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Homesteads is a colorful strategy game with isometric graphics that tells the hard realities of the ancient Wild West. The user will develop a huge settlement, gradually turning it into a prosperous town. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for both single-player and great online events, various prizes and bonuses, hot bonuses, and mini-quizzes to earn some extra money.

Homesteads (MOD, Unlimited Money)Homesteads (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Players will have to plow the land, sow a variety of grain crops, plant gardens, raise pigs, cattle, and poultry, as well as produce a variety of products and goods. Enemies in the vicinity will always try to chop down some of the user’s land, so you must always be alert and attentive to the reliable defense of the settlement.

Homesteads (MOD, Unlimited Money)Homesteads (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Decision to build

Start the game and decide the correct way to draw your strategic line. Build different Homesteads buildings, including barns, stables, taverns, living quarters and bungalows, all kinds of huts, fields, gardens, and monuments. Conduct water, lay roads, keep order on the streets, and precise logistics for the transportation of raw materials and components. Do not forget to install the mod with the money that you cannot save, and immediately start implementing the most ambitious ideas.

Homesteads (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Conquer the game

Build huge estates, hire cowboys and sheriffs, research the most interesting crops and grains, and buy cool guns and pistols for your subjects. Conquer new spaces and fend off attacks from Indians, barbarians, and warlike bandits from the savannah. Win exciting events, use different economic and military tactics, and enjoy the freedom of action!

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