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For the first time, at E3, the Miami level was a blast. The second time, at gamescom, showing the same mission on a race track was a bit confusing. But when I saw her for the third time, at IgroMir, I was not at all surprised. Although on YouTube there were already video walkthroughs of a new task in Colombia everywhere.

Another would be depressed in my place, but I found a reason to rejoice. I distanced myself as far as possible from those methods of killing that we had already seen, and went my own way.

Oops! Zat was not medicine!

The race track in Miami is a huge location, but the race itself remains the center of attraction in it. We have already seen a hundred times how the Forty-Seventh unscrews the nuts from the car at the pit stop and how the pyrotechnics during the awarding ceremony burns another victim to the devil. Spectacular and cruel – that’s why I decided to do exactly the opposite.HITMAN 2 game review

This time we will do without an accident.

Sierra Knox is the daughter and loyal assistant of an arms manufacturer, as well as a racing car pilot, from which a lot of ideas follow. So, after each race, Sierra undergoes a medical examination and is left alone with the doctor. Well, fine!

Breaking into a medical trailer is not that difficult. It is enough to eavesdrop on two nurses and watch for one of them in order to get the right outfit. A little hooliganism with an electrical panel – and Forty-Seventh tries on a doctor’s coat. It is a bit more difficult to get an ampoule with poison from a locker with dangerous drugs, because you need to look for the key to the vault by looking at the photo. Such riddles are new to the game, but I would not call them riddles, because they are solved in seconds. Although the potential is great.

One way or another, now Hitman is in charge of the first-aid post and can call Sierra on the intercom, and then invite him in an ominous voice for an examination. Then the strangeness begins. There is a dropper in the examination room, and the idea arises to inject poison there and slip away so that one of the nurses will kill Sierra with her own hands. It’s almost as cool as an accident! I saw this only once – in Hitman: Absolution, where you could pit two bandits.

HITMAN 2 game review

The uniform does not guarantee complete protection – there are always people in the team who know everyone by sight. This feature has been kept from the last game.

But no. Sierra sits down in a chair and Forty-Seven injects the poison himself. The victim gets up, takes a couple of steps and falls dead. Clemens Koch, IO Interactive Community Manager, was with me during the demo, and I immediately asked him why Hitman didn’t leave the dirty work to outsiders.

He replied that the Forty-Seventh kills with his own hands in order to personally verify the death of the target. But why? Isn’t it better for the killer to be as far away from the crime scene as possible? Isn’t that why the Forty-Seventh acquired its mythical status, because even other killers could not figure it out? And before, the bald killer did not hesitate to leave the crime scene until the end of the crime itself. Unclear!

Death merchant

The second target was Robert Knox, a supplier of high-precision and technological weapons. It is worth noting that I had to run almost a couple of kilometers to get to the entry point I needed in Knox’s hideout – so draw conclusions about the size of the level.

I decided to get to the presentation of the new weapons system in the role of General Ted Mendez, who – what a success! – trampling all alone on the sun-drenched embankment. For reliability, I lured him into a nook by opening an irrigation tap, and killed him with an electric shock, pulling the switch in time. HITMAN 2 generally respects electric shock – I noticed at least two points of its use already in the first mission. And, according to Clemens, I was the first journalist who did not step into a puddle of electricity himself.

By the way, Mendez’s uniform was not damaged at all after swimming in a puddle and applying several hundred volts.

HITMAN 2 game review

Why does a general need a pistol, before whom all the doors are already open?

Further infiltration is easier than going for beer. I went to the office of Kronstadt, the company of Robert Knox, I was politely escorted to the test center, along the way I grabbed an issue of a technical magazine with Knox’s face on the cover (okay, Clemens told me – apparently, many were dumb at this place).

Why a magazine? Knox presents an autonomous combat robot, which needs only a photograph to capture a target. The poor bastard boasts of his brainchild so much that he stands right between other targets to demonstrate the accuracy of weapons. I admit, this is one of the most ironic murders in the Hitman series that I have committed – and perhaps the easiest.

HITMAN 2 game review

The level is replete with rooms where no one looks.

Both methods of eliminating targets, though very elegant, require elementary actions familiar from ancient times. To lure with the sound of water or the sound of a falling coin, turning off the light, strangling, changing clothes. If you do not use the opportunity markers that were in the first season, then the problem is not so noticeable, because now you need to blindly find the desired sequence of actions.

The whole world is theater

Hitman is moving further and further from the image of a granite idol in a suit, which he was before. Household logic suggests that it is not enough to wear a chef’s uniform to look like a chef. And it’s not enough to hypnotize an empty pot on the stove to impersonate a cook. HITMAN 2 game review

The quality of a uniform can be determined by the access level of its wearer. If no one wants to see the chef outside the restaurant, then the road to the very heart of the organization is open to the bodyguard.

Last season of HITMAN, the cloned killer showed his first notable advances in mimicry: wiping down tables while dressed as a bartender, playing the drum kit to pretend to be a musician. What is there! He went to the podium so as not to break the disguise.

The second season, according to several examples, continues the new tradition of daring identity theft. Even on a mission to Miami, the killer can pretend to be a festival mascot and make faces at the booth or impersonate gun buyer Ted Mendez. The outfit changes the agent’s habits: in the guise of a security guard, he stands, covering his groin with his palms, and every now and then he feels the secret earpiece, in the guise of an auto mechanic, he crosses his arms in a businesslike manner and nervously glances around.

HITMAN 2 game review

Hey, Forty-seventh, why such serious cabbage soup? You’re a talisman, pink flamingo, smile!

I hope and believe that IO Interactive will add even more of these subtleties in the future, which make up an increasingly convincing image of a chameleon killer, ready to take on the most unexpected traits of his victims for the sake of the task.


Sadly, I was never able to extract any details from Clemens about how the plot in the sequel will continue the story of the first season, which was cut off in mid-sentence. And in general, substantive questions remained unanswered – including about accidents.

The Miami level explored is a tidy, roomy, and stylish warehouse of essentially the same methods of distraction, cover, and assassination. And among the endless shelves of this warehouse, like a box with the Ark of the Covenant, are hidden unique methods of intervention, often not associated with bloodshed. And in this form, HITMAN 2 is very happy, although it is stepping on the trail with the first season of the game.

HITMAN 2 game review

Can you hear the sound of a shot through the roar of dozens of cars?

Yes, I would like to see more of the frightening artistry that has remained in Blood Money: barbell strangulation, falling pianos, gasoline in the grill and the like. But even without these ugliness dear to the heart, the game looks decent. If only the surroundings didn’t let us down: the level in Colombia, which was never brought to IgroMir, is noticeably weaker in terms of style and richness than Miami, and even more so than a luxurious Parisian mansion or a cold Japanese clinic.

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