Game Mobile - Updated on March 31, 2022

Hero’s Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG is a fantasy RPG with an automatic battle system. Once started, players need to choose a character from several available classes – assassin, mage, angel, or another character they like. And start to explore the world around you, full of different creatures and monsters.

Hero’s Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPGHero’s Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG

There is a pump system that enhances equipment and workmanship. There are many battles ahead with different enemies, including powerful bosses, to defeat you can get valuable rewards. Over time, new locations will open. To fight strong opponents, you need to increase experience and equip heroes with equipment with better properties. Moving around the map is done with the joystick.

The battles in Hero’s Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG are automatic, so they don’t require much energy. It is enough to pump the hero and get equipment for him. Coins, experience, and various loot are awarded for victory. After killing a certain number of mobs, gamers will begin a battle with a much harder boss.

Fantasy graphics, low system requirements, a wide range of enemies, simple controls, exciting adventure, varied maps, and auto battles. Mods for a lot of money. Fantasy worlds and incredible adventures await their hero! You will not get bored, events start immediately after selecting the character and loading the first location. The game does not require lengthy installation.

Download ( V0.21.20 )
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