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Hexonia is a cool strategy game. Right now you can immerse yourself in this exciting process and even go through a bunch of levels with your friends.

 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 1.1.37
All Codes Expiration date
RGA0174BSUE January 31, 2023
YET5HND9AV December 30, 2022
W5K9JC4BP December 29, 2022
DUR9MP2CA7B January 26, 2023
NXM74E2DFIVP January 4, 2023
BODYJR5AH7M December 26, 2022
R84O3KUAHXP January 6, 2023
LUH2PNX1TY January 8, 2023
CQOLK6B2P December 26, 2022
DCU5871BAP9 February 9, 2023
74DJGFZ9RKT3 December 24, 2022
9PXB28U5DQ7 January 25, 2023

When you choose your own tribe, after that you can start building the kingdom. Try to make it the greatest and learn constantly new technologies. Only in this way can you develop and improve your kingdom until it becomes powerful. Constantly look for new deposits of gold and increase the number of soldiers in your own army. Invent a strategy that is sure to help advance your own people further. In Hexonia, everything is done in a unique and inimitable style that you cannot see in other strategies. In addition, the process is streamlined and available in all languages. Start right now and you will love absolutely everything. Game features

  • Choosing your tribe and improving its ability;
  • More than a dozen units that can walk on land and on water;
  • Generated lands and worlds;
  • Many resources and technologies to be developed;
  • Support for multiple languages;
  • Beautiful graphics and gameplay design.

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