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The original trilogy of films and the first game in the franchise.

Greetings, dear reader, I want to immediately make a remark that I prepared this material, one might say, on my knee, without having 3D and photo editors, so in this material from the “media” Only photos, art and posters in image format taken in the public domain, but the material itself is not just a copy-paste from Wikipedia. I can assure you that all the films, series and games that will be discussed in this material have been studied by me personally, and if I refer to articles on Wikipedia, then only regarding a very small part of this history of the series.

This material was prepared in anticipation of the imminent release of Evil Dead The Game

In the first part of this story, I want to focus on the films of the series, as well as the first game. Perhaps everyone has already watched the movies, and the first game will not take many paragraphs of text, but bypassing the movies would be blasphemy.

To begin with, it is worth understanding what this media franchise is. The history of Evil Dead began with the boy Sam Raimi and his friends Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert. These guys have been fond of cinema since their school years and, while studying in college, created the Creative Filmmaking Society, within which they shot two short films: It’s Murder (1977) and Into the Woods (1978)

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell

It was the short film “In the Woods” that became the first brick in the foundation of the future franchise. The following happened. Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, after making the film, went to a local cinema and persuaded them to turn on their tape before the main film. The reaction from the audience inspired Raimi to create a feature film and, filled with desire, Sam persuades Rob, Bruce, and subsequently his family and a number of third-party investors to do this. The total budget for the first tape was $375,000. Simply put, there was a catastrophic lack of money, but the team invented, invented and implemented what was conceived on the screen and in the film, the team’s resourcefulness is noticeable from the first seconds of the timing of the timing.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Shot from the filming of the opening camera roll in the first film.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Poster for the first movie.

The plot tells us about friends who decide to relax in an abandoned forest house, but in the evening strange things begin to happen, the apogee of which is the sharply flung open door to the basement. In the basement, the guys find a gun, a book and a tape recorder (rather strange finds for an abandoned place). What do the guys do with this good? They decide to listen to the record on the player. Then the real horror begins. And terror on both sides. There is a rather strange and creepy scene of rape by a tree, and creepy and vile special effects of the 80s. As a result, only one of the five friends survived. Cowardly Ashley.

The film was a resounding success, and the creators of the glory and job offers.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

poster evil dead 2

The second part of the film experienced some of the delights of bureaucracy. Sam Raimi lost the rights to the first part, as a result of which Evil Dead 2 became both a sequel and a remake. However, in addition to the plot changes, the film also changed the genre course. Action and black comedy were added to the chamber horror. The brutal anti-hero Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, also appeared here, turning from a cowardly boy into a tough, albeit somewhat cowardly, anti-hero. Here the image of the cult uncle was formed. Ash cuts off his hand, which was possessed by a demon from the book Necronomicon Ex Mortes. A chainsaw was installed in place of the stump, and the sawn-off shotgun of the Double-barreled gun took the free left hand.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Ash at the end of movie 2.

According to the plot of the film, Ashley Williams brings his girlfriend Linda to an abandoned house, where, out of his own stupidity and interest, he listens to the record from the player and wakes up an ancient evil that kills his girlfriend, instills in his hand and terrorizes the arrived daughter of the owner of the house and her companions.

You can say that my storytelling is too fast and crumpled, but if you watch this film, you will see that already at the 5th minute of the film, the main character is already covered in mud and blood. The film moves very quickly.

The Evil Dead 2 ends with the demon, along with Ash and his machine, being sent to the year 1300 AD after reading a spell from the book, where medieval knights are also fighting the Deadites. Yes, that’s what people in this world are called who are possessed by a demon.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Army of Darkness poster.

The plot of the third part, called Army of Darkness (Again legal delays) and released in 1993, tells the story of Ash’s attempts to return to his time and in tone even more deepens into comedy. Ash from a brutal anti-hero with a sense of humor has become more humorous and more cowardly, although in the end Ash gives battle to the army of darkness.

The entire trilogy of films is already considered a cult and beloved in many countries around the world. In addition to films, there are also comics of the Army of Darknes series, but we will not touch on them in this material. The question of whether there will be igranization remained a matter of time.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Poster for the 1984 game.

The first Evil Dead the game was released in 1984, 2 years after the first and three years before the second movie was released on commodore 64 platforms and as an add-on to the game cauldron on the ZX Spectrum. This game was developed by the private British game studio Palace Software, which also published the product.

The first sinister game was an arcade horror game with a top view. The whole map is a schematic plan of the house from the films, and the enemies were demons in the form of yellow clouds that take away the health of the hero upon contact, deadites, in which Ash’s friends turned into when colliding with demons, as well as limbs remaining after killing the deadite . The objective of the game was to close windows and kill deadites. upon reaching a certain number of points, a book of the dead appears on the map, which must be thrown into the fireplace to end the game.

History of the Evil Dead series part 1

Gameplay screenshot

The first incarnation of games under the Evil Dead film license was not very successful, but the issue of creating games in the franchise was only a matter of time.

Thank you for your attention and please write if you want to continue this story of the series

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