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Crown Renovation allows you to renovate outdated properties in quite a few locations and lease in for the top buck. Get wealthy by flipping homes and enhancing your earnings. Design properties for several purchasers, tailor the home decor to their desires, and procure further bonuses. Buy property throughout the island, make your answer to the very best of the right property ladder and develop to be the renovation Queen or King.

Home Design Crown Renovation Mod APK 1.2.00 (Unlimited Money)

Had given this app 5 stars even though it shuts down every 10 minutes for no reason, till I tried to make a purchase. In the middle of the purchase the game shut down and I didn't receive my purchase. I have made a complaint about this and bought to their attention that their game shuts down and nothing has been done. Im still playing the game but will never make another purchase,can't afford to keep losing $8.00 on purchases. It was really great. I have up to like 20 million in cash but had to uninstall for now until they put out more levels....... Guys this interior design it's cooL . Errors 400 for what show to me?????. Now I like playing this game very much,but it took me a while to understand the app,but although I am still understanding the app, but take a while to learn the fully and understand how the game itself, but I must the game four stars, I still learning to understand the game,but I how some of the game works now and I am now enjoying the game very much.. Fun and you don't have to wait long to continue to play. I love it..

Awesome time passing and relaxing game! No hard and boring match challenges to complete, and much more designing happening.. Ok game. Kind of repetitive. Not enough stuff to do. Like House Flipper better.. Just like ... Oh so many others. Same plans. Over done.. I haven't been able to play for some time now, even though I love it. The screen is stuck at the opening page. Can you fix it?. I spent money to get 300 game coins to open the WiFi etc and then somehow the money was gone and so were the extras that I paid to get.

I feel relax amd takes me to a diffrent world at night... I really like this game but app shuts off but it loads back up. It seems like a good game but if only it was offline and actually functioned. I have to Uninstall...the game level only goes up to 5 out of about 13.. it keeps saying that the other levels are coming soon...that was 6 mos ago. ????. Worst dam game ever no response from make phone freeze on black screen shuts phn off completely.dnt waist ur time downloading this game.

It is ok game,all you do is renevate buildings or rooms. There are no games to play,when you run out of money what do you do? Do you buy more money? I will just keep playing until I run out and of money.. Care more on rating than letting someone play the game. Options are VERY limited unless you want to spend your time watching ad after ad or spending real life money! The concept is really cool and I had fun at first but it's just a game to make you watch ads or spend money. not worth it at all.. Love this game..I love that we can buy and renovate house..I also like we can receive the rent. I like it so far easy to decorate..

At the moment I will say five stars, if I have any problems, I will let you know. So far I love the fact there is no game/puzzle to play to obtain money. I can tolerate 30 seconds of ads for a spin for "free" money. Easy use of game play, if I'm saying it right. I enjoy this game, worth the try. Thank you. I buy a place it takes the money but he didnt give me the place. I like this game. You don't have to play alot of bubble games to get your decorations to do the project's with.. Love the game but it has alot glitches that cause it to keep restarting the main screen every time I buy something. It is a good game, the major problem is that the game keeps throwing fatal error messages that causes me to lose all of my earnings, for example I went from 10 million to 1,6 million without buying any properties or upgrades in the game..

I am unable to open level 7 .... Even though I completed level 6 many days ago... It's so frustrating.... If you have issue.... Pls let me know.... What a great inventive design game. Only 4 stars for now due to error messages that keep making me close out the game and reatart. But you get the option of 3 choices of designs, 1 of which you can watch an ad for. So ads are optional but helpful to obtain not only designs but higher stars as well on your properties. Its a great game to pass the time and choose who to rent out to. I actually enjoy and love this game. Minus the error messages its a great game in my book!. Very good game so far I just wish there were faster ways to get money. New to playing this game but it's a 5 star experience so far thanks.. Would be REALLY awesome if there weren't only 3 choices...

it was cute just not for me. I cant play this game idk why. Please fix this app.. Fun game, but glitch steals gold bars. It keeps glitching and removing gold bars, which are hard to get, or can be bought with money. It keeps thinking I'm buying items, that I have already bought, for money, not bars. Doesn't even unlock any bar items either.. Fun and addicting but very glitchy. After playing a few rounds it will either click off or you have to close the app due to no response. Also the last 3 areas have been "coming soon" for quite a while.. Ovakvu igricu,odavno cekamSve pohvale,divna grafika,prelepi enterijeri,nivoi se lagano prelaze...ja sam odusevljena.Zelim jos jednu slicnu igricu.Preporucujem I bravo.

FINALLY A GAME WITHOUT MERGING OR MATCHING!!!!! I'M IN LOVE. The game keeps lagging. And I can't even touch the screen more than one time. Can you fix this?. It a good game but sometimes it keep jumping out. i dont find to many that a fun and this one is fun. The game is fun to play. A bit repetitive. I love that there's video options, real money and game money to buy decorations. The only issue I have right now is my money doesn't update when I collect rent. I have to wait a second time loading the game for it to update. And when I mass collect my rent it always says 33k instead of the millions I should he actually getting..

The game is interesting and relaxing but there seems to be a bug: when you press to collect all the rent, it only gives it from the region you're currently on but shows as if it got collected from all regions. Makes collecting rent rather tiresome so I'm gonna take a break until it's fixed :). Not even a minute into the game and there's an annoying 30 second long ad you can't exit out of. Uninstalled immediately. At least wait a couple of levels before you throw in ads, it's how you keep customers interested in a game.. Amazing game, worth downloading love it! . Downing my stars because now I've tried to buy a house it takes my money but says I never bought the house. If things like this keep happening I'm going to delete. i have never getting bored playing this.. its really a fun game i ever play.. uou no need to match the puzzle, just rent the houses that you make over .

I really enjoy the game but find it crashes 2 or 3 times within a half hour I also find alot of the good things needs ads.. a small price to pay I suppose... Love it time killer and you decorate. To have advetrt after advert even in the tutorial, before we get a chance to know or like the game, is beyond fricking ridiculous. I know games have to have ads but this is taking full advantage of that, isn't it.. Love this game. My only complaint is that the game freezes...a lot! When this happens I don't get my items.. Loved the game until it started to only give me 3million for all the rent combined when I should be getting at least 10million+ I rent out on the hill for 3million+ just for that island alone .. fix it please.

2 minutes into the game, ads pop up.. Really good game can't stop playing. Lots of rooms to decorate free items if you watch an ad.. Too many ads. I was getting an ad every two minutes and couldn't find an option to buy and remove them. Otherwise I would really enjoy it. This is a great game don't get me wrong but there are 2 reasons why I'm only rating 3 stars. First off after about every 10 minutes of game play an error message pops up on the screen and says fatal error 0 and reboots the game even after I've closed it out and done all basic troubleshooting! Second half the ads to get free design items don't work! They either don't have any way to close the ad so I'm forced to reboot the game again or they only come with sound! Fix them and I'll rerate it 5!. I was enjoying this game but it's dumb some of the things cost gold. So then I can't make my room match..

I love this game however it does crash allot but my progress was never lost though. I couldn't play this game at all. It would not let me enter the game and do anything.. Me and my mum are so addicted to this game. I dropped a star. Still can't get ads for free items and now I get an error when I redecorate so I don't get credit. I love this game the only issue is the ads won't pop up so i can't get free items. Cathy its a lot of fun so far..

I generally like the game, you can earn money (more or less) fast and easy. The only thing is that it gets dull with time, since you are constantly doing two things: renting/collecting money and decorate houses. Love it feels great to play a design game without match 3 pls make more of these with whole homes to decorate. Few bugs so it freezes my 5g allot other than that pretty cool to play not so much on the pools tho who really has in interest in decorating a pool that's only fun when you have done the interior design. Couldn't progress because the ad woukdn't load! Uninstalled. Love the game so far only on level 2 so we shall see if it continues to be 5 star!. I updated the game still cannot proceed to level 7 it still says coming soon.

I love how this game allows you to continually make money so you can always be playing!!. I was totally loving this game until I got to the higher levels The rent I was offered was not even close For instance a 14mil villa and offered 34.000 rent hmmm Also you have to keep restarting game please fix it as I really enjoyed it up to this point. Enjoyed game but has stopped can not continue .seems to be blocked would like to continue if possible.. Great game it's hard to believe that is a game but it's great. Tryed re downloading game 3 times but error 400 needed shows up on screen dont know what to do really want to play game.

Really enjoy but takes time 2 get 2 buy property but all in all good game. These negative reviews have not been my experience at all. This is a game that you can play for hours without having to wait for energy to build up, without watching an ad unless you want to, and without spending any real money. And the rooms are not at all like the rooms in any of the other design games that I have tried.. This was a good game til you ripped me off of ten bucks off my google account i want it freaking back and if i dont get that back by a reasonable time im calling the BBB and let em know you are taking peoples money without giving the goods,such freaking bs you obvisously not very business savvy if your ripping your customers off.. Love this game, no match 3 woohoo! . Great game. Very addicted. Many ads when it comes to free items, but it really doesn't bother me one bit. What bothers me though is when you click the mass "collect" button where it collects everything at once, it seems you don't actually get the full amount from all of the properties as you would if you collected them individually. I'd be fine with that if it didn't lag so much when you collect individually, sometimes it will even crash. If fixed, 100% 5 stars :).

Amazingly fun so fun i can't write much... gotta get back to the game!!!!!. This app is fun and challenging. I liked that it's a management game but I hate that you have to watch TONS of ads just to raise the value of your real estate properties. If u don't raise the stars of ur properties, people would only spend less on rental fees. The ads are not optional, it's the game itself which is a BUMMER. I really hope that the developers of this game takes into consideration to atleast have an option to skip ads after certain amt of seconds, just so it won't take our time much and enjoy the game more. . Fcccmcmxmcmvmmncmc to be the sports in the world with a chill and be in the way thanks. Barely started playing when a pop-up ad interrupted. I no longer care to play..

I love the game as of right it wont play. I tap play and nothing.. The Decorating Has So Many Choices With Beautiful Colors To Choose From Spinning The Wheel Is An Awesome Idea And The Fact That You Can Decorate More Rooms While Playing Instead Of Playing All Day Just To Decorate One Room Having So Much Fun Great Game I Highly Recommend It Have A Wonderful Afternoon. Just started playing. Its ok so far.. Ireally like this app its alot of fun andvery cool..

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