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Desire a new tactical RPG with the strongest hero squads & space RPG PVP battles? Want to make your hero crew defend and combat evil forces in a hero quest & medieval fantasy world? Play Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG. Assemble your hero crew, have the benefit of turn-based 3D RPG battles, invite buddies for RPG multiplayer and PVP hero fantasy multiplayer battles, and defend Taslinia in epic RPG (role-playing video games). Start your scorching hero fort journey on this turn-based RPG quest and alter right into a legend NOW!

Hero of Taslinia Epic RPG Mod APK 1.24.0 (Unlimited Money)

I like this game because it is the game I'm looking for. It's a fun game and I like the whole concept and what the game is and offers. I just dislike that you basically made it a pay to win game and can't really get anywhere unless you spend money. Not my cup of tea, but the game is fun, the animations are good, etc. Just not a fan of paying for parts to change classes and stuff. Thanks tho. I might have kept the game, but they won't even give me an option to be a female character. It seemed interesting, but I couldn't even play for a day because it was bugging me.. They paid a lot in the competition, and the story, graphics and graphics are smooth. The game is challenging. I like this game! Very funny. I suggest you try it sometime. In general, the competition experience in these days is very good. This is more friendly than most games. Thankfully, I have a good team, won a good prize for the competition, and is upgrading rapidly. I've been playing for more than a year. This game has done many right things, especially endless trials. Of course, sometimes updates do make people dissatisfied, but developers try to accept users' suggestions. The game is getting better and better. If new content can be added faster, I think it's a good game I can play all the time.

I think it is one of the easiest applications to play, rich in content but easy to understand. They even found a way to make room for people who don't want to spend money on it. It takes time. I think it's worth downloading when I'm free.. With the most recent update the gear system was overhauled in the worst way. Now there is ZERO progression from one hear quality to the next (rare to epic to legendary). The ONLY way to get higher quality gear is thru gear tickets which cost gems/ money. The spokesman for the game on discord has also said there is no current plan to change/ fix the gear system. At that point, they're after money... Nothing else. Don't waste your time or money till they fix it.. Great game play and character customization..... I read this story and enjoyed it. Like other round based games, it has lovely characters and creative freedom. Recommended. I like role-playing games. The heroes are very cute. The game needs to be very strategic, but upgrading is difficult. I'm trying to play it without spending money. Later, I'll try to buy some discount gift bags, so that I can quickly upgrade and move forward. I look forward to the new content behind the game.

Freezing since the upgrade. You enter an area, do an activity, and when you go back to the main area nothing is active. You exit the game, renter and are able to access a random area. Fun game but very frustrating. This game does have a story. The heroes performed very well in the game. It can also create exquisite and unique heroes. I will only see ads a few times, but they will help the development of this game. I believe you will also like it. If you like the game of grinding people, you will like this one. The animation and storyline are great. You can obtain heroes for free, improve their ability, and win your game. PvP is a massive failure. It's a good game but in pvp just stack 3 healers and you can't be beat. A huge failure. Worst pvp I've seen in a mobile game yet. How they were comfortable with that doesn't say much about developers.. rich content. It seems that the challenge is a little difficult, and it needs a lot of strategies to solve it! Creating my own heroes is my favorite content, which is very interesting.

I must say that this is a well made game, and I don't mind spending money to play it. No pressure, of course, the best is the battle animation. It's good to see how this game will develop.. They have given you a lot of roles, and this game is definitely not paid for winning. Thankfully, there are only a few discounts, no advertising! I'm glad I can focus on games.. Great beginner rewards and tasks as well as role skill packs are very unique. Need some patience, because you haven't got a lot of reinforcement materials, but a little patience will go a long way!. Pretty decent rpg. You create your party and decide each class progression for your team. Gacha for equipment. Too time consuming for me personally.. The game is very interesting. This story makes me participate more than most mobile games. I really want to give 5 stars.

Unlike some similar games, daily tasks do not need a whole day to complete, so you can actually play,My only real complaint is that I don't have a clear description of certain abilities,But it's really a hero game worth playing. Good gameplay. It will make you think and improve. This is one of the best things in the game. It is the way you need to use strategies and find some skills to complete certain levels. If you do not use the correct strategies to complete this level, you will lose. That is why I like this game. Keep working hard!. I downloaded the game but it doesn't work for some reason don't start it shows you the title and stop freez. You can improve your character's face. If I can maintain high quality content, the prospects are bright in general.. great game lots of great stuff.

It does contain some aspects of paid winning, and it is sure that paid winning players will make rapid progress, but there will not be such a huge number of free players who will never have a chance. Still a game to try. Guys, I get it, greed is your biggest priority, but maybe don't load an advertisement that blocks the whole screen during the tutorial that I can't close because I have to click the tutorial prompts.. More importantly, it is easy to digest. It is not over designed or over cluttered. And these characters look great. It's always necessary to spend money. Fortunately, I can make rapid progress in this game without spending much money. In general, this round game is worth playing. It will take a while to become a bitter battle, and even then you have a lot of things to do. This is a very separate gacha game, that is, if you don't want to pay for anything, I believe this is a very playable long-term game. I like this gamehowever, many changes can be made to make it more suitable for players, such as skipping battles in multiple modes, which have already won, or increased output, or reduced the resources required for upgrading.

Classic turn based game. So far it's not bad. These roles have enough unique abilities to make you truly feel the potential of having multiple teams. In my opinion, it is very suitable for new players. I don't think my time is wasted and I don't rely on my wallet. The stories and animations during the battle are well done. Well, with the way that Google Play and/or developers team up with the reviews doubt this one will be put up, but oh well. Had an issue with the game after playing it for a few days. Went to help and support, help and support was non-existent. Decided I was pretty much done at this point. Didn't want to wait to get to the point of the cop out excuse of please show a screenshot to prove that what you're saying about this game messing up is really true.. why cant do auto battle every time enter the stage 1st time, had to do manually . It seems to be going well, and the game is very attractive. Developers are always fixing things I didn't notice and giving gifts.

There are many heroes who can make progress without opening their wallets. There is always something to do. Activities can be completed without payment, which is more playable than similar games. I had fun playing this for a little bit. Here is my list of things that could use a little work. 1.) More character creation options, the ones available are great but more would be better. 2.) Upgrades cost way too much. The 8 day Bootcamp wants you to have 3 rare 3-star equipment equipped, which would cost ~1mil gold. This is doable in 8 days. However, it's an all your eggs in one basket (character) approach when you have a party of 4 to upgrade. 3.) Small player base.. Summoner's Wars, again? Enough clones already!. I think it's very interesting. You can improve your level and finish things quickly, but it seems that you have encountered a brick wall, which is just a lot of polishing or spending money. This is my first time to buy something for heroes.. I have been playing and improved a little, but I like core games and design. They should do something that allows you to unlock heroes. All these are great games, I will recommend it!.

As far as I know, if you play slowly every day, your hero level will be quite good. I am still unfamiliar with games and still learning, so I hope that multiplayer games can be more dynamic and interactive. I also hope to see more characters. In general, this is a good RPG round game.. The game is good. My only disadvantage is that you may already have these characters and have upgraded them, but you are only allowed to play four heroes, and other heroes cannot sell for money. It has easy to understand the game mechanism and very beautiful graphics and animation. I like that it is free and there are in-game purchases, but I've managed to play for six to seven hours without spending a penny.. Well, they are quite generous in daily rewards and achievement rewards. The problem I saw in the game is that better methods are needed to polish equipment upgrading materials. I hope we have more things that can speed up your success.. Error in network connection your network please reply ASAP fixed soon SCHOK cellphone android app in Google here.

To be honest... this game is better in many ways. It is full, energetic and interesting. The heroes are very unique and interesting, and the graphics are also very excellent. It is not difficult to exchange currency and the price is reasonable. This game is highly recommended!. It doesn't take a whole day to complete the tasks every day. My only real complaint is that I don't have a clear description of certain abilities.. I usually get tired of these games quickly. But character driven game style is addictive. It's worth a try.. I love this game that I can't stop playing. The bad thing is that the assassin (Ninja)'s "Shadow Clone" is Nova, a character in chapter 4 that betrays you and turns into a hellion. Please change Nova's design or the shadow chone's design. Also please change the gladiator occupation because it's a waste of occupation books, and change it to a role called "Executioner" with an instinct kill skill that has a CD of 5. Besides that, the game is recommended for people who likes turn-based games.. So far, I think the text of the story is a little too much to read. There are a lot of things to do, and there is a challenge in maximizing statistics. Further grinding is required..

So far, hero collectors are very good. Art looks great. I like making turn based games in theory. I'm glad to see the progress of this game. There is a team of heroes I love. In my opinion, this is a pretty good game, and I think it is worth trying at least.. The gameplay is very similar to other round based games of this type, or the game requires players to spend a lot of time to play, so many different upgrade types and different regions need to run repeatedly. Energy/Stamina system automatically gives the game a 1 star. I hate games the limits me from playing it.. Love the character customization, besides that after 3 days, I'm done. Too little content for the amount of grind for the game. Gold is hard to get and yet you need A LOT of it to upgrade your equipment and it's not the only thing you need gold for. Some of the tasks they ask you to do, which have small rewards, are asking you to spend a week grinding or... I can Spend $20 to get it 3 days sooner. Huge money grab, most games have $1 packs, this does not. Ask for less money and I'll spend more....

My only concern is automatic games. I hope there are more options for characters to use their ultimate skills only in boss battles... But in general, this is a good round RPG game. Try it. The story is not as interesting as I hoped. The fighting mechanism is quite simple. There are too many things in progress. Sometimes it's hard to resist, but the content is great on the whole. Turn based games, attack animations and storylines fascinated me from the beginning. To speed up the acquisition of stronger heroes, I invested a total of about $20 to make my progress much faster. If you like round RPG games, this game will also become one of your favorites.. Good, wonderful game play. They are generous in daily rewards and achievement rewards. Well, the problem I saw in the game is that you need a better way to polish equipment upgrading materials. The game gives you what you need to succeed. For me, when your hero reaches a certain stage, it is difficult to upgrade. I also want to compete with other friends here, but you can't. The graphics are absolutely amazing.

You need to understand that, like all other hero collection games, you have to work hard. Nothing is easy. That said, upgrading heroes in this game is relatively slow. If you invest time, you will have a great team.. There is a lot to do at the beginning. No need to pay to play. The promotion possibility of great heroes. The only disadvantage is that sometimes you can't connect to the network, which is a headache. You need to restart the game. In addition, I give the game a good comment. This game is great! This is a round based rpg collection game that I have been looking for. Yes, beautiful graphics, as well as strategic level, let's try it. You like it.. overall "hard" the pvp is built for pay to win. I know people will say opposite but they have spent in game.... Other then pvp so far the only other shocking thing is a $199 usd price sticker in game purchases which is ridiculously over priced and everything else is way over priced. The equipment drawing pool is 40 draws per rare(blue piece)and each "random" guaranteed blue piece of equipment is at a price of 250 gems enough said and there is 5 equipment piece per char (UPDATE UNINSTALLED). I just started playing this game (2 day). I hope there will be more game functions in the future. I salute the developers of this game, who made the game interesting..

Not bad could use some changes.... I was very picky at the beginning. I decided to try it and play it with an open mind. I must say that I really enjoy it now and hope to see more contributions. everything goes well. Compared with other games, beginner rewards and tasks as well as character skill packs are very unique. Need some patience, because you haven't got a lot of reinforcement materials, but a little patience will go a long way!. Actually I would like to leave no review. Except for my own information when I see it again. that it's a squad based class game with every adventure requiring in game money. Tags: Pay to Play. pretty grt, mi would love more longer girl hair styles/colors options and more eye colors too (^w^) others then that game is prtty gud,.

This is an interesting game, very interesting, but very challenging, so you need to be prepared. I hope there is an automatic upgrading system for roles, so that we can promote roles to higher levels faster. Game not as advertised on Facebook. Junk. Here, equipment accumulation is very important. Read your improved skill set to let you know the role played by heroes. I like this game. I played it for a few days, its storyline and my favorite techniques. One disadvantage of the game is that the rewards are more generous in completing part of the game and obtaining achievements. This is all I insist on.. This is an interesting game. Yes, if you like the game, you should spend a little money. You must support the developers now, because this is a game worth playing when you are free.

For some bosses, you need to improve greatly. This game is very interesting, but it still has room for improvement. For example, more rewards can be given, and hero training can be easier. Their heroes are excellent. If you are a free to play person and an expensive route, it is difficult to surpass a higher levelApart from that, this game is very interesting. It shows a lot of potential and growth,So far, I like this game. It is difficult to upgrade due to the resources that must be met. There is a level upper limit, so what to do later. I put some money on it to see if there is any difference. It's fun for me not to play once in a while. It's good. Abusing animals so you can make a "funny" meme to advertise your game is pathetic. I like turtles..

You really have to use strategy. Each character has its own skills, which is a very interesting attempt. Same boring button clicker game as the last 1 million games released in this genre.. Throughout the game, the characters look both visually pleasing and diverse,Immersive games that require too much time. There are many enemies to fight, and there are many ways to cultivate your heroes. You can change equipment at will without monetary cost,This is a very free game, and the cost is very low.. To reach a higher level, you need to go through many battles. One suggestion is that Blitzkrieg can be carried out in the previous stage, rather than going through multiple battles.

I think this game has great potential, and I can't wait to see where it will go in the future.. Like other bad games this one lied in the ad, you make a character and then unlock the buildings in the world is what the ad is but hwnr you get the game you make a character yes but you control a whole team and your player is on it but also you don't unlock a world because it's already unlocked you just play levels so I don't know the rest but once I seen the lie in the game I wanted to uninstall it if only you could give half of one star this was horrible I hate clickbait, no response. Devs have no idea how to monetize a game. Each update is a step back. Six months or so ago they asked the top players for their feedback and have since then done the opposite of what we suggested. New gear system is aweful, shop packs aweful, events have gotten progressively worse this year (and they are basically copy and paste from last year but with more pay to win mechanics). I've been a top 3 pvp player for over a year. Today me and the other top players discontinued our vip memberships.. This game why to meThis game lied to me If I could I would not like it I wish I could give stuff 0 starsYou said 100 free draw And you never gave it to me I put it in the Code And there's different type of chess and all you can meet was 40 bad. I like this style. This game has amazing characters and abilities, as well as excellent visual effects.

There are a lot of things to do. It's worth it! Pay for acceleration, but not for winning.I definitely recommend this game. If you take the time to really understand it, it becomes very complicated.. It won't let me play the game or start any download when I open the game. I checked to make sure my phone is compatible and it is. Would have loved the chance to play.. Upgrading is not difficult. Although it is time-consuming, what games are easy? Excellent graphics, cool character design and wonderful story telling. Regular activities and free rewards are the reasons why games bring happiness to people?. I really enjoyed the challenge of this game. Not everything can be easy, which is why I have been playing hard, because I want my hero to do his best. The game is very interesting! Look forward to everything!. There is no advertisement in the game. There are pop-up advertisements in the game purchase. The frequency is acceptable. Once you put them into the game, it's really interesting. Unlocking and upgrading heroes is actually very addictive. I really hope they can add more fusion materials to look for. This game is really a good game in turn system..

You need heroes to do a lot of things, so you should speed up upgrading them. Unlike many other mobile games, they are not random characters, but can customize their favorite heroes. This is great, and the characters are very cute. I am willing to spend some money for them to make them stronger and do more interesting things. I am very interested and happy! I was fascinated by the graphics and the story. I haven't bought anything yet. This game has great potential! It is one of the good rpg games, and I will come back to update my comments.. From every medium fantasy game that people can imagine. Yes, this is one of the best mobile rpgs. It is equipped with amazing customized heroes, upgrades and character types. There is a pay game, but through long-term training, free games are possible.. This is a good enough game. Excellent character selection. There are still many things to do in the fierce PVP arena and the competition of guild rankings. However, upgrading with the equipment split by heroes requires a lot of materials, which is much more difficult than upgrading a complete hero. Even so, there are still many attractive places to stay, so be patient and explore! There will be surprises waiting for you!!. In addition to its main stories and campaign modes, the game has many options. So far, I am not only in favor of the round style. And character design, I hope to unlock and see more game content.

The game is interesting, a little strategic, the characters are cute and delicate, and the playing method is relatively simple. Upgrading heroes, defeating bosses to win games, adventures, etc. are all classic playing methods of turn based games. The tradition is a bit innovative, such as customized characters, facial features, and expressions. In general, this is my favorite rpg game. After all, this game really deserves my time to comment. It was an incredible effort. The graphics are great, there are many heroes and seemingly endless things to do. Yes, this type of game is not new, but it is worth playing in a typical round based rpg game. The game doesn't even get past the title screen I literally waited 15 minutes and nothing happened. I've tried with using WiFi and regular cell phone data and it still doesn't work. Hero of taslinia is a good game. I think it would be a good way to invite more team building if the boss cooperates in fighting and raiding in the game, because it is difficult to see friends fighting together. If so, it will be my favorite RPG round game. I have been playing this game for some time. I like to play this game from time to time. Good graphics quality. It does try to keep you traveling with free daily rewards and boosters, which is good..

They keep adding new content. You can finally work hard to draw good characters. Just need patience. Some events are almost impossible to complete. Unless you are a paid game or have several hours of game time.. If your style is journey, you may like this game with interesting graphics and skill effects. This is an RPG hero game. You can understand the companies that need to make money. The price of the gift package is reasonable and there are many choices. Spend money to speed up the game! There will be a nice surprise waiting for you, ha. The decent character should be in the best condition. You must upgrade for each character. Some skills can only be improved through books. The playing method is relatively repetitive and simple. It needs an automatic fighting function. I've been playing for a week and I really enjoy this experience. The design is exquisite. Excellent round rpg! It's a great game. I'm going to stay.. People are interested in acquiring new heroes. They let the team upgrade to win the game, and then do more and more things. Overall, the experience is good, but some rewards are too few, and upgrading requires too much material. But I don't deny that I like playing this game, round based rpg.

I like this game Mateo the king is our favorite place to wild card games and the most important thing .. Honing heroes is a feature of the game. In order to get an excellent team as soon as possible, I will spend money to speed up, and indeed I can spend more time to sharpen. The games I often play with my friends, good games in round RPG games, are worth recommending. I have been playing the game for 1 year. Some changes in the game are good, but some changes bother me. I am satisfied with the overall situation. The team I have is very cool and powerful. This is the harvest! After all, I did not spend a lot of money to get the results I have now. It's a good game for RPG mobile games. Nothing like the ad showed it to be. Do not recommend whatsoever.. However, I should not spend money to win the game faster. You can still play in a free game account, and people have the opportunity to win championships and resources. However, you need to invest a little more time and effort. I would recommend RPG games..

It has the potential to be a truly interesting and enjoyable experience. When I enjoy the game as a free player, I can also play it well. I am constantly strengthening my team and playing strategic RPG games. That's right. You need to constantly upgrade your hero equipment to win, but this is really an rpg game worth playing=. 1. Kensharho is not an illegal or harmful name. 2. Minus the rest of the stars for bait and switch.. Beautiful graphics and games are relatively easy to play. I just hope I have more time to play. A delightful game. It's very interesting. It's a good time killer. It allows me to play RPG and collect hero games when I have free time.

I really like playing this game. At present, I have bought some small gift bags to make my team stronger and play smoothly. Yes, I am very happy. You can try to have a look. It is very interesting to build a team with a large number of equipment and tools to help them improve their chances of victory. Characters are visually cool. Opening demo was fun. Never loaded after that. Just another collector game with some new art and story. Not worth the file size, load time, and battery demands.. This is the best collector game of heroes and equipment. Strategically build your characters and teams. You like customized character functions. Beautiful 3D model character, and it was created by myself, a good concept, it is recommended to have the function of automatic multi-battle in the first battle, not limited, thank you very much.

This game is a waste of time unless you have hundreds to spend. This game balances gameplay, visuals, character design, and more, a good game in a free game that keeps me thinking about playing it every day, toast to a great start. This is one of the few good games in the classic gameplay, the only complaint is that the upgrade conditions require too many resources, but I haven't bought anything yet, it takes a lot of time, I think you're worth a try, the overall experience it is good. the game is stuck on the loading screen. so until that fixes imma keep this at a 2. I really like this game, to be honest, this type of game needs to add a little more fun, otherwise it will get boring soon, the characters in this game are very cute, and the visuals are still good.

Very interesting to me in how you make characters. Didn't stick with it because I can only manage actively playing 2-3 mobile games, but it was pretty cool.. i get stun locked from start 2-1 to 3-5, n game freezes when i do anything other then stages. It's well constructed, sorry for those who missed it. The game is great, please don't change anything, just add more content, if you're looking for an alternative to hero wars, this is it. This is a rare good game, it's my favorite game.

Rich content makes people unable to stop, beautiful vision, very typical turn-based game. You feel proud when you fight as your favorite character, because that's the unique character you created, I never get tired of it, this game is so much fun.

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