APK - Updated on January 25, 2023

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is an incredibly entertaining adventure game for mobile devices from The Secret Society®. In it you have to go through many tests and unravel complex puzzles, using all your intellectual potential. Install Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows on your gadget and go on an unforgettable journey, where dangers and intriguing secrets await you at every step.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows  MOD APK (Free Download) 1.53.5304

Millions of people around the world periodically see realistic pictures of an unknown city. The detective agency decided to seriously address the mystery of the origin of a strange phenomenon. But while everyone is distracted by the search for a solution, a mystical black fog drags your friend into a ghost town. And only you can help him get back. Embark on an exciting journey to an unknown place. In it you have to try your hand at more than 1000 exciting quests. Find and collect 118 collections of unusual items that are endowed with unusual abilities. Discover more than 20 incredible locations and explore them well. Participate in mini-games and fight 15 different monsters with supernatural powers. Complete dangerous tasks, explore secret dungeons, and step by step get closer to the greatest clue. Your friends and 16 unique game characters will be able to help in this difficult mission. Travel the fantasy world together, eradicate evil and find your missing comrade.

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