeze and crash at start menu, can't even log in.. Soundtrack absolutely rocks. Would be awesome if the info panel gave info on which webtoon heros are from for those interested in reading the webtoon.. You spend more time waiting for this game to load then actually playing it. Especially since it boots you randomly all the time and takes 7 years to load the game absolute dogshit do not play.. So much to do. Game has considerably improved. Rewards players well. Playing the game frequently cam get you plenty without having to spend tons of cash like me.. After the recent patch I the game crashes when I open the portal.

Its great game for me and maybe for you. This game has so many crashes like i when i go to the portal thing or summoning its restarting the game like black screen and i have to restart and when i go back to the portal and its black screen ive been doing this kind of crash again and again what waste of time. Used to play this, stopped for a while and came back, it made me lose all my progress, I cant get all of my progress back. Stpd game, too many bugs, stpd events wasting player's resources, no brainer game dev. edit, 10/12/22: installed again cause i'm bored and need something to kill time. whenever i try to sign in, the game crashes for some reason??? i've never gotten this issue before and i need it fixed cause i really want to play this again.

I have a lot of fun and I'm loving this game, the game is very good I have no issues at all playing it and I really love it keep up the good work.. Game is super fun. Story seems interesting. Microtransactions are kind of agressive. And are partially needed to level up characters especially at higher levels, which sucks because high level characters are needed to progress the story. Would rate this higher if it were easier to level up characters.. It's been a long time since I was playing this game and i really enjoy it. You can make your units strong even without spending money and the rewards are very generous. But I think Sujin Lee and Rak needs a little bit of nerf. Like how am I supposed to counter a tanky hero that can regenerate its own HP and removes debuff everytime they receive damage? But anyways I enjoy the game.. Good i like the graphic of this game its so fun to play here.. PLEASE, Collab with Omniscient Reader Viewpoint (ORV) PLS PLS PLS I love you Dev.

So far its fun... i enjoy the story and the artwork. F2P friendly and extremely good game design. I love it it's so nostalgic. Great game having loads of fun with it great selection of heros and characters. This games seem very interesting to play and I really want to play it but when ever I press start all I can see is darkness nothing else and some times I think it my phone if any have advise or solution to this problem please respond to this message.

The only problem of this game is the connection.. I was about to give it a 5* and then I can't even login to the game. Love this game, hoping get mori jin and bam in the stronggest form. I haven't interested in this game. Why isn't my relay mission past? I finish my 2nd mission and I even redownload, and still at the 2nd mission. Please include more manhwa character like Nano Machine or other murim like manhwa.

I enjoyed the game, I played it for a few hours but I hate the amount of storage it all took. I reserved 3gb for the game and it absolutely wasn't enough.. 1st,bcoz the sound of the music is so loud even if you turn it to the lowest possible is still so loud. I wanna hear the music but not so loud. 2nd,no creativity in bgm.there is only 2. 3rd,the character talk so much. everytime you come back from shop or story or whatever, the character always talk. the most annoying is the yellow girl. 4th,there's no explanation on stats or whatever.. no explanation on whats pierce attack or whats the use of accuracy or what's armor crash. there's so much more. Awesome.e hope they add solo leveling. game bugged, cannot login says internet has problem. Pretty fun game , and it's great to the characters from the novels here.

Good pass time, great graphics and smooth game play. Could use more F2P aspects instead of a P2P game.. Goooooood game even if you don't know what Webtoon is its that good.. One of best game i have encountered. Gameplay is simple but fun, a lot of heroes selection, artworks somehow good, rewards (for newbies, bonus, and progressive) is a lot and the last, gacha rate is awesome. Definitely worth 5 stars. In what world does a phone game need permission to make phone calls, that's ridiculous.. im stuck in loading screen after downloading this game, tried to restart the app, reinstall, and still doesnt work..

Like the games mechanic's,art style,gameplay etc..The story is good tho everytime I read the story i keep having a headache since I dont understand the story for some reasons,but anyways the game is good,I recommend it. Game is dead, no new event for old players.. Needs permission to see and manage my calls. Please.... PUTANG INANG LARO ITO ANG TAGAL MAG DOWNLOAD. I like how you can look through stats and effects of a characters skills and a skill tree kind of menu for each character along with the strategy needed every battle..

Basta maganda toh download niyo na!!!!. I haven't played because it wants to make and manage my phone calls.. Fricken Rad. Love seeing all the sweet characters together!. Need more updates and needs to bring in more players. cool game. i love GOH. I hope the hero missions are not that of a cash hugger....

overall is good. but i always stuck in loading screen. even though my connection speed is good.

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