Codes New - Updated on July 15, 2022

Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a colorful strategy in which you will go to the top of Mount Olympus and fight with heroes and gods for the right to take the empty throne.

List of Redeem Codes Expiration date
50KQUAGRW3M August 29, 2022
YZ4ARLGFCD July 22, 2022
B2AVEPX9Y August 18, 2022
BWS0DU65IMX July 23, 2022
AG7ZVBXEF8YO September 7, 2022
YTEPVWF9X3A August 4, 2022

You are waiting for a whole hundred different heroes, each of which has its own special strength and set of skills. Develop and train heroes, make your fighters invincible. Pick up an army for the hero and send it to battle with other contenders for the Olympic throne. Develop your combat strategy by combining a hero with different types of troops or by combining several heroes based on their skills.

Fight and win: after winning three battles, the hero goes into a rage, which inspires and strengthens the entire army. Use this property to attack a stronger opponent. Or use the Trojan Horse to be able to stealthily sneak under the very walls.

Build and develop your base. Build buildings and fortifications to protect your settlement from other players. Turn an ordinary village into a truly impregnable fortress. Learn new technologies that will allow you to hire new types of troops or strengthen already hired warriors.

Play with your friends. Create your own guild or join an existing one. Watch epic guild wars!

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