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Comparing mystical games, in which much is incomprehensible and at the same time bewitching, with the films of David Lynch (David Lynch) has long seemed vulgar. But nothing can be done – it is precisely such associations that arise when playing games like Hitchhiker. Here, a simple trip in a car with a responsive driver flows into a series of mysterious events, amazing encounters and strange discoveries.

Traveler with amnesia

In the role of a hitchhiker who does not remember how he got into someone else’s car and where he is heading in general, we get to know the “raisin farmer”. He really looks like a farmer, and a box of raisins lies between the seats, but “raisin farmer”? You quickly begin to realize that this is just a drop in the ocean of absurdity: the driver compares life with a box of raisins, crows begin to fly near the car, strange changing photographs fall into the hands of the hero, which the farmer should not have …

The game is divided into five chapters, and in each we become a hitchhiker in a new car. Either we are driven by an elderly man who has lost faith that he will find the missing dog, then we communicate with the waitress for a long time, having previously sat with her in some eatery. Whatever the situation, everything is accompanied by inexplicable events – it is absolutely normal that in one of the scenes, objects on the walls and tables begin to move and no one pays attention to it.

Hitchhiker: Overview

One of the best and most unexpected moments in the game is the driver’s story about some unusual place.

Dialogues in which the protagonist tries to remember his past and bit by bit restores the chronology of recent events are full of strange judgments and conclusions. I don’t want to scatter spoilers, because unpredictability is the main “trick” of Hitchhiker. In some episodes, one can only envy the imagination of the writers. The way they manage to combine extraordinary elements so that they look organic and do not slide into outright nonsense is sincere admiration.

In many ways, this is also the merit of the actors who fully voiced all the characters, except for the protagonist. We only silently choose dialogue lines – they are unlikely to affect anything significant, but even realizing that the consequences will not differ, you try to choose the most correct answers. You quickly become attached to the drivers and listen to their remarks, often filled with lengthy reasoning and riddles, with great interest. No matter how crazy they seem, no matter how crazy you think they are after spending half an hour with them, everything remains clear and even convincing thanks to excellent voice acting and a high-quality script.

Hitchhiker: Overview

How can you not trust a man with such a mustache?

Like in a dream

Hitchhiker is like a dream, and the fact that we, along with the main character, are trying to understand what is happening makes the adventure so exciting. Like the hitchhiker, we don’t believe everyone, but we give in when we have to grasp at straws for at least some information about our past. Do these people know us? Have they seen us recently? Who were we with at the time and what happened? The protagonist is interested in this in the same way as the player. It’s a pity that the ending turned out to be a little blurry, and the dialogues sometimes seem a little bit long, but this does not affect the overall impression much.

Hitchhiker: Overview

The choice of replicas is usually small – sometimes there are two of them, then there is nothing to choose from at all.

How the game Hitchhiker is like an interactive movie interspersed with gameplay elements that can be found in Telltale projects. The character cannot move independently – he sits either in the car or indoors. At the same time, they allow you to turn the camera and look around, but this is necessary both for dialogues with drivers and for interacting with objects. Sometimes the character will ask you to take or pass something, sometimes he himself will want to take a closer look at something.

There are even riddles here – both verbal and involving the combination of things, as if in quests. Nothing complicated, but nothing impressive or surprising either – more often than not, it looks like an attempt to cheer up the player, and not load him with dialogue alone. In some episodes, you really enjoy the mechanics, but you definitely shouldn’t launch the game for the sake of gameplay – first of all, the story is important here.

Fortunately, the gameplay moments are not annoying and do not seem superfluous.

Hitchhiker undeservedly turned out to be unnoticed by many, which is a shame – few games leave such vivid impressions. It is strange, absurd, full of original ideas – and therefore exciting. A pleasant adventure for the evening, which you will want to discuss with someone or recommend to the same lover of such games. Virginia evoked similar emotions at one time, which I remember for a long time – I think the same will happen with Hitchhiker.

Pros: fascinating and unpredictable story; colorful characters with whom it is pleasant to spend time; excellent voice acting and well-written dialogues; relevant (albeit unimpressive) gameplay mechanics that dilute long conversations.

Cons: crumpled ending and a little protractedness of some episodes.

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