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An amazing race from the toy section with a cool physics engine. You can download Hills of Steel for android and play this amazing race. Enjoy the addictive and high-quality gameplay, as well as the familiar controls of this game. This time, the player will have to take control of the tanks and drive over bumps and obstacles, while using physics for their own purposes. Rush across a large number of kilometers, bypassing all existing obstacles, and deliver powerful fire support to enemies. To do this, use special equipment in the form of weapons. Managing the game will actually be very simple and easy.

Hills of Steel
 Discount Codes (2022 December) 4.6.0
All Codes Expiration date
X5VARK6IBUS October 29, 2022
BPT1KGJ05O October 17, 2022
9Z65LHNV7 November 20, 2022
ROVU0NJM46C October 22, 2022
173LEDOJXH6P November 4, 2022
CUP73NOKE5Z November 9, 2022
VFSP5WG9A4B November 22, 2022
NPRSC4MX1G November 28, 2022
ZKA1GY7U8 November 29, 2022
S20LEV6WRF5 October 20, 2022
58N0T9ECJOXR October 20, 2022
51DVZHU8YTG November 23, 2022

Be sure to decide to download Hills of Steel for Android and take part in the game with such original features:

  • The original physics engine used in this gameplay;
  • A huge selection of tanks with their own personal features and characteristics;
  • Destructive possibilities and high-quality 2D graphics;
  • Global system of improvements and pumping of all elements of the tank;
  • Personal settings and upgrade methods for your tank;
  • Race together with friends through participation in the global ranking system.

Tank War Get into action and achieve better results than other players from all over the world. Connect to the real-time game mode and enter the map to start the battle. Your battle will take place in a one-on-one mode against an opponent. In this way, you can even defeat your friends. To be fully prepared for battle, you must improve the level of your tank and its powerful cannon. To do this, the game uses a global system of modernization. If you earn a fortune, you can buy yourself the legendary Tesla tank, and absolutely everyone dreams of owning one.

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