Codes New - Updated on March 10, 2023

Heroes of War: WW2 is a massive mobile strategy game with great graphics and plenty of room to maneuver. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Second World War and plunge into the fierce fighting. Equip a military base, train different types of troops, push heavy equipment forward and go on a campaign against numerous enemies. Over 80 types of units are ready to attack under your command. Fast and spectacular battles will appeal to all fans of the military theme, so get ready to enjoy the exciting gameplay and pleasant atmosphere of the project.

Heroes of War: WW2 Idle RPG
 Redeem Codes (2023 March) 2.2.8
All Codes Expiration date
V1TMIK8OUFB April 18, 2023
F9EJYBSKLW April 25, 2023
7LQV9X2WC March 24, 2023
ESJBZOITX35 March 29, 2023
Z0VD6XE1GN28 April 8, 2023
TRGQC071Y36 April 25, 2023
570J4QYTVAU April 15, 2023
CX68ZPL9YN April 5, 2023
RJAX3DISV March 24, 2023
K7BXN09LFEY May 7, 2023
YEBKMALD5FHZ March 31, 2023
PXA1NY5L7ET April 25, 2023

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